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Surrounded by miserable geeks

And I have been for the past 5 years really, but this one is really different, these around me are the miserable type, they have no life away from their computers, I’ve been seeing the weirdest geeks ever, the type that don’t have any kind of communication skills, what so ever, they have no idea how to make a normal conversation.

I discovered lately that couple of them actually SLEEP in their offices, they nothing else to do out there ::sigh:: can you imagine working with someone like that, where someone like me (normal person) is trying to finish her work and go home because simply believe it or not, I have so many things to do after I leave!!!

They take this so dam seriously, dude, if you are miserable and don’t have better things to do, don’t blame me, I have happened to have a life.

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  1. HAHAHAH … I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. hehehe … don’t forget the ones that can’t speak when there is a lady in the room
    hehhee like a good episode of The big bang theory

  2. JUMANA :) says:

    honey, 3adi `7odi el mas2aleh bebasata 😀 HAW bedawmo 3shan enamo!!

    hehehehe 😀 sawrehon o eb3ate el swar email la ur boss 😀 :

  3. Dina says:

    respect your point of view…i’m not exactly sure that you are talking in general or just comment on a situation that happen among those geek and you..

    i’ll talk in general here…for a normal person who’s not mind being computer geek/maniac cause simply he/she finds the attention that he/she miss in real life…the power of controling that could be impossible in real life since he/she just a regular employee…the facilities to start over again if you missed-up..the options which just there without asking nothing in return.

    last summer i was so close to lose my best friend and my colleague for her addiction to computer’s fantasy….but i realized that she didn’t have copmuter in her home and if there is one she can’t handle the dsl-connection’s bills
    therefore, she prefer to spend as much as time on the net before she go home otherwise she need to wait till next day to continue do whatever she’s doing there..and yes i’m sure if she has the option of sleeping in the office,she will take it…eventhough she has a very full-life with friendsship and family and responsibility..
    she’s just traying something new…and guess what she likes it.
    what i want to say here…that those people have a reason to behave that way or be that geek..just put some effort to know why instead of judge..
    simply respect there choice of living…at least they are the one who make that choice and they have the full freedom to do so…

    anyway…it’s just an opinion…right!!!

  4. Ulysses says:

    Well,in my own personal point of view…. I believe that all us bloggers are somewhat computer geeks. Or at least we’re very prone to being such addicts, I always wonder if I will become one!

  5. vagueraz says:

    May they are happy in their way of life …

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