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Why Do I Love You?

Why do I love you?

What tender thread bound my heart to yours?

You with your shields that bend so far without

breaking their hold on your love.

Why do I love you?

With all the pain that any relationship can bring?

With all the misunderstandings that can exit between

two people who are both scared and unsure.

Why do I love you?

Do you understand the true extent of the word?

It can mean so much or too little depending on the

ease with which a person speaks it.

Why do I love you?

Will I always be one step ahead of you?

Looking over my shoulder to see when and if

your spirit catches flight and joins mine.

Why do I love you?

Because of your spirit.

Because of your soul.

Because of who you are and what you will be.

Because of who I am when I’m with you.

Because of what we bring to each other.

Because….I just do.

And that may scare you as it sometimes does me….

But fears were made for conquering.

And this connection was made to last.

And given time and the star’s bright light…

I’ll prove this to you.

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A Promise To You

When you’re weary of the world’s turmoil
and need a safe haven to rest
you can step into the warmth of my caring
and find sanctuary in me.

When confusion lines the path you walk
And causes you to question and doubt who you are,
you can find security in the depth of my understanding
and my vision of who you are and what good lies within you.

When you feel the world plots against you
I will always be there to show you the joy you can find.
When you feel no one is on your side
I’ll be there with my hand reaching out to you.

When we both are angry
I’ll always be ready to move ahead and let it go.
When it seems no one considers you
I’ll always try to let you know that I do.

And when it seems you fail to consider me,
I’ll try to remember that we
see things from different viewpoints,
and mine may not be the clearest vision.

When our needs and wants don’t correspond,
I’ll seek the compromise and not allow mine to overshadow yours.

When you need the space to find yourself again
I will try to step away and be here only from a distance.

When you’re ready to embrace the warmth
that two people who genuinely like each other bring,
I will be standing close by with arms that
offer a lover’s gentle embrace.

And when you think that there’s no security left
in this world, I’ll show you that it can be found
in two like hearts and spirits.
In friendship that glows with more.

When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete.
I promise to always help you hear the music
and never miss the song.

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Look To The Sky

Can you feel me close?

Look to the sky and see the stars shining down on you.

As they do, they shower you with my warmth and love.


Can you feel my hand? Look to the sky and see the moon’s soft glow.

It’s caress is my hand gently nestling itself in yours.


Can you feel my heart’s smile?

Look to the sky and see the sun, feel it’s heat on your face.

It’s radiant kiss is my heart surrounding and protecting yours with my love.


Whenever the distance seems to great, look to the sky.

And know that what my eyes see also passes through yours, and makes the miles seem not so great and never so much that we cannot reach out and touch with our hearts.

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 Celebrate the night.

Celebrate the year.

Celebrate LIFE.

Celebrate the successes and the failures you have experienced.

It takes both for us to grow.

Celebrate the love within you.

For yourself and for others.

Always remember how important love is in your life.

Celebrate the difficulties you have faced.

Without them you wouldn’t know your own merit.

Celebrate the people in your life.

Treasure what they add to each day.

Celebrate each new beginning.

Step away from the mistakes of the past.

Learn from them but don’t carry them with you into a new day.

Celebrate by dancing.

Celebrate by singing.

Celebrate by creating something wonderful that can be shared.

Celebrate Life.

Celebrate the day.

Live it well.

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**I Miss You**

 I miss your voice

Which always spoke so softly in my ear

Letting me know you cared about my day.

I miss your laughter

So quick and unbridled.

It warmed the center of my heart.

I miss your thoughts

That were freely shared

At the end of our day.

Your name comes to my mind bringing

Visions of yellow roses and white vases.

Long talks on the phone.

A friendship I will never end.

A love that I believed will never die.

Here I am standing

And I miss you

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You are the first person I seek each morning.

The last person I wish for each night.


My strongest supporter in my daily endeavors.

My most honest critic of my humble failures.


The one who sees the true good within me,

My voice of sanity when I dwell on the bad.


You are the person who brings reason to my day,

and the person who brings magic to my nights.


You are my best friend and partner in all that I do.

My soulmate

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Come Let Me Love You..

Let me hold you under blue skies, and chase away the clouds.

Let me take your hand in mine, and together plot our course.

Let me kiss your furrowed brow, and smooth your cares away.

Let me laugh with you each morning, and love with you at evening.

Let me take the evil of doubt, and smite it with the sword of faith.

Let me be your spirit’s comfort, and brace it for it’s journey.

Let me hold you close and love you, each morning as the day begins, each evening as our souls rest, and through the years as we grow old.

Oh that I could tell you, the depths of what I feel, the joy that loving you brings, the happiness that would lie ahead.

T’was not an option to love you, merely the fulfillment of a journey.

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If you never dream

You will never reach the summit.
You will never chart the seas.
You will never soar with eagles.
Your cup will never overflow.
You’ll never touch the rainbow.
You’ll never scale the mountain.
The world will never find peace.
A great cure will never be found.
You will never touch the stars.

If you never dare to dream,

You will never be all that you can be.

You will never give voice to the poet,

give sight to the artist,

give life to the writer,

or give back to the world all

that it’s possible for you to return.

Never stop dreaming.

Never give up.

Always look up

and the stars will appear.

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I May Never See You

I may never see your face,

share a smile,

Yet you have touched my

heart in ways that few people



You have allowed me to “see”

you as not many do.

You have shared your thoughts,

your hopes, your fears, your

dreams and your heart’s desire

with me.


And you have listened patiently

as I have explored mine.


If it is hearts that bond us

as friends,

then no truer one can be

found elsewhere.


Thank you for sharing yourself

with me.


Thank you for being

my dear friend.

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If I Could Teach Your Heart To Sing…

 If I could teach your

heart to sing..

The world would hear

our music,

and echo back the

joyous strains of our

sweet verse.


If I could teach your

spirit to fly..

we would soar above

the clouds,

floating along on an

magical wave of celebration.


But until you open yourself

to life and brave to take

that chance..

the heart will remain mute,

the spirit grounded,

and all that could be will

pass you by.


Is your courage there to try?

Will your heart be open?





Await just outside

opportunity’s door.

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