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 I just don’t get it, some mothers don’t even deserve to be mothers, I’m sorry but yes this is the truth, the painful truth!!

Lisa, a mom of adorable girls, Amanda 9, and April 13 years old, is the worst nightmare can happen to these girls, I think they would be happier if they have the devil as there mom more than having this woman!!

Amanda has down syndrome, she is the purest and cutest girl you can ever meet, until her mom decided to give her away at the age of 8 because “she can’t take of her anymore” stating that this girl :had ruined her life”!! What a B*%$#**%$#

Did I mentions that she is an alcoholic and used to be a drug addict? She decided to keep the “healthy” kid and give the center the “sick” as she calls her!! I mean I’ve never been this mad in my whole life, how can give up your child after 9 years? No I mean can you give up your child to start with???????

Her answer was so simple “I didn’t plan to have her, some people asked me to, and when she was born, they discovered that she had Down syndrome, they changed their mind, and I got stuck with here”


Didn’t I tell you that is the worst night mare for these girls? The two sisters are apart for almost 2 months now, 2 days ago was Amanda’s birthday, and her nanny gave the best birthday party ever, and did the poor girl asked for… “Are mommy and April coming??”

I was about to cry, no I actually cried, I wonder what kind of heaven under those mom’s feet???

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Qwaider is on fire!!!

 Look at this bloggers, I saw a post that Qwaider wrote a while ago about the visitors on Qwaider Planet, BUT…  look at this number! 😀

Qwaider, beat that number ashoof! 😀



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What the hell?? What’s with guys these days?? They are getting stupider every single second, I can’t take their stupidity anymore, walakom Khalas ghabaaaaa2!!!


I’m furious, some guys have no respect for themselves or other what so ever, just because I’m not responding to you fool, it doesn’t mean I scared of you!!


Efhamooha 3ad.. Girls are not like that (well, I know I’m not), if you wanna pick a fight fine!! Just stay the hell away from me, I’m not gonna fight back, I’m not gonna say stuff, and I’m not gonna be a low class person and everything that comes to my mind, going behind my back and telling people that you scared the shit out if me is not gonna do you any good, I’m respecting myself when I’m not answering, not you, believe me not you.


And you know what’s really funny, they do that in public ONLY, when they send private messages.. MASHALLAAAAAAAAAAA ASAD!!! He is all nice and gentel, and welling to kiss my foot for forgiveness, one word.. CHEAP!!


God I promised that I’m not gonna write mad post anymore, bs I’ve had it, and I had to let it out, Ah! I feel a little better already.

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“Men are simple,but they’re not stupid” Part 1

Most men are deeply offended by insincerity, and deeply disturbed by incongruity – for example, if we’re mad, but we smile and act nice – our behavior on the outside doesn’t match what we’re feeling on the inside. They can feel our anger, and the smile just reads “fake”. They think they can’t trust us.

They think we’re trying to control them. And a lot of the time, they’re right! We are trying to control things.

Often, we want things to go a certain way. We want to get to the party on time. We want to see that movie, or go to that restaurant. We want him to behave the way we want him to behave. And we want it now. We want the relationship all tied up nice in a bow and forever after. And we need to know. Now.

What if the way to getting what you want isn’t by asking for what you want?

What if the way to getting what you want is a way you’ve never even heard of?

Most of us say we’d do anything for love, and yet, all our actions and words seem to only push it away.

Every one of us is pushing away love in some way – because we’re all afraid of really getting close to a man and letting him see who we really are. We’re afraid of intimacy

And we all do it – push love away – in different ways.

Some of us talk a lot. We never stop talking, never really listen, and always have something to say. We talk so much because we’re nervous about what would happen if we stopped talking. If we stopped talking, he’d really see us as we believe we are – not really good enough on the inside.

The truth is, most of us women process our thoughts and feelings verbally. We say what comes to mind and sort of download it all in words.

This is really confusing for men. They get lost and frustrated because our talking seems like endless chatter to them.

And we spend a lot of time feeling as if we haven’t been heard.

And we haven’t.

If I were to ask you, to think of words and body language as either magnets to draw in a man, or fists to push him away, what would you tell me?

Would you say that you just want to be yourself and act “natural” and be “spontaneous?”

It would be great if saying what ever comes to mind could make us man magnets – and yet – it just doesn’t work that way.

And it’s not because being “spontaneous” and “natural” isn’t attractive to men – it is!

It’s because what we think of as “spontaneous,” “natural,” and “being ourselves” is most often really only our old nervous patterns (the ones that have never worked) coming up again, over and over.

And these old words and patterns actually keep love away!

To be continued on part 2…

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Cologne Cathedra









Los Angeles






Niagara Falls


















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“unlucky” in love?

NOTE: This post is NOT by Maioush

I used to think I was “unlucky” in love.One man after another broke my heart, no matter how promising the “relationship” was at the beginning.I had so little self-esteem I was practically INVITING men to come into my life who had no intention of making me happy forever. And yet, time after time, I missed all the signals. And then, after years and years of horrible, dead-end, non-committed, always ending painfully non-relationships and getting my heart broken over and over, I finally found the man who became my husband. And I was so happy – for a way too short time.

Before I knew it, the nightmare had started all over again – distance grew between us, he became emotionally cold, I felt disconnected and lonely.

It had never occurred to me that marriage wasn’t the automatic end of the fairy tale, and that from here on out, everything would be bliss.

It never occurred to me that for the next five years I’d go to bed every night and wake up every morning desperate for love advice that would work to save my marriage.

I looked for help from my girlfriends, went to a counselor, had late night discussions and arguments with my husband, cried through the middle of many nights, read every love advice book I could find, and used up every bit of love advice I’d ever heard.

And still I felt lonely, disconnected from my husband, angry and in pain.

It was as though I’d learned nothing from those years of dating Mr. Wrongs.

But then it all changed.

Somehow, I figured out what had gone wrong, and I was able to set it right within weeks.

On the next posts, you’ll find out more about me and how I was able to save my own love life, and learn how to do what it took me years and years of trial-and-error to figure out.

I had no love advice then that worked, and even now, most of the love advice I see and read out there has to do with games and strategies.

And games and strategies NEVER work with men.

Ever since I turned my love life, and then my marriage, around, now I want it to be my mission to help other women (especially the ones I’ve been reading for recently) feel better, stronger, happier, and in the kind of relationship and marriage we all dream about – and DESERVE.

I’ll tell you how to ignore the whole idea of games and strategies and how to get your man, bring him close and make him want to stay forever by simply being yourself.

As easy as that sounds, being yourself is exactly what we were all taught NOT to do our whole lives.

Don’t give up.

If I found a way to get from total misery with a non-existent love life to total married bliss – then YOU can, too.I’ll keep you guys posted to prove to all of you that you can do it 🙂 . 


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How NOT to Pass American Idol

 I am not a huge American Idol fan, probably because I am not in to English music as much; I’m more like an Arabic music buff.

But the following is just plain common sense in my opinion from what I notices during the past few years…

I was flipping the channels tonight, and looks like it’s the opening night of American Idol. Mama is die hard fan of the show and then there was my bro Boss, who was an American Idol virgin and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

One of the first things I said to Boss when the show started was that “you can tell if the person is a good singer before they ever open their mouth.” He totally did not believe me, but then he began to watch the show and saw contestant after contestant do the unthinkable. I believe American Idol needs to lay some ground rules for the audition.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you make it through your audition and get safely back home where you will end up if you engage in any of the following:

Wear A Costume

This seems like a no-brainer, but some of you folks still come to your audition dressed like Mickey Mouse or Captain America, I even saw a MAN today came wearing princess Leia’s bikini. I realize you are trying to be memorable, but all the judges will remember is that you looked ridiculous. It also sends a signal to them that you haven’t got what it takes to wow them with your singing talent, so you are using the costume as a substitute. Don’t. If you walk in wearing a costume, you might as well be packed and ready to go back home. The judges have already made their decision before you even opened your mouth.

Remember this guy?

Blubber Excessively

This season returns with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Jewel who fills the fourth judges seat. These are famous folks, yes, but keep your mouth shut about it. No matter what you think and how you really feel, showering them with compliments and flattery is a bad idea. You must maintain professionalism at all times. When you walk into an audition, greet them respectfully and make it short and sweet. Show them you respect their time and that you are here to audition, in other words: “Shut Up and Sing”

Hit on Simon

Again – seems like common sense here, but it’s really tacky. Be real. If you are a woman and you do this, it makes you look like a…well, you know. And if you are a guy hitting on Simon, it may be perceived as funny, but in reality it isn’t. I have yet to see a contestant hit on Simon (or any of the judges) and make it past the first couple rounds. It’s cute at first, but then you will get cut when it becomes annoying. And it will.

Sing with the Radio

As you may have noticed, no music is allowed in your audition. This means you have to sing “a cappella” In music terms this means “A cappella music is vocal music or singing without instrumental accompaniment.

Most of the time you probably sing with music on. This makes you sound really good. Start practicing without the radio or the CD player for a while. If your neighbors complain or the dog suddenly wants to go outside, toss your American Idol registration papers in the trash. Many people think they can sing well because when they sing with the radio, their voice blends in with the music and the actual artist’s vocal. Remember you are auditioning as a solo act, not the 6th member of ‘N Sync.

Copy Someone Else

Above all else, be yourself. That is the most authentic thing you can be. We, the television viewers, can spot a fake a mile away. We know when you are trying to pull one over on us. We’re not stupid. We want to see the real you and so do Simon, Paula, Randy and Jewel.

Don’t try to copy other people. Everyone is unique, You are not going to be the next Madonna or Prince. You can only be the next fill-in-your-name-here. When you practice, sing the song the way YOU feel it. That is the only way it will sound good (thank you Leslie!). If you sing a country song, don’t fake a Southern accent. Don’t grind your voice just because Brian Johnson of AC/DC does it. When Randy Jackson talks about “putting your own spin on it,” that’s what he’s talking about – singing it the way YOU feel it. Listen to him.

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I have a question..!!!

Why are men put in charge of ships in an ocean, satellites in outer space, and tanks in the desert, but they can’t seem to find the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator?

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Top 10 Dream Killers

Top 10 Dream Killers

1. Don’t Get Up: Sleep in. You won’t miss much. And whatever you do miss will be picked up by someone else.

2. Don’t Ask: Fail to ask questions. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you physically, it usually justs affects your bottom-line.

3. Don’t Tell: Fail to share your knowledge with others and they will fail to share theirs with you. What goes around comes around. Sounds fair.

4. Don’t Plan: Planning takes up a lot of time and you will need that time to sleep in.

5. Don’t Earn: Expect others to hand your dream to you. After all, you deserve it and you’re well-rested.

6. Don’t Care: Make agreements with yourself and others and then don’t show up. It’s ok, because they are going to hand you your dream anyway.

7. Don’t Write: Don’t waste time writing things down. Especially since you aren’t going to keep the agreement anyway.

8. Don’t Stop: Run your engine at full throttle at all times. Don’t stop to ask questions or reflect on why you are sleeping in.

9. Don’t Set Goals: Setting goals is a waste of time, especially when other people are going to hand you your dreams.

10. Don’t Simplify: Try to collect and do as many things as you can regardless of whether they line up with any of your goals. It will help impress those folks who are waiting to hand you your dream.

And for those of you who prefer a more positive spin on things, here are the…

Top 10 Dream Stimulants

1. Get Up: The early bird gets the worm. You snooze, you lose. It’s really is that simple.

2. Ask Questions: There is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask and you shall receive. Knowledge is power. ‘Nuff said.

3. Share Your Knowledge: Remember the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Help others to achieve their goals and they will in turn help you.

4. Plan Ahead: Create an organizational system that fits your lifestyle and use it. Dreams don’t just happen. They are carefully thought-out and well-executed.

5. Learn To Earn: Don’t expect anyone to hand things to you or to trust you. Learn to earn the trust of others by being faithful.

6. Be Faithful: When you make a commitment, either keep it or renegotiate the terms. Do not “forget” or fail to execute it in any way.

7. Write It Down: Writing things down actually helps you to remember them. Write down your dreams, your commitments and anything else that is important to you. Review your notes as often as you need to in order to stay focused.

8. Slow Down: Going full-speed all the time will not only kill your dream, it will kill you. Your dream will be a waste if you end up six feet under. Take time every day to listen to music, chat with a friend or do something that you love to do.

9. Set Realistic Goals: Dreams can be achieved by creating small, attainable goals along the way. Make sure that you work effectively toward those goals on a daily basis.

10. Simplify: Eliminate physical, mental and emotional junk from your life as often as possible. You won’t miss any of it.

And those were the lessons I learned in 2007. so Happy new year my friends, wish 2008 will be a better year for all of you  🙂

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Jordan Blogs meeting, I wish I can be there…


 Good for you guys, you having another meeting while I’m away, I was hoping that I will meet all of you last March, but hey, things did go the way I planned.

I saw an announcement on Aya’s Blog about it, I wish I can be there with you guys, but you will not forget to take pictures right? right? RIGHT?? 😀

So guys, have fun, and looks like the place is nice, and the agenda is interesting, when I come over to Amman I WANT ONE!! 😀 but for now I’ll share with you the details about it, have fun 3anni law sama7to 😉

For further information you can contact Aya at:

Dear Jordanian Bloggers

It’s been a very long time since our last meeting. It’s time to do have a get together.

Jordan Blogs is proud to host the next meet-up here are the details:

.Location: Jafra Café .
.Time: Starting at 5:00pm
.Date: December 6th 2007
.Who can attend: Bloggers, Future bloggers, Readers and their families.

We had a great time in every blogger gathering we had in the past and it’s time to do it again. But this time we actually have an agenda (other than getting to know one another)

Agenda for this meeting:

.Discuss how we, as bloggers, can become better citizens in support various activities in the community. (Naseem Tarawneh’s Baqaa camp efforts as an example)

.What can we do to make a difference? (Husain Tamimi’s ordeal as an example for making a difference)

.Introduce new bloggers. (email new bloggers list to click HERE to suggest a new blogger to introduce) This is arguably the best part

.Express and exchange ideas on “How to make the Jordanian blogging community a better place for everyone”

Alright all, please help us successfully organize this event by sending us an RSVP using the following links

Click HERE to let us know you’re coming. Or click HERE if you can’t make it

See you all there.

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