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My new addiction song :)

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Surrounded by miserable geeks

And I have been for the past 5 years really, but this one is really different, these around me are the miserable type, they have no life away from their computers, I’ve been seeing the weirdest geeks ever, the type that don’t have any kind of communication skills, what so ever, they have no idea how to make a normal conversation.

I discovered lately that couple of them actually SLEEP in their offices, they nothing else to do out there ::sigh:: can you imagine working with someone like that, where someone like me (normal person) is trying to finish her work and go home because simply believe it or not, I have so many things to do after I leave!!!

They take this so dam seriously, dude, if you are miserable and don’t have better things to do, don’t blame me, I have happened to have a life.

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When Qwaider buys a gift for his wife!!!

He gives up his all times favorite car, to get 2 new cars, YES that’s right, we went shopping yesterday, and went back home with 2 brand new cars 🙂  

Samer got a Nissan Altima


And he got me a Nissan Rogue


Everybody knows how much Samer loves his Murano (it’s an awesome car, so no wonder!), but he was willing to give it up yesterday to get both of us, 2 brand new cars 🙂 , he is just too generous and selfless, he always have me in his thoughts as he does things, in everything, el 7amoula ya rabbi.

As yesterday was mothers day and we were both feeling a little sad for being away from our mommy’s , we decided to spend the day out, Husbandy decided to check out Nissans new deals, we weren’t really thinking about getting new cars, but when we were there, he looked at me and said “ekhtari elli bte3jebek” I was shocked as I wasn’t thinking of owning a car yet, I really enjoy carpooling with him every morning, and driving back home with him is even more amazing 🙂 I really enjoy all these little things I do with Samer, and above all that, sharing a car with him is really easy, he is a very calm driver, his car is was in an excellent condition.

Back to our new cars 🙂 … so while we were there, samer was checking the Altima as an option as he used to drive it before, and e really likes it, as for me, I’m an SUV person, I’ve been driving my old CRV for the past 5 years, and after I moved to Seattle, I started sharing the car with Samer which is was also a SUV, so he suggested the new Rogue (OMG he knows me so well!!), I loved it 🙂

All I want to say is Thank you so much baby, o allah y3awed 3aleak ya rab, o ya3teena 5earhom o yekfeena sharhom, allahomma amen.

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Happy Mothers day Emmi, I miss you so much

Ana KTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER ba7ebek o meshta2alek Mama….

Ya rab y5aleeki ya Emmi… Ya set el 7abayeb .

Baba, Allah ytamem 3aleak bel shefa ya rab o ydeemak foo2 rasna dayman.

Ba7ebkom kteeeeeeeeeeeeeer o meshta2alkom aktar… allah ma ye7remni menkom…

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Yet… nothing around me says it is, it’s still cold and rainy, I’m still curling next to the fire place, haven’t seen the sun in days, and haven’t seen any flowers yet!

Not sure how it’s gonna be in the next few weeks, all I know that I’m really ready for any other season other than winter!!!

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BAJD: My little piece of Jordan

As I was thinking on what to write about in “Blog About Jordan Day”, all I had in mind was all the conversation that Samer and me always have about our future plans, and how we are eventually going back to Jordan as it’s our “Home”.

But I couldn’t hide the feeling that I already feel home, I already have a piece of Jordan that I adore, my home sickness became way less since I got married, and so is his, I can totally understand why his became less as he was living by himself, but it was weird for me, as I was already living with my mom, dad, 3 brothers, and my uncle and his family, I really couldn’t understand why would I feel home when I already have my family and extended family around, I was always thinking about Jordan, and counting the days in able to have few days of vacation to spend it with my friends in Jordan, it was all what occupied my mind at that time.

Until I met Samer 3 years ago (wow it has been 3 years since I first talked to him), he was the first Jordanian guys I spoke to since I came to the states, and the weirdest thing happened, I felt HOME, this guys is from Jordan, and it was amazing talking about things we both used to do when we were back home, the places, the streets, he made me miss Jordan, he was sharing his stories about school days in Jordan, he was and still my little piece of Jordan, I don’t feel home sick anymore when I’m with him, I really don’t know how to explain it, but we are both agreed that eventually we will leave the states and go back “Home”, but it truly doesn’t matter to me anymore as long as I’m with him, it feels home wherever we go J I already have my little piece of Jordan with me, and it’s just great.

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This is the last warning, DON’T #$%)&* PISS ME OFF!!

To all of you out there, I’m not gonna mention your names this time, but I swear to god, this the last post I will not mention it in!!

I’ve posted this one before, but it fits here too.



you will regret pissing me off for the rest of your lives!

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The Best Way to Solve a Problem: Give Up


Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem. Sometimes the smartest choice is giving up.

I don’t think that giving up should be your primary method for dealing with problems. But there are certainly a lot of cases where it just seems to be the most intelligent answer.

Giving up is really about honoring your feelings. It’s about giving up trying to force yourself into a mold of societal shoulds and embracing your true self.

So here’s an invitation to…

  • Give up trying to be perfect.
  • Give up trying to be cool.
  • Give up wanting to be different for the sake of being unique.
  • Give up keeping relationships with people you don’t really like.
  • Give up trying to be the center of attention.
  • Give up trying to be important. (Focusing on community is usually more fulfilling.)
  • Give up achieving a lot of ego-driven goals.
  • Give up caring about owning a lot of cool things, which keep you distracted from acknowledging that you don’t like what you’re doing with your life.

With that said, there are a lot of ways we think we’re doing well, but we’re really not.

Counter-intuitive to what you think, it might make more sense to…

  • Give up trying to be super happy all the time. Instead, settle for being peaceful.
  • Give up trying to live up to the expectation of… yourself.
  • Give up needing a reason to share your love. Being alive is reason enough.
  • Give up trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Give up caring about being the smartest, best and fastest. At least don’t let your ego get caught up in it.
  • Give up trying to constantly improve yourself.
  • Give up caring about doing what works.
  • Give up caring about knowing everything in advance before you take action. Put yourself on auto-response instead.
  • Give up trying to always find interesting experiences and interesting things to do.
  • Give up trying to live up to the expectation of your parents, your friends, your boss, and peers.
  • Give up trying to have a flawless body, perfect face, or an impeccable wardrobe.


Trying to make things happen all the time creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety. It’s stressful trying to deny what is.

When I give up, I accept life as it is. No strings attached. No wishing things were different. If an action needs to be taken, I take it. But I’ve given up letting my happiness be dependent on a thing.

It’s interesting how we seem to have so many problems, so many dilemmas. But most of the time the answer to solving them is doing nothing. Giving up.

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Your Extraordinary Mind


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