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Keep your dreams alive

The newest of beings needs to see.

the vivid colors of the world,

the tops of each floating cloud,

the bottom of the wondrous seas

and the vastness and depths of space.

Each child needs to dream

of being the hero that saves

of becoming the doctor that cures

of winning the impossible race

of leading a world to peace

We need to dream

We need to see beyond what is

afforded to us and reach towards

the stars once more.

We need to believe

that nothing in unattainable

Nothing is impossible

Nothing out of our reach.

We need to see the future

as a blank canvas, ready

for us to color with our own

hopes and accomplishments.

Be like the child.

Soar above the clouds.

Believe that you can fly.

waits only for you.

Believe you can change the future.

Work each day to keep your

dreams alive.

Never let them go.

Never try to take others away.

In our dreams we can move

mountains and reshape what lies ahead.

Anything is possible with a dream.

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Just Because

Just because you search,

doesn’t mean you’re lost.

Just because you question,

doesn’t mean you doubt.

Just because you rethink a situation,

doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

Just because you are quiet,

doesn’t mean you’re unhappy.

Just because there are clouds,

doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there.

Just because there’s rain,

doesn’t mean a rainbow won’t appear.

Just because you’re friends,

doesn’t mean there won’t

be disagreements.

Just because you need quiet,

doesn’t mean you want to be


Just because it’s love,

doesn’t mean it isn’t work.

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Faith comes in many guises

and dances with our mind.

Faith in people, faith in love,

faith in what tomorrow will find.

But as strong as Faith professes to be

it is a tentative thread.

Easily damaged and easily broken

frequently muddled in our heads.

To me a most precious gift

I cherish above all

To lose that Faith that you have in me

makes my spirit fall.

What words can I express to you

to reassure your troubled thoughts?

I value more that soul’s sweet trust

than any specialty bought.

Your Faith in me I have to earn

through actions you believe.

What have I done? What can I do?

To make you fully see?

Your Faith in me is a gift

One precious to my own.

I guard and protect it closely

above all others known.

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My first post…

sice every body was giving me a hard time for having my space on msn spaces i decided to have one on wordpress (jano’s advice)…

I’m still working on it and trying to figure out how to do stuff in here…

i hope you will like it

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