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Ten Random Things about Maioush, oh god, not again :D

 Princess N tagged me (thanks sweetie, I’m late i know) 🙂 , as well as Wonders (my apologies sweets, i lost track 😦 )

The rules are:

1. Post 10 random things about yourself,

2. Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person

3. Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it

4. You can’t tag the person who tagged you

5. As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted

Alright, let’s do this, oh god..  This is gonna be like 10 posts in one, Allah y3eenkom LOL!

1. I’m always cold, no I’m serious, ALWAYS, today it’s like 75 outside and I have the heater on RIGHT NOW 😀

2. Do you remember Monica from friends?? She is so crazy about where stuff should be and the way that things should go, I’m the same of not worse… simple example: the tag on the bed sheets, it has to be at the left down corner of the bed, when people do it for me, I wait till they leave and I fix it behind their back 😳

3. I don’t eat more than a pregnant woman!! :@ I was just being a good host when Nido was here, I mean come on, it’s not appropriate to let her eat by herself sa7?? 🙂

4. dancing in the car??? Oh my god it’s so possible ya 7aki LOL! :D, I do ALL the time 🙂 once I hear a song I like, yadii el fdee7a!! I’m dancing and I don’t stop until o notice that someone is looking 😳

5.  I wear glasses, yep!! That’s right, I used to be obsessed of contacts, I hates the glasses, but for few months now, I became lazy and I just wear my glasses.

6. I got lost once in Amman, and ended up in the royal palace (I still don’t know how I ended up there)!!

7. I cry easily, I might look tough for some people, but I’m one of those who cries 3ala atfah el asbab!! :S

8. I LOVE guys with gray hair, that’s why I’m in love with George Clooney’s look :dreamy eyes:

9. I hate history, I used to cause sooooooooooooo many troubles in history class, and I got kicked out of it several time, bad bad bad Maioush!

10. if someone gets on my nerves, I can be very rude, I smile a lot and all, bs ma y’3orkom el mazhar 🙂 .. when I’m mean.. I’m mean!! For real, I always’ end up hurting people’s feelings!

As always, I’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you would like to go ahead and do it, please do 😀

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What every girl should NOT do before 18

 Ok, so everybody knows that I’m not the best when it comes to follow rules 🙂 , since I got tagged by Batoul, Wonders, and Oriental Arabesque, I decided to answer it … my way 😉

What you should NOT really do

1.Don’t get married:

The worst thing to do is to get married before the age of 18; girls are not mature (enough) to get married, and YOU CAN WAIT!!

2.Don’t dye your hair:

You’ll grow old and have A LOT of gray hair, you’ll get to a point when you wish you can take a break of it, do not damage you hair with these chemicals

3.Don’t put any makeup on:

There is nothing better than the natural beauty for little girls, you don’t really needs it in you teens, you’re suppose to have a great fresh skin, enjoy that.

4.Don’t fall in love:

Don’t break your heart too soon; you are better off without boys when you are a teen 😉

5.Do not quit school:

Don’t you ever, under ant circumstances quit school, finish Tawjeehi, and pick a major you like, and put a plan to yourself, DO NOT QUIT!!!

6.Do not get fat:

If you get fat in your early teens, you will NEVER be able to lose it, and even if you will, you will struggle keeping it down, make sure to watch your weight, have healthy habits when it comes to eating, it will affect you later in your life.

I’m not gonna tag anyone, as I noticed, most of the people are either tagged, or answered it already, but if you read this and feel like answering it, go ahead 🙂

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When Maioush returns to Amman…. answering Qwaider’s Tag

Yalla, lets play what if tag as Qwaider said… I’ve been asked to answer what will happen to my blog if I return to Amman.Tag rules:

State 5 things. at least. And tag 3 people … simple No??

Yalla… what will happen to Maioush if I go to Amman:

  1. The blog will have less posts (no time ya jama3a, I have sooooo many things to do there) 🙂 bs, I’ll try cuz there will be so much to talk about too 🙂
  2. You’ll hear waaaaaay less stories about my cooking adventures (thank god for shawerma and falafel, and of course, my teata and 3ammati) LOL!
  3. A lot of complaining about the traffic in Amman, and how people don’t follow the rules when it comes to driving (3ala asas enni jay el mn USA ya3ni zai elli 3an jad) HAHAHA
  4. There will be a special section for my comics about issues in Jordan issues, and god knows how much are those 😀
  5. My adventures of me getting lost, I’m the queen if getting lost in Jordan (well, here too, but I end up finding my way when I reach the freeway 🙂 ), I end up in the weirdest places you can ever think of, I’ll tell you guys about it in my next post I promise 😀
  6. (I THINK) Maioush will be no longer anonymous, I’ll meet with some of my friends I met though this blog 🙂 , I think that will be great right??

So what will happen to your blog:

Nido if [you found out that you are pregnant with twins  🙂 ]

Angry Husband if [your wife came back to her senses and your not angry anymore]

Mohannad if [your wife finds out about your blog LOOOOOOL! J/k 😀 no really if Jordan became the best country ever with NOOOOOOOOOO problems (man what are you gonna rant about 😀 ) ]

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39 Q Tag, ok that was fun :)

I’ve been tagged by Oriental Arabesque, thanks dear 🙂

1. What is your middle name?


2. What color pants are you wearing?


3. What are you listening to now?

Alb o ra7 by Sherine

4. What was the last thing you had to drink?

Huge cup of coffee

5. Do you wish on Stars?

Not really

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Pink 🙂

7. How is the weather today?


8. Last person you spoke to on the phone?

A guy from the army wants me to work with them cuz i speak Arabic (and if you wanna know, I said NO) 🙂

9. Do you like the person that sent this to you?

Tab3an 🙂 , I don’t know her personally, but I like her blog, she one of the people I really enjoy reading 🙂

10. Favorite drink?

Coffee, coffee, coffee, and water

11. Favorite sport?

Belly dancing (if it’s a sport), if not then swimming

12. Hair Color?


13. Siblings?

3 brothers

14. Favorite month?

December, a lot of occasions, the new year and everything

15. Favorite Food?

Mlookheyeh.. YUM YUM

16. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Shrek the third (I haven’t been to the movies ofr ages)

17. Favorite day of the year?

Hmmm, I would say the new year

18. What do you do to vent anger?

If one of my friends are available I would talk to them, if not I would cry ..

19. What was your favorite toy as a child?

My huge Micky Mouse (I still have it 😀 )

20. Summer or winter?


21. Hugs or kisses?


22. Car or motorcycle?


23. Chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely chocolate

24. Do you want your friends to do this survey(tag)?

yes, it’s fun

25. Who is most likely to do this survey(tag)?

Hmmm! I don’t know, I don’t tag people but if I did they would do it

26. Who is least likely to respond?

Ignorant ones

27. When was the last time you cried?

2 days ago

28. What is under your bed?

Oh god, a lot of stuff, I have baskets contains half of my room :D, cuz my room is very small

29. Who is the friend that you have had the longest?

Laila, for 9 or 10 years now

30. What did you do last night?

I went to a birthday party

31. What are you afraid of?

Loneliness, I can’t live without a lot of people around me

32. Plain, buttered, or salted popcorn?

Salted, I love salted food in general

33. Favorite car?

My 3azeezeh 😀 LOL! It’s a 98 Honda CRV, cuz it’s my first actual car, I don’t have to share it with anyone 🙂

34. Favorite Flower?

White lily

35. How many keys on your key ring?

4, 2 home keys, and 2 car keys

36. How many years at your job?

16 months

37. What did you do on your last birthday?

My friend threw me a party at her house (thanks Fatoon)

38. How many states have you lived in?

let me see, 3 countries (Kuwait, Jordan, And USA)

39. Did you have fun doing this?

Yeah 🙂

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خمس روايح عاجباني

مع إني مأساة في طباعة العربي بس هاد التاغ مما بزبط إلّى هيك

براء اختارتني مشان أجاوب هاد التاغ , يسلموا يا قمر


بحب روايح كتير شغلات لو أعدها كلها ما بنخلص


١. بحب ريحة القهوة (و هي عم تتحمص, و هي عم تنطحن, و هي عم تنعمل) يعني بكل حالاتها و ما في احلى من إنو الواحد يفيق على ريحتها


٢.ريحة خبز ستّي لمّا كنت أنام عندها و تصحى تخبزلي مشان الفطور يا اللّه ما أطيّب ريحة خبز الطابون من تحت إديها ,الله يشفيها يا رب


٣. ريحة نوار شجر الليمون, من أحلى روايح النوار بالدنيا, و الأحلى ريحة الليمونة أول ما تنقطف, ما في أحلى من هيك


٤. ريحة عطر بابا و اخواتي, ما في أحلى من ريحة عطر الشب النظيف في البيت, يعني لمّا كانو يطلعوا بعد الظهر, كنت أعرف من أول ما أدخل العمارة من ريحة عطرهم ,الله يحميهم


٥. ريحة أولاد عمي الصغار (يوسف و بلال, المفروض بتعرفوهم, لسا الأسبوع الماضي انولدوا) لمّا يتحمموا, يا لهوي ما أزكاااااااااااااهم


مش عارفة مين رح أختار يجاوب, في كتير ناس ما بحبوا التاغ,  بدي أخلّيه كل واحد جاي على بالو يكتب لأنه التاغ ريحته حلوة ههههه

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I’ve Been Tagged… My Answer For The 10 Simple Pleasures Tag…


I’ve been tagged long time ago by Jasim and Qabbani.. I’m sorry guys I couldn’t do it earlier 🙂 …I wrote a month ago about the things that makes me naturally high, so allow me to steal from it 😉 I didn’t know that it will become a tag one day 😀

There are some rules we have to follow .. so here it is…

List 10 simple pleasures and the rules are as follows:
a. You have to use the picture in my post.
b. You have to list exactly 10 points.
c. You have to tag 3 bloggers when you are done.

This is my list for the thing that makes me naturally high “or my 10 simple pleasures in life”…

1. A hot shower.

2. Hearing my favorite song on the radio.

3. Hot cup of coffee in the morning.

4. Finding a $20 in your coat from last winter.

5. Having someone tell me that I’m beautiful.

6. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about me.

7. Waking up and realizing I still have a few hours left to sleep.

8. Having someone play with my hair.

9. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change.

10. Knowing I’ve done the right thing, no matter what other people think.

I tag every one who likes to answer 🙂 …

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Real Moms… Raise, Care, & Love


I’ve been tagged by 7aki Fadi one wonderful tag.. I can’t be more proud to answer it, it’s about the person I love the most in my life… my mom…I got this tag in the time I miss my mom the most, I really miss her these days, I really need to see her, talk to her, hug her and kiss her.

What can I say about this wonderful lady… she is the sweetest and most delicate of all. She knows more of paradise than angels can recall.

She’s not only beautiful, but passionately young, playful as a kid, yet wise as one who has lived long.

Her love is like the rush of life, a bubbling, laughing spring that runs through all like liquid light and makes the mountains sing, and makes the meadows turn to flower, and trees to choicest fruit.

Her love is like an island in life’s ocean, vast and wide. A peaceful, quiet shelter from the wind, the rain, the tide.
She is at once the field and bower in which my heart takes root.

She is at once the sea and shore, our freedom and our past; with her i launch my daring ships, yet keep the things that last.

My mother’s love is consistent and patient, it will never fade.

My mother’s love is warm and compassionate, even in the shade.

My mother’s love always helps me through the weakest hours.

My mother’s love is always like a bouquet of flowers.

My mother’s love is strong and never steered me wrong.

My mother’s love is beautiful in many ways.

My mother’s love is sincere.

My mother’s love knows the depth of love.

My mother’s love is contentment, just like God’s love.

My mother’s love is absolutely all of the above.

You filled my days with rainbow lights, fairytales and sweet dream nights, a kiss to wipe away my tears, gingerbread to ease my fears.

You gave the gift of life to me and then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care, for deep warm hugs and being there.

I wish I could tell you, Mom how much you mean to me…. But there are no words to say how much I admire you… how much I appreciate you… how much I thank you for everything you’ve done.

For all the times you gently picked me up, when I fell down, for all the times you tied my shoes and tucked me into bed, or needed something but put me first instead.
For everything we shared, the dreams, the laughter, and the tears, I love you with a “Special Love” That deepens every day..

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Red Rose.. Kermala.. Tekrami :)

I’ve been tagged by the cute Red Rose 🙂 and for you honey .. I’ll answer both .. tekraamiiiiiiii 😀

What I know about You dear ..

My name?

Cute Manal 🙂

Where did we meet?

Online.. We read each other’s blogs.
How well do you know me?

Good enough to tell you, you have a wonderful heart 🙂

When you first knew me what was your first impression?

I don’t know why, but I got the feeling that you are Very sensitive person, are you?

Am I shy or outgoing?

I imagine you outgoing in a very shy way (ma ba3ref keef zabtat), is there such a thing? 🙂

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?

You follow the rules I guess.

Do you consider me as a friend?


If there were a good nickname for me what would it be?

Cute little Red Rose 🙂

What song (if any) reminds you of me?

Kermala by Ragheb Alama 😀
Do I remind you of any characters on TV?

A TV host here in the states, she is really a nice person, when I saw your pictures I remembered her 🙂

A feature that you like in me?

You are very pure
A feature that you dislike about me?

None 😀

If you would give me anything what would it be?

Hmmm lets see, I think you are a fashion girl but you also love jasmine so I’ll give a bunch of jasmine flowers 🙂

If we spent a day together… where would we go?

Kteeeeeeeeeeeeer, shopping, go eat Shawerma… hehehe, maybe go to the gym together since we both already go, I’ve always wanted a gym partner 😀 . we will have so much fun mn el akher 😀
If you could describe me in one word, what would it be?


What word do I say all the time?

Ya ‘3abra ya 7azeeneh LOOOOOOOOOOOOL J/K 😀

Which of the posts I posted on my blog do you like the most?

 Your post about the full moon, that was AMAZING…
Which of the posts I posted on my blog do you like the least?

None sara7a.. I like your posts, and I enjoy reading it 🙂

Home Made Tag

If there was a fire at your house and you could save only one thing (item) what would that be?

My laptop


?What is the most embarrassing situation you have been in

  hehehe.. kteeeeeeeeer.. but the most would be when I lie and I get caught :S .. that’s not good lah lah  

If you can do over a part of your life, what will you change?

I would’ve changed the fact that I moved to the states, I would’ve stayed in Jordan with the people I love

Thanks Manal for the Tags 😀 … I enjoyed answering … 😉

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I will never be good at this

I don’t like Tags, I really don’t know how to answer it, I did it just for Nido 🙂 … so here we go…

* After you die what’s going to happen to your e-mail?
-Do they have internet in death world??? I guess not.. so I don’t really care.

* Have you ever given your password to anyone?
-I don’t remember, yeah I guess so. Its no big deal for me, I give it…I change it later on 🙂
* What kind of a relationship you have with those?
-What? …  Who?

* Your name?

* Your age?
-I will be 26 next may.

* Your horoscope?

* Education?
-B.S in Management Information System, and a licensed Pharmacy Technician.

* What kind of personality do you have?
-Talkative, friendly, very moody.

* Define traveling.
-A way to go from place to another.

* What’s your mood?
-Happy most of the time but when I’m down… I’m DOWN.

* What do you do in your spare time?
-Dance, watch TV… and once in a blue moon, SLEEP.

* Favorite food?
-Mlookhyeh, YUM YUM … 😀

* Things you inherited from your father?
-Stubbornness, patience.

* Things you inherited from your mother?
– The ability to handle stress, clear mind, and hands 🙂 .

* 6 things you hate?
-Double faced people, fast (junk) food, the smell of cigarettes, strong perfumes for girls, heavy makeup, and traffic.

* 6 things you love?
-Jordan, dancing, music, honesty, being around people (fun ones), and coffee.

* Define work.

* Define computer and Internet.
-People can’t function with out them any more.

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5 things you don’t know about me:

I’ve been tagged for the first time since I joined Qwaider Planet by Fatoom  NaturalBlu for 5 things you don’t know about me, well.. here you go

1. I HATE the smell of cigarettes although I LOVE the smell of hookah and I love to smoke it.

2. I speed up to 110mph every morning on my way to work, but when ever I drive with mom i don’t speed more than 70mph and she still consider it speeding and still doesn’t like it.

3. I like my coffee black, no sugar, no creamer, nothing just coffee, same with Arabic coffee (Sada).

4. My favorite color is blue, but I can’t ware it cuz it doesn’t match my skin, and black always come next for me.

5. I’m a music freak (Arabic music), ask me about any singer, any song, I have it, heard it,  or know it.

I tag: Jano, Qwaider, Bakkouz, and Red Rose.

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