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What A Man Really Wants…

Though primarily addressed to the women, most men who happen to feel drawn to read this post will find themselves doing so with a touch of curiosity. Of course, they think they already know what a man wants and are curious as to whether I am going to say something different or not. They think a man wants a good looking woman. Foremost, last and always. As a woman, we all know men are from a different planet, what a man is really looking for is something much deeper than that. He is wanting something to reassure him that he is an alright guy, that he is an okay person, that he is worth something.

In short, what a man really wants is validation.

He seeks this in many ways, a primary vehicle of which is his relationship with women. Something instinctive tells him that she can make him alright. Whether it be by how pretty a woman he can keep at his side, or by the scorecard of how many women he has vanquished in some romantic fashion, he sometimes goes through an entire lifetime attempting to feel good about himself through having relationships with women.

In the classic movie taken from the play Harvey, with Jimmy Stewart, there is a scene in which a very rigid psychiatrist, Dr. Willie Chumley, begins to let down his emotional defenses and reveal his true desires in life. He said if his fondest wish were to come true, it would be to just lie in his comfortable chair for hours and have some compassionate female simply rubbing his head, saying over and over, “Poor boy!”

The humor in the character is the fact that there is a little bit of Dr. Chumley in every man. Down deep he wants to be unconditionally loved just like a little boy by a perfect, loving mother.

Pride, of course, causes that vulnerability to be hidden as a man grows from childhood into manhood. First it is hidden from others and then at last it is hidden from himself, but it is still there waiting to be discovered.

Meanwhile, man begins to seek some sort of gratification as a substitute for this missing unconditional love from a source he can look up to, and he usually turns to those substitutes that never quite fill him up, emotionally speaking. There is always something lacking, or as the Rolling Stones have said and capitalized on, he “can’t get no satisfaction.”

But the fact remains, he is vulnerable, very vulnerable. And for that wise woman who understands this it provides an opening to secure the man of her choice like spearing fish in a barrel!

You see, most men going around trying to sport a good looking woman on their arm, or keeping lists of their female conquests, for one reason and one reason alone: It gives them a sense of validation and being worth something, and that is a feeling they desperately feel the need for.

The only problem is, this kind of validation is temporary and fleeting and, like a drug or alcohol, only leaves him feeling empty and in need of another fix as soon as a little time has gone by.

Man’s greatest vulnerability is not a physical need, but a psychological one. It is the need to be loved, but not just loved by anyone – to be loved by someone he senses is emotionally independent and strong. This kind of love is validating and worthwhile.

A man may think he needs a bimbo by his side to show off to the other guys, but in his heart he knows he’s perpetrating a fraud. She may help him make the other guys jealous, evoking a kind of prideful satisfaction in one way on his part, but in his heart he knows she’s not what he really wants or needs. He’s compromised for this because he’s lacking the real thing he wants.

No, what a man really wants is a woman who loves him in spite of himself, but won’t put up with his bull.

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How are you doing these days?

 Well, I’m ok el Hamdolla (if you’re interested), very busy with Ramadan, I’m trying to be good this year, remember when I promised to start praying inshalla, well… so far I haven’t skipped one prayer el Hamdolla 100 times, I’m in part 21, sooret Al-Room, where are you in reading Quran?

This Ramdan is not like any other Ramadan has passed by all means, this is my first Ramadan away from my family, I’m staying at my uncles house since the beginning of Ramadan to help them with the twins, and I tell you guys, it’s a FULL TIME JOB!!! We don’t have time to do anything, includes eating, for some reason they cry every day at athan time.. what on earth, 2 of us hold the babies and the third one prepares their food, so we start eating an hour late!! AAAAAHHH!!! O miss having Iftar with my family ya jama3a…

I miss mama’s food so much, they are 25 minutes away, but baba comes late from work, and he hates it when u ask him to drive again, besides that, the traffic is REALLY BAD toward my uncles house, it takes them more than an hour and a half, so I end up seeing them once a week 😦

Any way, Ramdan is a busy month, I barely have time to sleep walahi, so yen3ad 3aleana o 3aleakom bel 5ear ya rab ya jama3a, sorry for being so lazy to post, but I truly miss you all 🙂

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Hbeeleh the Owl

Once upon a time, there lived a stupid owl.

Yes, yes, we all know that owls are supposed to be wise and intelligent. But Habeeleh, for that was the name of this particular owl, wasn’t. He was, by his own admission, stupid.

“I’m stupid,” said Habeeleh.

“Yes, I know,” replied his friend, as if from out of nowhere. “But I like you anyway.”

Habeeleh nearly jumped out of his feathers.

“Wh – wh – where did that voice come from?”

“I’m behind you! Just turn your head and look.”

Habeeleh moved his head to locate the voice, and suddenly realized that he’d turned it all the way round. Through three hundred and sixty degrees. And he hadn’t broken his neck either. How did that happen?

“Cool!” exclaimed Habeeleh. “Look! I can turn my head all the way round!”

“Yes, I know that too. I’ve been trying to tell you about it since you were little more than a fluffy owlet, but you were too stupid to take in the information,” said Habeeleh’s friend, clapping his wings together in relief.

Habeeleh was so thrilled to discover this new skill that he spent the next three nights just sitting on his favorite branch, spinning his head round and round. He did it again and again and again. Every time he performed a full rotation, Habeeleh would sigh with contentment.

“It’s great being stupid,” he thought to himself, “because you learn all these amazing secrets.”

Habeeleh spun his head one more time, then promptly fell asleep.

The End.

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I’m leaving’ said The Fear, dragging his suitcase into the hallway.

‘Does this mean I will be fear-less?’ I asked.

‘Not quite’ said The Fear, ‘Apprehension has decided to stay’.

I smiled, wished The Fear well, and watched him nervously open my front door.

‘Maybe see you again’ he almost smiled, as he headed for the waiting taxi.

‘Maybe’ I said, not wishing to be rude. And then he was gone. I closed the door, took a deep breath, and smiled [apprehensively].

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If you never dream

You will never reach the summit.
You will never chart the seas.
You will never soar with eagles.
Your cup will never overflow.
You’ll never touch the rainbow.
You’ll never scale the mountain.
The world will never find peace.
A great cure will never be found.
You will never touch the stars.

If you never dare to dream,

You will never be all that you can be.

You will never give voice to the poet,

give sight to the artist,

give life to the writer,

or give back to the world all

that it’s possible for you to return.

Never stop dreaming.

Never give up.

Always look up

and the stars will appear.

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A pointless adventure

I enter the store and order my cheap-chocolate. The shopkeeper smiles briefly at me, before giving me my change: one five-dollars note and several coins. As I leave the shop, a huge gust of wind grabs the five-dollars note from my hand and throws it into the air. I chase the five-dollars note down the street. Eventually, it lands on the road. For fear of certain death, I do not rush out onto the road – instead, I wait until the hurtling cars have passed. 

After several anxious moments, it is safe for me to retrieve the five-dollars note. I pick it up. It is very badly torn. And so, without a moments hesitation, I return to the store and buy another bar of cheap-chocolate. The shopkeeper is quite clearly perplexed by my actions – but I do not care – the five-dollars note is clearly cursed and I do not wish to carry such karma in my pocket.

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I want myself back!!!

I’m not in a normal situation; something is wrong with me, so please t7amalooni while thinking loud in this post, I’m technically talking to myself today, trying to figure out what’s in my head.

For a week or so I’m not as patience as before, seriously!!! I’m known as the most patience person on planet earth, but at this point I don’t really know what to do.

Things are not working the way I want it to be, I’m trying to do something for almost 2 months now, but still no results, I started to freak out!!! Is it me? I don’t understand, am I doing something wrong? Seriously this matter is bothering me so much; it’s affecting everything I do, including my attitude with people!!

It’s not like I feel down or anything I’m not depressed, I mean I’m fine, actually I’ve been staying over at my uncle’s house with the twins, I’m having so much fun taking care of them, there are so cute mshalla, but I don’t know… I still feel something is missing, something is wrong, I feel like there is a heavy rock on my chest, even when I’m not thinking about it, walahi it even hurts when I laugh, I’m sure that I’m perfectly healthy, I just had my check up done, and doctor said everything is great, the results came out super, he was concerned about my weight (I’ve been loosing so much weight lately) but my blood test was very good, my blood pressure and blood sugar are so good, so it’s not physical.. lakan mali????

I get irritated easily, I cry easily, I’ve never been like that, people used to say anything you can imagine to me, and I’m totally fine, it’s not that I don’t care, bel3aks, I care a lot, and that’s why I don’t say anything, as long as they are happy, I learned through my life how to understand people, and treat them the way they want to be treated, as they say in Arabic (elli ma beeji ma3ak ta3a ma3o), that’s me, that’s the Mai I know.

But there is this new Mai, and I don’t like her at all, she has to leave me alone, I want her to take her stupid rock and leave, she is weak, panicky, silly, and not wise at all, I hate her!!!

You know what, that’s my next project, getting rid of this girl who is trying to take over me for the last couple of weeks, khalas Mai, enough is enough, get back to yourself, stop the stupidity, and go back to the sane Mai, I like that girl much more, and first step is to start praying regularly, I need to connect with god again, he is the only one who can help me, there is no better timing than this, since it’s gonna be Ramdan on Thursday (Ramdan mubarak to all of you, and allah yet2abbal ta3etkom).

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Don’t piss me off!!


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I May Never See You

I may never see your face,

share a smile,

Yet you have touched my

heart in ways that few people



You have allowed me to “see”

you as not many do.

You have shared your thoughts,

your hopes, your fears, your

dreams and your heart’s desire

with me.


And you have listened patiently

as I have explored mine.


If it is hearts that bond us

as friends,

then no truer one can be

found elsewhere.


Thank you for sharing yourself

with me.


Thank you for being

my dear friend.

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