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What is F12 button for??

This is a very interesting interview of Bill Gates with the awesome Jon Stewart.

Jon was asking Bill Gates:

Whats F12 button for? LOL  i don’t know, do u? 🙂

Enjoy the interview 😉

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Babies Names wanted

On a previous article I told you that my aunt is pregnant, and later on I updated it that she is actually having a twins, so tonight we spent the night looking for names for the babies and here are the names  she liked:

=our choices== 

Yousef (this is my favorite name)





 Now on the other hand we have my uncle trying to name the babies some (old) names and these are the names that he likes:

==My Uncle’s choices==





Guys… first of all make a vote for your favorite name

second we are welcoming you to suggest other names for the babies


1. Names has to be easy to pronounce since we are living in the states

2. Most of the easy names are taken in the family, like (Adam, Sam [Sami, Samer, Samir, Sam…], Sara, Yara, Tala, Diana)

Waiting for the suggestions …Thank you.. 😀


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…Live life fully…

Savor each moment presented to you.

Make certain you’ve taken the time to watch the sun both rise and set, and have allowed yourself a moment to enjoy the night light’s, game of hide, and seek as the moon and stars peep out of the darkness. 

Stop to appreciate the new blossom on a flower as its beauty unfolds and colors the earth. 

Be silent and listen to the songs of nature as they greet you. Learn that music of the birds and creatures around us are a gift of mother earth. 

Smile at the people about you. Be aware that none of us exists within a vacuum and that who we are, what we do and what we say will have an impact on someone every single day.

Not knowing the who or when doesn’t mean it does not happen. 

Learn that what is bad passes as swiftly as we believe does what is good, and that holding on to unpleasant memories even after the trying moments have faded, only prolongs the pain and postpones the healing.Learn to forgive, even when it’s difficult to forget, and let it go. In the end your peace will be much more real and lasting. 

Search until you find something good about everyone you come in contact with during your day.It becomes easier with time and practice and soon you’ll see the positive in each person long before you find their faults. And somehow the weaknesses, even in yourself, will seem not so great. 

Take a moment, even when there is none, to listen to the voice that speaks within you. Let it guide you towards your center and point you towards your future. 

Learn to like who you are. We are none without our bad points, but don’t allow yourself to focus only on those. Without day, there would be no night. Without cold, there would be no warmth.Without both the good and the bad in each of us, we would exist only as an image and not a real person. Allow yourself to be human. An ever evolving person, but one with many facets. 

Love fully.

Love freely.

And never regret the emotion.It is the most fragile, yet is the strongest; of the threads that weaves man’s heart.

And, you’ve heard this before, never put it off. Never fail to tell someone special in your life that they are appreciated. It may not need to be said, but how gracefully if falls on the ears anyway, and how fully it embraces and warms the heart.

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Generations Need Each Other…Wisdom

“The love of grandparents and grandchildren is often incredibly pure and powerful. I’ve noticed that most children who have known their grandparents grow up loving older people. They are like kittens that have been gentled and have learned to love humans.

I was talking to a friend, he was telling me how he grew up with his grandmother in the house with them, how great was that, he also told me how some people hate having one of the grandparents with them in the house… Weird!!

Children who haven’t had that privilege often regard older people as scary or, at best, irrelevant.

Believe me.. they have no idea what they are missing.

Grandparents provide gifts of caring, heritage, knowledge, self-worth, example, growing old gracefully, change, hope, happy memories and the gift of love and acceptance.

The life experience of being a grandparent often includes spending time with grandchildren. It is common to see grandparents and grandchildren together as many grandparents participate in their grandchildren’s activities and events. Some grandparents provide daily care for their grandchildren while some may be raising them on a full-time basis.

Being a grandparent is an exciting role that provides opportunities for creating lasting relationships that benefit both the grandparent and grandchild.

There is research evidence to document that caring adults can make a difference in children’s lives. Grandparents can be the caring adults who believe in their grandchildren and help them believe in themselves.

Grand parenting is a life state that most older adults will have the opportunity to experience. In fact, many will be great or great-great grandparents.

As a grandparent, they will have a variety of roles with their grandchildren, depending on how involved they will be with their grandchild and how they view disciplining of their grandchildren.

Regardless of the role they have with their grandchild, they will share their knowledge and wisdom.

The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is a special bond which benefits them both.

Sometimes, the family is sharing the grandparents’ house and sometimes the grandparent moves into the family’s house or apartment. Maybe your grandmother moved in with your family because she was having trouble living alone. Or maybe your grandparents take care of you in place of your mom or dad.

Being a grandparent is a big job, but grandparents have a lot of experience. They raised and cared for your parent when he or she was a kid! And grandparents have been the heads of households since the beginning of time. In our culture- grandparents are looked up to as a source of wisdom.

I can’t imagine how some people can hate having an elderly person like the grandparents in the house, or even hate taking care of them.. I was blessed at the time I had the chance to take care of my grandmother, I couldn’t be any happier, I used to have the whole world in my hands when she used to tell me (Allah Yerda 3aleaki Ya Setti)… Teata… Allah Ytawel 3omrek ya Rab…

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“I’m a heartbreaker”…

“I was the one who dumped him”, “I’m the one who left him”, “I’m a heartbreaker, nobody breaks my heart”, “when ever u feel he will leave, dump him right away”, “don’t let him be the one who leaves you”…Etc, words I’ve been hearing from girls lately, it just drives me crazy.

Whenever the girl is the one who left the guy, its ok, its her right to do so, and above all that he is suppose to try to win her back, but god help him if he was the one who dumped her because it didn’t workout for whatever reason, she will have nothing but hate towards him, he will be the worst guy on earth, he will be the one who never respects women, he deserves nothing but hate and disrespect.

Today I’ve heard a new trick that girls are following; “I’m going to win him back and after that I’m going to get revenge by dumping him this time”!!!!

Now to make it clear, I’m not against women, and I’m not defending guys, and girls, I’m with you all the way, but the truth is.. I can’t, not this time, really, it’s too much.

I’m not saying that guys don’t do that too, maybe they do, but I see it between girls more often, they get really upset when a guys leaves them instead of them leaving the guy, they get upset about that more than the fact they actually broke up.

I totally understand that it always hurts when we are told that the special someone in our life no longer wants o be with us, as it is hard to put an end to a relationship. It is the end of the world right? After you have been going out with someone for a while, even a short period of time, it hurts when they no longer feel the same way about you, as you do about them. A knife into your heart would hurt much less than this loss? And you think that no one would ever understand your pain?

 But can we please start dealing this as mature people, and stop being so narrow minded about it? Can we try to learn how to have healthy breakups? Can we try not to talk bad about our ex-partner behind their back and making them look like they are the worst people on earth? Can we try to LET GO and move on without making a big deal about who left who?

We all want the perfect everlasting relationship, but sometimes; relationships comes to an end, for what ever reason, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, and doesn’t mean its your fault, things just happens, and life goes on.

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Father’s Unspoken Love

My Dad is not an emotional guy. We can’t seem to actually get out the words “I love you”. Over the years at different times I have wanted to be one of those families that were free with their emotions. As I get older however, I realize that though we may not speak those words we show them in countless ways.

I was 18 when I had my first fall down, my dad had known this but let me ride with it, knowing I would rebel any way, I know that the family vacation they planned right when I had that fall down wasn’t a coincidence. We didn’t speak about my pain but I felt safe and was able to bounce back from the experience by the time the vacation was over.

When I finished my education in Jordan and moved to USA after my whole family moved before me, my dad was there for me again, he cosigned for my first car. Some would think this isn’t a big deal. It’s just a car, but I think he knew it was a new start for me. A symbol of getting on with my life.

I have learned over the years that love is sometimes unspoken. Love’s actions can speak louder than words. Unconditional love is often simple and unassuming. When you think about the men in your life, don’t think about the words they have spoken, but remember the love they have shown you in what they do and who they are.

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جت بظروفها

A new single for Ehab Tawfeeq (جت بظروفها).

I’ve heard this song few months a go but I totally forgot about it, until yesterday I was playing with my video collection and I found it again, so I uploaded it to share it with everybody.

What I like about this song is that its different than the regular Ehab Tawfeeq, in other words (الأغنية دمها خفيف), especially for a movie.

I haven’t seen the movie, and not planning to LOL, I just like the song.

And yeah, one more thing, I LOVE Menna Salaby’s haircut and color in this song, I’m thinking about cutting it the same style, what do u think? I guess I’ll do it, I’ve always preferred shorter hair. 🙂

Enjoy the song.

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  1. state or describe the exact nature or scope of.
  2. give the meaning of (a word or phrase).
  3. mark out the limits or outline of.

What defines you?

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Baby on board


My aunt is having a baby

I’ve known for a while now that she’s having a baby, but today it finally became real. When I saw the evidence.

This is no blob. This is a baby.

My aunt. Pregnant.

I’m going to be a cousin for him (or her – don’t know what model it is yet).

This blows my mind.

I’m so happy for her and for my uncle

Congratulations guys


this is a great update.. I will be a cousin for TWO babies


TWINS, this is great news, really great…

God bless u Judith and bless the babies… I’m more than happy for you.. 😀

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Can A Woman Really Have it All?

Someone asked me this week if I thought we really can have “it all.” My immediate answer was “of course,” but after thinking it over I concluded that it depends on a lot of things. I think three main questions to ask are:

 (1) Do you think you can have “it all?”

 (2) Do you have a clear definition of what “it all” is?

 (3) are you willing to change your definition of “it all” as you life changes?

In my opinion, the answer of whether or not you can have “it all” has to vary from person to person because we are so different, and everyone has a differing definition of “it all.” In fact, I believe that even the same person’s definition of “it all” varies over their life. Most babies believe they have “it all” when they are in the arms of their mommy enjoying a good meal. That’s all it takes. But as that baby matures, their definitions become more complex and finding “it all” becomes increasingly a private matter.

I have learned a lot of important life lessons during my search for “it all.” It began when I was a teenager, when to have “it all” meant having my own room, and being on the “A” basketball team at school. And, yes, I achieved those goals and had “it all.” At least for a little while. Because the first lesson I learned about having “it all” is that as soon as you get “it all,” you want more!

In High School, I thought I only needed one thing to have “it all.” I wanted so badly to be a member of the singing club; I finally worked up the nerve to audition, despite the fact that no one had ever told me I had a special singing talent or that my voice was unique. At least until my audition, when the director of the club had no problem telling me how little talent I had! When I didn’t make the membership, I learned if my definition of having “it all” means having something that isn’t a god-given gift, I will always be. However, if I choose to pursue goals that fit with the talents I have, the chance to have “it all” is unlimited.

In college, my quest for “it all” became more mercenary: a great job, a car, the grades I needed to be “sellable” after graduation. As I started my career, these goals expanded to include more and more “stuff”: a house, nicer car, better job…the list went on and on.

About two years ago, I moved in to the states, I thought I was really getting somewhere. I was making more money than I ever had before (and, I might add, spending more money, too…) I remember one evening I was on m first real vacation since getting a job, and was feeling pretty proud of myself. I was dining in a very nice restaurant, enjoying my Friends Company, good food, and drinks. I was doing a great job of congratulating myself for all I’ve achieved. In my mind, that night I actually had “it all.

Well, life has really a sense of humor, because two weeks after I returned from vacation “it all” went up in smoke when my aunt died from cancer. I quickly learned another lesson: if having “it all” is reliant on circumstances outside our control, we can easily be disappointed.

So began adventurous year where I started taking pharmacy technician classes, changed career, and started a new life; always in search of a new and improved definition of “it all”. In the process, I’ve learned some more important lessons.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that the best “all” I can strive for is in my head. I can’t lie: money, a nice house, clothes, cars and jobs are important to me, but they are easily lost. Tony Robbins has often said that there is nothing in life you can control except the way that you perceive things. And, in order to place a positive perception on any circumstance that comes my way, I’ve learned that I must do three things:

First, I must be at peace with myself; comfortable that I am always doing the very best that I can with the hand life have dealt me.

Second, I must be happy and secure in my relationships with those closest to me: with my relatives, friends, family, and especially with God.

Finally, third, I must be constantly growing and improving; always trying to learn just a little bit more. For me, when I can achieve those three things on a consistent basis, I believe I really will have “it all.”

Since every person is different, I can’t tell you what it will take for you to have “it all.” But I do know that if you keep looking for the answers, the lessons you learn during your life will guide you until you, too will find the answer. Always continue to ask: Do you think you can have “it all?” Do you have a clear definition of what “it all” is? Are you willing to change your definition of “it all” as your life changes? If so, I’m positive that you will not only achieve “it all,” but have a great time in the process—Yes, we can have it all!

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