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I never knew that fall exists!!! You know how they used to tell us that there are 4 seasons, I never saw more than summer and winter really, but I tell you guys, this is for real, after all these years I saw fall LOL! What’s makes it more amazing, it’s right by my door, look at these pictures, it’s right by our house, that’s what we see when we open our eyes in the morning and look through tour lake view window, it’s just amazing 😀 



the tree above this plant is RED!!! 😀 





this is right by our window, isn’t it amazing!! 




 there is nothing like walking around in the morning with your cup of coffee around this area 🙂




lake view window





the front door tree



now after seeing all these amazing pictures let me tell you what I HATE about it, all these leaves end up in the house every time we step put, o kansi ya Mai!!! i sweep and vacuum almost twice a day cuz if I don’t people will think that I’m m3afneh :$

Kol fall o ento b 5ear 😀

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17 Responses

  1. nido says:

    Beautiful mashallah!
    We have similar views in our area but this is breathtaking!
    You should have mentioned tasweer meeen 😀

  2. JUMANA :) says:

    WOW!!!! all pics are amazing! especially the 2ed one, i love to see some more 🙂
    bs Where are the ducks???

  3. afaf says:

    yeah in ca u dont see it, but when i moved to baltimore, i was amazed to see amount of leaves falling now…and yeah u r right about cleaning up after…but enjoy it now and forget about cleaning…no, ppl wont think u r me3afneh..stop worrying…cease the moment, soon trees will be leafless and then no more worries…

  4. sam says:

    fall scenery is beautiful.. i love the different colours of trees….and i love living in a new neighbourhood…our trees are still babies…so we do not get too many leaves on the ground…but we do have a woodlot across the street…so we can enjoy the nice colours…but the leaves stay far away..:)

  5. secratea says:

    Maioush, these pictures are really breath-taking.. i love em!
    enjoy the Fall 7abeebti 🙂

  6. secratea says:

    maioushhhh, I just commented on these pictures but the message disappeared.. oops!

    the pictures are breath-taking.. enjoy the beauty of the Fall, before winter comes :))

  7. vagueraz says:

    Wow ,, Maioush el pic kteer 7elweeeeen 😀
    kteer ,,,
    w kansiii ,, shu waraki :p lol heheh

  8. vagueraz says:

    where is my comment 😦

  9. Noura says:

    Beautiful and romantic :)The fourth pic is my favorite, so peaceful.

    Can you send some of this good weather here pls?

  10. NadiaB says:

    Mai… I liked all the photos you upload …its really wow and I started to think seriously to visit you 😉
    By the way its better cleaning leaves than dust that we have in Amman ..wallah lazem tmsa7e l ghabra 5 times a day 😦 so cheer up girl and enjoy the beauty you live in

  11. Gardenia says:

    Mashalla…so nice…Alla yhanikon 🙂

  12. LostWithin says:

    I am spending next fall with you guys !
    kansee mnee7 3shan a36e report la 7matek bs arja3

  13. Batoul says:

    I. Hate. how leaves come in with me! BAS! stay out little thingssssss. But its always gorgeous and at some points it doesn’t help when you’re feeling down. Its like a fairytale thats dieing, bleh! lool

    Am coming over to drink ahweh and walk with you… just beautiful! and listen to the water aaaaahhhh therapeutic!

  14. Princess N says:

    beautiful mashalla..
    o inti b5air 🙂

  15. suha says:

    those are beautiful mashalla can i crash at your place hahahhaha

  16. Om El Mees says:

    that delightful Time of year
    when hearts are filled with gratitude

    ….. & homes are bright with cheer.
    when every one’s Remembering good friends
    BTW … we have the same view here in Jordan LooooL

  17. Marvin says:

    Lovely photographs! We don’t have leaves here… just palm fronds and sand. The heat has finally abated to something remotely tolerable. 😉

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