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Once Upon a Time, Mnee7a the Squirrel …

Once upon a time, there lived a squirrel called Mnee7a.

Mnee7a was the most generous squirrel you could ever wish to meet. Indeed, she was generous to a fault, and in her case it was a very big fault.

Like any squirrel, most of her day was spent scurrying around the forest foraging for nuts. She was quite the best forager around, a fact to which every other squirrel would jealously attest. They really didn’t need to be quite so jealous, however, because all they needed to do was ask for a nut, and she would hand it over.

“Oh, I’m so very hungry. That looks like a wonderfully tasty nut you’ve got there, Mnee7a. Can I have it? Please?”

The scene that followed invariably played itself out in exactly the same way, time and time again. Mnee7a would glance down at the nut she was clutching between her front paws, the nut she had often spent most of the morning arduously carrying from the far end of the forest back to her dray, and then – with only the briefest hint of sorrow crossing her face, just enough to cause a flicker of guilt in whoever was asking for that prized possession – she would pass it to her fellow squirrel with a beatific smile.

Of course, squirrels are always looking for a quick and painless way to build up their secret larder in preparation for meaner months, and so throughout the forest it became an easy, though entirely lazy option to simply flutter one’s eyelashes, praise the lusciousness of Mnee7a’s latest nutty acquisition, and watch as she surrendered it gladly and without so much as a word of complaint.

Mnee7a’s best friend, however, was puzzled and concerned by such generous behavior, and told her as much. “Mnee7a,” she said, “I’m puzzled and concerned.”

“By what?” asked Mnee7a.

“By your generous behavior, of course. Why do you give away all of your nuts? You’re a fabulous forager, and you should be keeping them for yourself, or at least selling them to the other squirrels in exchange for seeds or berries or …” Mnee7a’s friend paused and absentmindedly licked her lips “… those crusts of pizza that the humans discard whilst walking through the forest.”

Mnee7a blinked, wide-eyed, at her friend. She pondered for a moment, then silently walked to the rear of the dray, placed a paw gently on the doorknob of a cupboard and slowly, slowly pulled it open.

The tiny dray shook with a low, ominous rumble. Then suddenly a torrent, a cascade, a veritable landslide of nuts came pouring out. Thousands upon thousands of them. More nuts than any squirrel could dream of, even in their wildest fantasies. The clattering sound they made as they fell to the floor was deafening.

When the noise finally ceased, Mnee7a couldn’t be seen anywhere. She had seemingly been engulfed by the nutty avalanche. Eventually, however, there was movement from underneath the debris, and she appeared, popping her head above the surface then clambering on to the piles of nuts that now covered the entire floor.

“You see,” said Mnee7a, as she sucked in a breath and regained her composure, “there’s really no sacrifice in being so very generous with the odd nut or two when you’re far and away the best at what you do.”

The End.

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Settling for less!!

Every day I discuss this matter with someone, I start to get it more and more, the fact that the dream girl for guys is the super model who can cook, great with kids, well educated, doesn’t spend his money, and love him forever more than the whole world.

Girls dream is a handsome guy, with a lot of money, who knows everything about women, open minded, romantic, blah blah blah.. and the list goes on and on and on …

Now let me see, both of these characters .. Hmmm how do I say that.. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!!!  So now what??  You start to settle for less.  ops…  did I say less??  I hope nobody is hurt by that, well even if you are, deal with it, that is a fact!! Yes less, you are less, I am less, I have no problem saying it, it’s not like I don’t have self confidence!! God only know how confident I am, I know I’m not perfect, BUT SO WHAT!!!

Back to the subject, The next question is, if you know for a fact that your partner has settled for less, how do you feel about that, when a woman in a bikini suit passes by your husband, and you can see it that the guy is going crazy, when you are watching a movie for George Clooney, and your wife has no idea what the movie is talking about, as long as Clooney is there, what would you do? Should we accept the fact that these people are way out of our league, and it’s ok for these things to happen? Or is it really when you love someone so much you look at him/her as the most beautiful/handsome person in the whole world? NAAAAAAAH whom am I kidding, there is no such a thing, that happens only in movies, and this here is real life.

Ok until now, I didn’t really find the answer I’m looking for, god I hate it when my brain thinks about a million thing at the same time, I’m arguing with my self here and still didn’t say what I’m actually trying to say.. EFT!!! I hate Gemini…  

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My Full Moon is here again …

I know that you guys all know about my moon obsession, but today’s post is not about that, it’s about me , yes me, as you all know I’m insomniac for almost 8 years now, I don’t’ sleep at night, and even if I do, I wakeup a million times a night, but for the first time ever, I closed my eyes at 2AM, and I didn’t open them till the sun was up at 7AM, not once, didn’t even felt a thing, without any sleeping pills, NOTHING AT ALL, I just slept!!!

I still can’t believe it, I usually have some days that I sleep for like 10 or 12 hours, but I wakeup like a zillion times to turn or whatever almost every one to 2 hours, but last night was different, I didn’t even open my eyes, I was totally shocked when I saw the sun by the window!! That’s just amazing.

Now what does that has to do with the full moon??? LOL nothing, but I just couldn’t let my full moon pass without mentioning it 🙂

I feel great 😀 .. I still can’t believe it !! 😀 . Enjoy your full moon everybody 😀

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Congrats for being one of the top 15 bloggers Qwaider..

Everybody, I want you to join me to celebrate Qwaider Planet, and Memories Documented blog owner, our friend Qwaider for winning one of the top 15 blogs in WUB  🙂 .


Yesterday was the results for the top 15 blogs all over the world at WUB, we got 65 votes for different blogs from WUB members, the final cut was published last night, and our friend Qwaider was one of them representing Jordan, so congratulation man, you deserve it 🙂


I would like to thank Qwaider for all the hard work he is giving for Qwaider Planet, and all the things that he is helping the other bloggers with without asking for any thing back.

So Qwaider, we are proud of you, we appreciate your hard work, thank you very much for everything you are doing for us.

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What’s the point of loving someone doesn’t feel you that way?? 

I mean why do people fall in love in the first place?

And if we did.. why would we keep this passionate feeling and have all this pain?

Isn’t it weird to have something hurt you and you just can’t let it go??

I believe sanity should lead us to happiness.. and avoid us from harm, it should help us find the right place, time, and most important, the right person but looks like we are all meant to find it in sanity, and love it!!

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Tire explosion, Call AAA

Today was a very weird day, let me start by saying that it’s been a long time since I wrote a personal post, but I had to blog about this, I had to, had to…I was driving back from a job interview (and I did pretty good if you are interested to know) , all of a sudden I heard an explosion, I didn’t really realize that it was me until the car started going right and left like crazy, I started to panic “ok Mai, just slow down and push on break” god dement when I pushed the break the car went to the opposite way, and that’s exactly when I started saying my prayers.. it was the longest 30 seconds inmy whole life!!

Thank god I was able to control the car, I managed to stop finally, I froze for like 20 minutes until I understood that I really have to do something right now. I called AAA and thank god they were there within 10 minutes.

A guy comes down the truck, Hmmm!! He looks so … Arabic, but again there are a lot of people who looks like us, yet they are not.

He asks me for my driver’s license, he looked at for a long time, I was thinking “is there something wrong”, the guys go to the truck to verify my information, and comes back with a big smile on his face.

-so Miss Mai, what part of Jordan are you from??

-WHAT??? I MEAN EXCUSE ME?? How did you…

– ::laughing:: LOL! From your last name, it’s hard to miss 😀

-aaaaaaah!! So you are from Jordan too??

Turned out, the guy is from Salt, LOL! Among aaaaaaalllll the Californian, my AAA service guy is from Salt… I was really shocked, but happy, we chit chat while he was fixing the tire, it was really interesting 🙂 … hehe I love it when such a coincidence happen 😀 ..

I told mn el awal… it was a weird day .. 😀

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Painful Involvement…

She never thought that getting involved like this might be so hard!! I mean when she first met him, her wish was just talking to him, just listen to his voice, then day after day, things kept happening in a way nobody never expected, and she got more than she ever dreamed of, she so close to him!

He is great that nobody can resist his charming laugh, but it’s a matter of time before he realizes how painful this closeness could be, instead of all the care from both sides!!

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High expectations ball !!!


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“Over a girl”



You know, you see a guy moping around cause he’s heartsick and you think to yourself I’d like to see the woman who did that to him.  And then the next thought is I wish I could do something like that to somebody.  Not purposefully break someone’s heart, but that somebody could look that woeful and that gorgeous and all he’s doing is thinking of me.  Like Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo & Juliet, wandering around on a beach in a tuxedo jacket, smoking a ciggie, and it’s all over a girl.


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