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For Those You Love

Smile each day

for those you love.

Let them know by the

brightness of your face

that you are happy they’re

in your life. Even if there

are times you argue and disagree.

Touch each day

those you love.

Hold them close, even if briefly.

The human touch is one of the

most comforting things in our

world, and one of the most reassuring.

Speak softly each day

to those you love.

Those whispers of intimacy

that tell them that what you say

is important but meant

for their ears and their ears only.

Muse quietly each day

of those you love.

Allow yourself to find those things

that you truly admire and respect

in that person. Forgetting, at least

for the moment, any of the negative.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

to those you love.

It is a most frightening experience

to be without shields, but it can

also be the most wonderful flight in

the world to find another holds your

spirit carefully within their heart.

Believe that you deserve

those you love.

Your love is the most precious

gift that you can bestow on another

human. You deserve to be loved in

return. Without constraints. Without reserve.

Be honest

with those you love.

Let them know how important

they are in your life.

Take care that they never have to

guess at what you think and feel.

There may come a time when they

walk away..and then would you regret

not telling them? In all possible ways?

If you’re getting this.. it’s

because you are important to me.

Watch for me today as I smile into

your eyes, speak softly into your ear

and touch you gently with hands and

heart full of love.

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What Life Is

Life is full of many contradictions.

Sometimes the warmest dawn

can feel cold in spirit.

And sometimes the sun shines brightest

on the most bitter winter day.

Life should seek warmth.

It should seek the love and companionship

of like souls.

It should search for the smile

in the face of tears.

It should search for friendship’s warm glow

in the midst of darkness

Life was never meant to be lived in solitary.

It was always meant to be shared.

So in life,

Give yourself that second chance.

Open up to new friendships.

Give the benefit of a doubt

when you aren’t certain.

Live life to the fullest.

Not in what you DO, but

in what you GIVE to others.

And in doing so,

you’ll find that you’ve received more from life

than you ever expected.

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