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PRE EID BREAKFAST! ( I need a haircut)

Kol 3am o ento b kair!

Last Saturday me and husbandy were invited to breakfast at one of our friends house, it was the first time I enjoy a gathering here, I don’t usually enjoy a gathering with a lot of people, there is always someone that says something stupid, but this time, they were all nice, no dabash included 🙂

We had a very good breakfast, Maioush “that’s her name too LOL” made us falafel, hummus, fool, fatteh, fatayer, and the gusts brought the desserts, it was all good Yummy 😀

Now to the actual post, I asked the ladies where can find a place to have a haircut, BUT I  don’t want it to be over priced, easy right? Well.. guess again, lady #1 told me that she gets her hair done at this place where she pays $85* for it, lady #2 was like wow really… I got it done for much cheaper, I pay around $75*, lady# 3 started laughing so hard and told them they should go to the salon because she pays around $60*.

*NOTE: none of the prices includes tips.

Ya waradee, I used to cut my hair in LA for $25 and I thought that was expensive!!!! Why would I pay $100 for 15 minutes of work??? They are not going to use anything but a little brush and a scissor!!!

I was looking at their haircuts, I mean is it too special? NO, it was the same haircut you get in ANY salon in Amman for like $10 (WITH TIP)..  aaaaaah.. Allah yer7am ayamek ya wardeh!

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  1. jumana0 says:

    hmmm. 😀 MAIOUSHHHH walahi ma3ek 7a2!!

    fe wa7ad shaef 7alo 3na hoon B houston be2os B $160,, shater bs shaef 7alo!! o 😦 u know poor jumana 3nda 4 cats ma feni ** bdi Enta7eer **
    bs fe wa7di hala2 broo7 3nda ya emmiiiii ma ashtara btetlob $20, bssss ana knt zaman faker inno bs edfa3 aleel betla3 sha3ri mo 7elo”ya3ni ma be3rfo e2oso” bs tle3 hal 7aki `3alat 😀

    bs leki mishmish lazem t3rfi meen be2os mnee7 b3den tro7i ya3ni shofi keef be2oso abel 3njad!!! KELLO ILLA SHA3RATIII

    😀 TA3ALI 2osii sha3rekkkkkkk hooooooon ;p

  2. secratea says:

    haircuts over here aren’t really overpriced.. The last time i got one i paid $32 including tip. reasonable, sa7? especially that i requested a private room because of the hijab– the girl who did the cutting was really nice and respected my request 🙂
    This post reminds me that i have to have a haircut in a week or so as a mark of the beginning of vacation! yooohooo

    yalla, na3eeman muqqadaman 😀

  3. nido says:

    a Jordanian friend of mine cuts my hair here, for $25…she does it for her frnds at her house! nice sa7?!
    Y don’t you start cutting ppl’s hair?! good business you know! you can practice 3ala sha3rik and then start from there 😀 3asforain bi 7ajar!

  4. LostWithin says:

    shu bdek t3male haha

    hmmm !!
    5alee Samer y3malek yah ,,, Marines mo 3’ala6 bkoon t3’yeer hehe

  5. Batoul says:

    I’m telling you the deals ele konty tenkesheehom in LA are so hard to find.

  6. Jano says:

    10 meen wel nas naymeen… zaman awal 7awwal.. 😥 crying for old days.. bede a2os sha3re o mesh adreh “ma3eesh a7le2” bede a3mel site donations lool la2 bamza7 bs wallah el denya kolha haik.. i think erja3e la LA u wont find that old price.. allah yer7am.. happy eid ma3 ena 3ayadna 3ala ba3ad ana o ente o dima 😀 lol 😉

  7. Noura says:

    wallah ya 7abibti, I found the hard way that in this country whether you pay $50 or $10 you’ll end up with the same hair cut and disappointment..simply because they don’t have the imagination..soooo, don’t cut it unless you really, really need it :)Maybe you can plan a trip to LA, you cut your hair and see your family.. not a bad idea, eh ?? Qwaider, am just kidding loool

  8. vagueraz says:


    here in jordan i paied 4 JD for my heir cut 🙂 ……

    bas walahe 7araaaam 80$ !!!!!!
    or 60$ ….


  9. vagueraz says:

    Wow ,, Nice snow falling background :)…

  10. sam says:

    i was paying 45JD for a haircut in amman…when i went to a stupid 7mar that only charged 10JD (oh elkalb..) i regretted it for months..i had short short ugly hair for months! stupid 7mar! i hate him thinking he is cool with his falling down jeans and weird haircut..i should have known it…never trust a guy who thinks it is cool to show his underwear!!! I pay $40 for a hair cut here and so far i have never come home crying, and always love it..i do pay $150 for a haircut , colour and highlights…but hussssshhhhhhh..dont tell hubby…

  11. Om El Mees says:

    Maioush kol 3am w enty b 5air w Quaider b 5air too 🙂

    come on to Amman is easier than paying 85-60$ … or to syria where u make hair cut for 3 JD’s .. 22olek use ur hands & enjoy make new look ..LooooL

  12. Princess N says:

    $10??!!! when was the last time you cut your hair in Amman??!! my salon asks for 35 Jds and all i do is trim!!

  13. JUMANA:) says:

    maiouuuush na3emannnn,, lab2telek el2asa kteer 😛 inchalla ma ebla el 7elo.. mo heek be2olo 😉

    3 mnth ltr >>> twel sha3rek sar bdo as mara taneeh 😀 waineeeeeeeeeeeeeeek maioushhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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