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Platonic love, myth or reality?

Well, I personally believe that it may exist but only between two people who are completely and utterly unattracted to each other. I bring in this case my friend and I. He insists on not being named, because he’s a major jerk. He and I have known each other for about 8 years now which is a pretty long time if you think about it. We’ve done the whole hours on the phone, went out together, studied together (and that iwas more than 10 hours a day thing), graduated together and we’ve fought like a crazy psychotic people before. The thing is, at least on my end, I am utterly not attracted to him at all. It’s not such a bad thing, I’m not insulting him, he’s an awesome guy it’s just that I don’t have feelings for him in that way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a really solid friend who is of the opposite sex. Any takers, anyone?

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Phone Therapy

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One more thing

What is it with people who don’t talk to you awhile and just ask you for some advice out of the blue. Obviously I’m more than willing to help a fellow human being, cough, but pissed if I would help a human being who only speaks to me for the sole purpose of extracting some knowledge from me. It irritates me to no end, honestly, sometimes I feel used for having this knowledge just because lots of people are just too lazy to type a phrase in google and find out the answer for themselves. The worst thing is when they ask me medical questions. Sure, I probably know more than you but most of my knowledge comes from… Google. If GOOGLE has helped me, I am sure that it will help you too.

I’ve decided I’m not helping anyone again unless they bother talking to me regularly. Honestly, it’s really rude to message someone after a few months of silence just to ask a question and go on your merry way. It’s even more annoying when it happens a number of times. especially from this particular person. God, I hate that guy, I seriously do. Freakin calling me from overseas to get answers, 7ell ya!!!

Good riddance, go find someone else to bother.

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Yama Layali, Aseebak La2, Ana A3mel Eih, Tab AAAAAAAAA

It’s been a while since I last posted new songs right?? I mean you know me and my addiction to the Arabic music 😀 …  Well, I have few of my favorites here, first I have the new hit for Carol Smaha (Yama Layali) very nice song, I’ve been hearing it om ROoana Radio every 15 minutes lately :).

Second I have Hosam Habeeb and Aseebak La2, it’s a very cute song, Hosam is one the people that you look at and you feel like he is super innocent, he is very light with blue eyes, I don’t like those, but he is such a cute little boy (yes boy) he looks like a 7 years old boy with that face 😀

Then I have Mohamad Majzoob (Ana A3mel Eih), I just love that song, I discovered today that he was in some kinds show on MBC I guess, I don’t know, but the song is really nice, it’s playing in the car since last week.

Last and please don’t be surprised , please please please 🙂 it’s Razan and Enta Ba2a or (tab Aaa) , the video clip is sooooooooo stupid, and I really hate Razan, her voice is flat, and she makes very weird expressions on her lips while singing, but I just enjoyed the song today when it played in the car while driving especially the part where she says (yaba wela wela yaba yana yaaa) 😀 I guess that’s the only park I like in the song, I know I know it’s weird but I don’t know why I like it LOL!


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Damaged goods

I’m sorta dedicating this post to a good friend of mine who has officially joined the circle of damaged goods. Most of my friends seem to be damaged goods now, I don’t know whether it’s because we’ve just been alive long enough to experience a higher probability of being damaged or whether the damaged just congregate together.

Now, I’d like to say right now that he’s a wonderful guy, very good looking and extremely kind BUT he’s had his heart stomped on and put in a blender one too many times. Yes, the damaged and the damager is anyone and everyone. You can be more fortunate than others and still have something destroy your being even for a little while. I think I’m going to refer to ground zero damage as being in the blender.

The worst thing about being in the blender is that you do the most stupid things that you wouldn’t ever do at a normal period of time in your life. It’s the usual things, you play around, you get a haircut, dye your hair, go on a major shopping spree, you change your boyfriend/girlfriend, you get a pet, you decide that it’s time to adopt or give birth to your own child, you find someone that you might have fallen in love with but ended up destroying every single fiber of innocence that (s)he may have had left.

I’m willing to admit now that I’ve been in the blender. I’m also willing to admit that being in the blender was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had and that I’m sincerely sorry to whoever else I turned into damaged goods in the process. It’s happened, it’s how I got turned into damaged goods in the first place. It’s how my new blender friend has turned into damaged goods too. It’s a horrible plague of broken people breaking other people in the process while trying their best to glue the pieces of their miserable lives back together.

It’s really sad to think that at any one moment there’s a few hundreds of thousands of people miserable because of heartache. Ok, I know it’s quite inconsequential compared to famine and wars but the whole phenomenon of love is a really interesting subject.

Anyway, there’s nothing much else I can say about damaged goods without talking about my own experiences… Not very ideal.

Welcome to the ring of misery, friend. Hope you realise what you’re doing right now will destroy who you’re with too

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Much to do about nothing

I started this blog so that I could just to kill the time here in LA, whine, and rant to my hearts content without having to worry about boring the hell out of my friends. I could write all I wanted, and even if my friends wanted to read it or not, that’s cool. I don’t really mind or care if they read it or not. I used to have an anonymous blog too, that I gave to very special people who were really close to my heart and I used to love the anonymity. At least then, I could show an even more secret part of myself. Finally able to let all the tension in my life go, it was an absolutely gorgeous feeling.

We all know how it goes, the longer your blogs on the blogosphere, the more people read it. You get more famous, you start to meet new people and you lose sight of what made you start blogging in the first place. People notice you now, it’s not like the times where you were a quiet little site nobody cared about and you could just go crazy and really be yourself. A little part of you dies, just like a little part of you dies every single day. You kill yourself in the virtual world as you do in real life. Every single time you accommodate another persons expectations to what you should be, you die. Every time you make an excuse for the person you are, you die.

Sure, it’s definitely a naive look at the world however everyone knows that feeling where they have to do something just out of duty but not desire. The older you are, the better you get at it and you need to do it to get by. We’re losing our new hope, we’re destroying what was once a place where you could be anything you wanted to be. Will we only realise this when it’s lost completely? Or when you realise that you’re a shell of the being you once were…

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Love… Slow poison!

It’s ridiculous to say that being in love with someone doesn’t inevitably change you in any way. I don’t mean that when someone loves you they poison you, just that they probably kill some bad parts of the old you, which is probably a really good thing anyway.

I can’t say for a fact that I’m completely healed from a variety of things but I guess I’m still dragging my broken body and spirit from one day to the next.

It’s amazing what a few bad relationships can do to your psyche. I’m not just talking about bf/gf relationships but with friends and family too. A bad relationship has the ability to shatter your trust in many things. It breaks you down to a new level. You’re not physically hurt, but your mental being faces a near fatal blow that you need recovering from. Your mouth’s dry, your gut feels heavy, you’re more sensitive to any new pain that comes you way.

It generally takes a longer time for you to recover from a bad relationship than a physical illness. All you can do is to try to push through the misery and disillusionment you feel to try to trust again and open yourself up fully. It’s always a risk that you take whether it’s allowing somebody new into your heart or forgiving someone who’s wronged you terribly.

All love is slow poison, we all kill little parts of ourselves in order to sustain any relationship. It’s always a give and take situation, there’s no two ways about it. We barter the little shreds of our personality until there’s nothing left of us at the end of the road.

Relationships are the luck of the draw, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s not always a bad thing though, it’s about finding someone you can trust.

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Random rambling

If my being is the sum total of my experiences, what happens if I can’t remember most of them? Would that mean that I cease to exist as a person, or would the perceived existence of my body equate to my existence?

I’m probably digging a hole here, since this area isn’t really my strong point but it is something I wonder about from time to time.


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Being of average intelligence means that every 2nd person you meet is more stupid than you are. Being above average intelligence, say about… 75% means that about every 4 people you meet, 3 people will be more stupid than you are. Considering that one is in the top 25th percentile, let us assume that there are 6 billion people in the world. (Don’t know the number, can’t be bothered to find out). That would mean that 4.5 billion of them are less intelligent than you are.

Honestly, I didn’t even think about this until a friend brought it up the other night. It literally made me sit up and sent chills down my spine. Eep.

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Judge me on what’s inside my head.

I know it isn’t that big a deal if I post my picture or not but I feel that it is. I mean, you could probably find my picture somewhere on the internet already. No wait, you can. I think the whole matter now is finding a decent picture of myself that I’m willing to let the world see. I guess it’s more the idea of attaching a face to the words. The thing I’m thinking is whether this is what I really want. Then again, many people have their pictures on their blogs anyway and since I already have my last name on it, what’s the harm? I guess it’s that I would prefer being judged on what’s inside my head than what’s on my face.
What I’m basically trying to say is, we should be judging people differently. We should be discouraging stupid and exalting intelligence but we don’t. Meh.

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