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Bedddiiii la7meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh!!!

That’s what I’ve been telling husbandy for the past 4 days, I’ve been craving la7meh like crazy, I’ve been cooking chicken and fish to the point that I missed la7meh so bad, and every time we decide to go and get some la7meh, we get always end up eating something else LOL!

We were planning to go and eat la7meh on Saturday, but without planning we ended up having the most amazing picnic ever, it was just amazing 🙂

So yesterday, we decided to eat la7meh, husbandy was telling me not to have breakfast and to starve myself cuz he has a surprise for me, well I told him that I’m scary when I’m hungry but he didn’t listen LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

So he took me to this Brazilian restaurant called Ipanema, and yabayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee they have the most delicious beef EVER, seriously, the filet mignon, and sirloin steak are just out of this world… I kept on eating till we had what husbandy call la7metezim LOOOOOOOOOOL.

Not to the other amazing thing they have, fried banana and grilled pineapple with cinnamon, ya waradiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you should see us waiting for the pineapple guy hehehehe, it was our first time trying it, and we both went crazy for it I never imagined that I would like to eat grilled pineapple, but seriously guys, it’s just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious, and not to mention that we ordered more fried banana, i told you, I’m scary when I’m hungry hehehehehe 😀

Now that Brazilian grill is my number 1 restaurant in Seattle, who ever visit us, it will be the first place to take them to, who said that the space needle is the first thing you should see in Seattle?? LOOOOOOOOL!!

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My trip to Seattle, going home and how my whole life changed

After the wedding we took 3 days off to go places in LA, it was the most wonderful time I spent in LA since I moved in to it, we went to Queen Marry in Long Beach, almost made it to Catalina island, and ate mama’s yummy food, dawali mansaf, mollkhyeh, msakhan and all you can think off, oh god, I miss mama’s food so bad 😦 (drooling over the thought of dawali right now!!!) …

EL MOHEM!!! The day before we were suppose to fly to Seattle and after feeling so bad for saying my goodbyes to my family, he decided to look for another flights later that day so we can spend the day fi beat ahli, and enjoy one last day with them, and we did 😀 , we watched the wedding video, look at the pictures, and then we drove to the airport, we were RUGHT ON TIME, a minute late actually when one of the handbags decided not to close all the way so hubby forced it to, and RUN ya Mai o ya Samer to catch the flight or we will on more day in LA (LOL! We looked so funny running in the airport LOL!)

The second the plain left the ground, I started crying like a habla when I saw LA from the window, EH!! I thought I hated LA, bs sob7an allah, my family lives there, for me it’s home, hubby was holding whispering in my ear “everything will be great, I’ll take good care of you 7abeebti, we will visit them soon inshalls” .. Allah ma ye7remni mennak ya rab Samer , everyday with you is a7la mn elli ablo, you are making it really easy on me el 7amdolla, I can’t be more thankful el 7amdolla.

The second I walked in to our house, I felt like home already (I was also thinking what to throw first 😉 ), Samer took me for a tour, and guess what, we have the MOST AMAZING VIEW , the whole wall is made if glass, and this of course is the lake view, it’s just breath taking, I set everymorning while drinking my coffee looking at it, and think in my head, I will never get sick of this view, it’s just amazing el 7amdolla 🙂

As for my married life, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than my single life, it’s a lot of fun (and work), I’m not really used to the house chores yet, I spend most of the day cleaning and doing stuff in the house, mama keeps saying that I will get faster by time, and what’s taking me 3 hours now, will take an hour or less later, I hope so, the Maioush who used to stay up all night and go to work with full energy is gone, I start dosing by 10:30 these days, even Samer wonders what happened to the old Maioush!! LOL! I discovered that leaving the house and work every day is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than being a house wife, now I know adeash mama btet3ab fi sho’3ol el beat, but hey, I’ll start working soon, estanno 3alai shwai bs 😀 I hope I’ll be in control between working and taking care of husbandy and the house.

As for now, love you all, miss the blogs kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, bs i’m getting batter shwai sa7!! 🙂

See ya all later 🙂

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Posting as Mrs.Qwaider… the grass is really greener on the other side

 First allow me to thank everyone for the amazing phone calls, messages, emails, and facebook messages, allah ybarek feekom all, and you guys are amazing 🙂

So… I’m a married woman now, and not just married, I’m married to Samer Qwaider 😀 OMG I still wake up and wonder if I’m dreaming, el 7amdolla ya rabbie a million times I can’t be any happier.

Being married to Samer is a blessing from god, I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t scared, I was so scared I mean it’s a HUGE change, I’m gonna be leaving LA, my family and move to Seattle, to live with him, I had no idea what was waiting for me there, bs el 7amdolla, it all turned out great :), he is so patience, understanding, kind, calm, funny, very mature, and at the same time he is crazy in the most wonderful way you can imagine 😀 , I wakeup in the middle of the night most of time just to look at him while sleeping, and thank god and go back to sleep, I seriously wait for the morning to come just to look at his face when I first wake up in the morning, allah ma ye7remni mennak husbandy 🙂

As for the wedding details, there will be other posts coming along with details about katb el ktab adventure (and you’ll know why I say adventure 😉 ), the day before the wedding, the preparations, and the wedding day I promise 😀

As for now, I’m just so happy and I thank god a million times every day for his blessings, el 7amdolla Samer amazing, and being married to him is the most amazing thing ever happened to me el 7amdola, I’ll post more details in the few coming days, I’ve been away for a while and I really miss the blogsphere so bad, I know I have a lot to catch up with, but I’ll try my best inshalla 🙂

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