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Maioush Profile

I was born in Kuwait in May.26.1981 and lived there for 9 years, moved to Jordan in 1990 to spend the best 14 years of my life, and currently living In United States of America

During my life in Jordan I studied in so many schools in a way that i don’t even remember the names of the schools any more (at least not all of it), and that was because I was a trouble maker student (I’m not really proud of that after al these years) 😉 .

In  the year of 2000 I went to Philadelphia University to Study  Management Information System , to spend another 4 wonderful years, met a lot of incredible people, I’m still in touch with most of them.

I have HUGE passion for Arabic music, starting from the classic of Om Kolthom, Abd-AL-Haleem, Abd AL-Wahab, Fairooz, Warda, Mayada Al Henawi, Fayza Ahmad, to Amr Diab, Tamer Hosni, Ehab Tawfiiq, Sherine, Angham, Ragheb Alama,Mohammad Fouad, Abd Al-Majeed AbdulAah, Assi el Helani & not to forget Elissa, & Nancy Ajram.

My favorite male singer at all times is Fadel Shaker, I can listen to his voice any where, any time, he has such a great great great voice.

My favorite female singer would be Asala, although a lot of people find her very shallow, and silly, but she has such a wonderful voice, and I truly love it.

Beside my passion to music, I also enjoy dancing, and I mean by that real Arabic dancing, it’s such a wonderful sport I love and enjoy at the same time.

I’m a very friendly, outgoing, very talkative, get along with people very fast (Which is good and bad at the same time if you know what I mean).

When I moved in to the states I decided to take Pharmacy Technician classes, I’m currently working as a Pharmacy Technician for the government, its way far from my original major, and dream, but to tell the truth I find it interesting since your helping people directly, specially when they come to you to share there concerns about here health, its such a wonderful feeling to be able to help people like that.

Enjoy your stay at Maioush 😉

Best wishes

Maioush 🙂

35 Responses

  1. Aiman Tamimi says:

    a7la maioush!!
    keefek? i like this blog more than msn space 😛
    you reminded me with uni days! i really miss it, i should visit it once i got time.
    good luck!


  2. Maioush says:

    thanks man.. i’m glad u like it more 🙂
    i miss uni days too, i miss all of u guys 🙂

  3. shosho says:


    so nice to hear from u maioush I MISS U VERY MUCH AND I NEED TO TALK WITH U SOOOOOOOOOON

    See u soon
    salam bye

  4. afaf says:

    my husband taught at drexel university in philadelphia at IS department…
    nice blog, maioush….

  5. Maioush says:

    shosho: nice to hear from u too dear, miss u too.:)
    Afaf: i was at philadelphia university in Jordan-Amman not the states.. thank u for ur comment, i’m glad u like the blog, hope to hear from u soon too 🙂

  6. afaf says:

    u know i totally forgot that jordan has a philadelphia university too….my brain is not working….i feel so stupid when iam talking to my son…sorry….

  7. SoMe1... says:

    what life means to you?
    i’ve been thinking the last few days,,,
    why, i really feel that i’m missing something,,, maybe someone…
    maybe the work!
    maybe the sea…
    maybe my best friend who’s just got married be4 few weeks…
    maybe my woul mate who left jordan last Tuesday…
    maybe U…
    someting is missing mai,,,

  8. 7aki Fadi says:

    I graduated class of 1998 from Philly 🙂

  9. Maioush says:

    3an jad????? ma azkaaaaaakiiiiiiiii 🙂
    ana da5alet b3d ma t5arjti b santean 😀
    aaaaaaah allah yer7am 3ala ayam el jam3a 🙂

  10. unknown says:

    i do not know why i feel that u went to AAUJ (Arab American University in Jenin) and u studied CIT any way this poem is to u from u:
    أبلغ أخا كانت في الله صحبته

    إني و إن كنت لا ألقاه ألقاه

    و أن طرفي موصول برؤيته

    و إن تباعد عن سكناي سكناه

    ياليته يعلم أني لست أذكره

    و كيف أذكره إذ لست أنساه

  11. unknown says:

    this mean i thought u someone else BUT still the poem to u from me.
    any way why unable to visit jenin?
    if i can ask u:
    can u mention one village around JEnin?

  12. unknown says:

    i can feel from ur answer that u r ungry?!!!!!!
    if that from my Q then i am sorry BUT its too bad that u can not anwser the Q and this is 4 u from me again:
    إذا المرء لم يدنس من اللؤم عرضه فكل رداء يرتديه جميل

  13. unknown says:

    seems u never get ungry?! u always smiling something good.
    u should add that to 5 things about me it will be 6 things
    i am kiding and i was kiding with u

  14. unknown says:

    but from which family u r?
    يعني من اي عشيرة؟
    اذا ممكن اسال

  15. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL dude you’re funny, “5 things you don’t know about me” is a very old tag, I’m surprised that you still remember it, and yeah, I don’t get mad easily, but as they say “Etaqqi sharra el 7aleem etha ghadeb” 😀 .. “3asheereh” zai elli 3an jad 😀

  16. مجهول says:

    نعرات ولا ربايعة
    وبعدان انا ما بحاول اغضبكي؟
    بس بمزح معكي
    وانا بالصدفة دخلت على موقعك

  17. مجهول says:

    عفوا نعيرات وليس نعرات

  18. Maioush says:

    I’ll keep tha family name to myself since you are not even mentioning your name for anybody… talking to unknown people makes me uncomfortable…

  19. مجهول says:

    very clever conclusion “either from town”zai eli 3an jad” or close to”
    i am not going to tell u which one of them or may be there is option C.

    ليش تهزيتي علي لما ذكرت كلمة عشيرة
    على كل حال انت تعجبيني جدا جدا
    وانا مش عارف شو اقول لك بس
    شو رايك بسيجارة انا جاي على بالي ادخن

    this is 4 u:
    ولا خير في حسن الجسوم وطولها إذا لم يزن طول الجسوم عقول

  20. مجهول says:

    “my ip address” r u a hacker “open mind” thats true i am in Palestine but the IP address can be faked easily but now i am not faking my ip address so it should appear from palestine may be this bcaz of the provider and for ur knowledge i never get out palestine.
    but if i told u that i want to know u better, u may think i have bad intentions toward u but that is not true just i admire u from ur essays about ur self.

  21. Maioush says:

    Well thank you, I’m flattered 🙂 .. but I rather not to be known as much..

  22. Mnosh says:

    Maioooooooooooooooooush 26/5 3eed meladek 😀 2essa eja 3bale afot 3l profile o iktashafet elikteshaf el5a6eer 😛 kan albe 7assesne 😀

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 3o2bal ad ma bdk zy el-20 :w7de labse 6arbosh o betnoo6:

  23. مجهول says:

    i know what i asked u for “knowing u better” is something classic just like any other guy who is looking for a lady just to chat with.
    any way i am Murad Asaad i am from Jenin but now i am lliving in Ramallah if that makes u more confortable.

  24. Maioush says:

    Thank you Mnosh 🙂
    you are the first one to notice 😉 LOOOOOOOOOOOL
    It’s my golden birthday b 26 sort 26 😀 .. thank you very much ya amar kollek zoo2

  25. Sel3 says:

    happy birthday!

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  27. unknown says:

    again happy birth day

  28. afaf says:

    hey, unknown, did u work for AAUJ,in zababdeh, jenin???
    how cool???

  29. unknown says:

    hey afaf i studied there

  30. moad ahmad says:

    hi mai 2na moad w btmna nkon asdka2

  31. Waleed Al- says:

    Hi Mai How are you? I wish every things are good with you… I really enjoyed when I read about your life I hope meet you one day 🙂

    Have a good day

  32. salem says:

    eid mubarak mai
    i can feel you so much (more than what you expect) you are so semilar of someone that i knew (and still know).
    Wish to chat with you on msn

  33. DONYA says:


  34. khalid says:

    hmmmmm,,, hi 1st, well i dont have a specific comment but i like to comment in general!
    lovely place, nice personality, and alot of cleaver guys!
    though i cant say the same for some comments i was reading but c’est la vievre!
    have a good one!

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