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Knowledge… The Battle Inside Our Mind



We’ve all had the experience of being our own worst critic. One part of our mind is encouraging, the other is doubtful. One side of our mind says “follow your dreams!” and the other side says “you’ll never make it.”

Is it possible that the story of Adam and Eve can explain this conflict, this battle for our mind?

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, they lived in communion with God, they were one with Him.

But when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, they experienced separation from God. For the first time they started searching for what they already had within them.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here, it’s just a thought that crossed my mind when i saw this book with my co-worker

In The Voice of Knowledge, Don Miguel Ruiz offers the familiar story of Adam and Eve from a different light.

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  1. Batoul says:

    Ok, I thought too into this and was about to comment a religious perspective of this which I will spare you.

    But I’ve been a little swamped and feel like a bad friend. Hows your father sweets? inshAllah bil shifa. will call you soon inshAllah 🙂 *hug*

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