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Yet… nothing around me says it is, it’s still cold and rainy, I’m still curling next to the fire place, haven’t seen the sun in days, and haven’t seen any flowers yet!

Not sure how it’s gonna be in the next few weeks, all I know that I’m really ready for any other season other than winter!!!

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  1. Summer says:

    its sunny and nice here in chicago, still cold but not as cold as it was before…even the grass is turning green…come here!

  2. The grass is “turning green”?
    It never turned anything else around here
    Maioush, Cali honey… Cali

  3. Maioush says:

    Chicago is too cold for me 🙂

    Cali ya husbandy Cali!!

  4. nido says:

    its sooooo beautiful here! sunnnyyyyyy…. 😀

  5. Maioush says:

    I’m comming ya 7elweh!!!

  6. eNAS says:

    The weather is awesome here , and I had a nice Friday far from home .. with Mashawii, playing Resheh , and being like Hablah while playing soccer with my bros 😀

    inshallah weather will get better soon 3ndkon 🙂

  7. Simply Me says:

    The weather is what I like most about Sydney. The only thing when it rains.. it doesn’t stop (even in summer). Not seeing the sun is something i would definitely get depressed from :S

  8. Maioush says:

    glad to hear you’re having so much fun 🙂
    inshalla it will be warmer here soon 🙂

    it used to be that great in California, it’s just amazing, I guess I got spoiled over there!

  9. za3tar says:

    Hehehe .. in the first day of spring it was -1 C here 🙂

  10. Maioush says:

    walaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, in what state are u?

  11. KJ says:

    I thought Spring is in April :S

    it’s already summer here, temps in the mid 30Cs

  12. Batoul says:

    currently 1C.

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