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Walkom… Get away from Husbandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Awal eshi, Wus up people?? A5barkom, still alive?? LOL! Yeah yeah yeah I’m still alive walahi, ya3ni I know I haven’t wrote a word in ages, and you have all the right enkom tsebbo 3alai, bs walahi I don’t have time to a7ok rasi.. it’s like I’m always out of time, and the funnies part is, I start dosing on the couch around 10:00PM mn el ta3ab.. walahi 3eshna o shofnaki ya Mai betnami abl el sha7adeh o bent.ha!!!

NOW!! I want to awaje3 raskom shwai, la2 really, I have to tell you ya jama3a, cuz I’m about to Af2a3, first answer me PLEASE, eash benesbeh la el banaaaaaaaaaaat???

Shoofo sho sar, since the day I got married I noticed something about girls with Husbandy, and before ma balkom yroo7 la b3eed, it’s not about him being neswanji, Husbandy mafi menno, it’s the other way aroud, and if I wanna tell you all the stories, prepare yourself for a 94385794358435743578 episode mosalsal, bs shofo sho sar..

Scene 1:

Me and Husbandy in the store buying our weekly grocery, at the cashier a girl helping some guy and her kashara is like 45 meter long, when it’s our turn all what he said was HI, o 3eenak ma tshoof ella le noor, her kashara turned into a smile mn el dan la el dan, and started chatting and laughing loud t2ool betza’3ze’3 feeha!!! Lemmi elli we2e3 mennek ya5ti eash fi?? Once  he turn at me and said my wife “whatever the rest of the sentence was” she looked at me and her kashara was back to 50meter long, ahla o sahla ya5ti!!


Scene 2:

We are buying a cake as we were heading to our friends house HUsbandy is standing in line and trying to be nice as the lady behind us are about to explode and all he asked was when is her due date, o el ma5loo2a zai elli ma sada2at 7aka ma3aha, o 3ala haha o hehe, o bel a5er she was like ” you wanna touch it??”, Samer looked at her o el maskeen was shocked, he didn’t know what to do, he laughed to be nice without telling her that she just freaked him out el maskeen.


Scene 3:

As we were filling the car with gas a woman came to him and screamed b nos dano, DID YOU SEE THE PRICES??????? Poor him, he jumped mn makano and turned trying to see what was that zamoor, to find a lady laz2a feeh laze2, el mseebeh enno there were like 6 more cars in the gas station, and her car was on the other side aslan!! HMMMM!!! Raqeeqa o shafafeh ana??  Can’t you see me in the car ya habla ya bent el 3abeeta?? He was super nice as he always is, when he came back, he was like, eash feeh?? mn wean tel3at hai??

And that’s not the case with none Arab women only, I mean it’s always like that, I remember in Eid when we went to visit some friends and…

Scene 4:

we met a girl and her husband, and what are the chances, her bro was his best friend back at college, and she saw him mn hoon and starts screaming mn hoon “MESH MA32OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. SAMER QWAAAAAAAAAAADEEEEEEEEER??? OH MY GOD!!!”  she left her husband and el nas and started asking about his phone numbers and where do we live o 7asheesh,, EH!!! 7asseh 7alii shafafeh 3an jad!! She got his phone number and 2 days later she called him and asked us to visit them, and in the end of the message “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH, and I need your wife’s phone number please” ya sabaaaaaaaaaaaaaa7 el ward, ma lessa badri, halla2 I found out later that she is super nice and all, bs still… and I’m not the jealous type bel marra, la2 jd you won’t see the smoke coming out of my head Abadan.

I have no idea why women seem to naturally gravitate towards him

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH that felt so good, I was suppose to blog about it loooooooong time ago 😀 , I know this post is super long bs it’s been a while right?? 😀

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24 Responses

  1. ma3rouf inno women get attracted involuntarily to ‘taken’ men, its naturally a challenge, i hate it when women eye up my fiance’ but then again, they used to eye him up even before we got engaged :smiley lawy bouzo: however, il muhem howeh shu il reaction taba3o lal attention, it doesnt matter how many women give it to him..

  2. Qabbani says:


    actually they say

    ” Nejmo be7eb al Neswan”

    that he attracts woman 🙂

    its not really related to be single or married

    Allah ye3enk

  3. LostWithin says:

    when I saw the title I was like : OH NO tkhalye mai bhdalatek ya bnet for et7rkshek b Samer the other day ! LOL
    bs 6l3te bnt asool 😛
    walek 3adi , aslan u shud feel special coz u r the one who got him hehe
    y3ni u shud be like : kan 3’erek ashtar ya mama ! hehe

    w LOOOOOOOL @ the phrases u used !
    I am so using : leme ele wa2e3 menek ya 7abibti that’a like the ultimate rade7 line ever hahahaha

  4. mab3oos says:

    kol had o “I am not the jealous type”?

    Are you nuts? You are jealous and 3ashar6a3sh o no9.

  5. Tamara says:

    loooool mioush : ) I feel with you girl, husbandy is always so nice to every one, and sometimes I worry that ladies may get that the wrong way. hang in there !

  6. nido says:

    Jealous min sasik la rasik!!
    mafiha ishi ya majnouneh…ya imma zojik jazzab aww bijakro fiki:D cool down!

  7. Manal says:

    oh god..oh god..i don’t believe i missed all and Qwaider..i am closing the media player so i can read and concentrate..

    mabroook alf alf alf mabrook ya albi..3amlto e7tifal bloggery??
    i dont know why, but i am so excited about it..i have actually seen Samer once in a JP meeting..he was taking photos all the time..but i have never seen you Maioush although i wish to ..

    My best wishes of a happy future for you together guys…

  8. jessyz says:

    I know it is so annoying, they act like you are invisible and pout when you make your presence clear. Naughty naughty women.

  9. Maioush says:

    It’s ok baby, 7ebbak ana.

    Verbal Alchemy:
    I used to hear them on the phone when I was back in LA, but I didn’t know it was that much, bs yeah, 7abeebi he never bya3teehom 3ean.

    Nejmo 3ali?? Hommi elli bet7arkasho feeh walahi!

    Lost within:
    LOL! La walek it’s not about you, I have totally different names in my black list from the blogsphere, they keep on yet7arkasho feeh even though they know he got married, bs not you 🙂
    And about the phrases LOL! Lessa enti bs emshi ma3ai o esma3i el phrases, and they all started after I saw these women we7yatek!

    Enta lessa ma ‘3ayaret esmak????????? And YEAH I’m the super jealous type, and I was being sarcastic ya zalameh!

    You too?? Wlaahi I never experienced this before, and sometimes I feel like hitting these girls ana!

    I am walek walahi I am!!
    Ya shee5a roo7i bala cool bala 7asheesh, ba3dean ta3ali hoon enti.. eamta jay ya5ti??

    LOOOOOOOOOOL! We’ve been married for more than 3 months now 🙂 7abeebti enti, I’m sorry I’ve been away for a long time, and I haven’t been updating my blog or reading for anybody, 7a22ek 3alai!

    I knooooooooow!! It’s like I’m totally invisible, it’s so annoying 😀

  10. Batoul says:

    If I were you blabso shirt everyday maktoob 3leh “maioush’s proprety, keep 6 feet away” heheh

    No seriously, If a pregnant lady told my husband to touch her belly, I’d ekser eedo if he attempted wo I’d give her the dirtiest look that she starts giving labor LOL

    and this is why I wont be married anytime soon hahah.

  11. noura says:

    7abibti maioush, ishta2nalek ya 3arouss..
    haidol el neswan b hal balad ma byeste7o..I like batoul’s idea of a shirt loool “sorry Qwaider” ..
    no seriously now, whenever something like this happen give him a big hug and a kiss and shut them up or interrupt the conversation..hey, it’s your husband your rule..
    You take care 🙂

  12. za3tar says:

    hehehe … Qwaider tili3 zeer al-nissa2 😀

    Batoul: i thought it was normal here for people to touch the bellies of pregnant ladies (not that i do it ;-p)

  13. Batoul says:

    so you’re telling me your wife is pregnant and a man comes and says “can I feel how a pregnant lady’s belly is like” you would agree to your wife allowing the man feel her belly?

    you’re a disgrace to your species LOL

  14. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! A shirt sounds like a good idea! Be bedek yerda yelbeso HAHAHAHAHA 😀
    About kaser ed joozek, 7aram walek, heye elli bedha 2as lsan, enno ma tlem 7alha.

    Walahi ana ishta2telek bel aktar 🙂
    Allah wakeelek el neswan hal ayam la beste7o wala betnayalo!!

    La2 ya zalameh!!! Sho zeer nesa2 o ma zeer nesa2, wa77ed rabbak, it’s the women who keeps on yet7arkasho feeh, halako samai .
    And it’s so not normal to touch pregnant women’s belly not anywhere in the world.
    Batoul 2 :
    LOL! Ye7yeena o ywareena ya shee5a 😀

  15. Hani Obaid says:

    The way you told the first episode was super funny, thanks. Still, this is all good. I think a little jealousy is natural when you love someone, and it is always overcome with a lot of trust. cheers

  16. KJ says:

    huh? Samer? Seriously? Ya3ni lo eddam 3eini I won’t believe it!

    You’re probably not doing a good job keeping el neswan off of him 😛 I say get him some women repellent perfumes, barbwire him, or better yet don’t let him out of the house 😉

    eza heik eddammek keef mn wara dahrek? 😛

    *thinks he and/or samer will be butchered tonight*

  17. vagueraz says:

    lol… bjad ma3aki 7a2 t’2aree ,,
    hadool el neswan mn el a5er ma bysta7oo !!!

  18. vagueraz says:

    2sde t’3areee …
    5ta2 ma6ba3i

  19. suha says:

    LOL balashto min hala2, aslan they say awal ma il wa7id yitzawaj he beocmes irresistable and he has to beat off ladies with a stick.. nah just messing with ya
    Change his wordrobe 5ali yilbis shi a5dar ma3 orange turn him to a girl repellant outfit haha!!

  20. Jano says:

    waleh balashna? ghayoora inte ya benet! shway shway 3al 3alam 😀

    good luck husbandha! :p

  21. wonders says:

    you know what, you should just ignore these things when they happen and ignore the girls who are doing this, and then go back home and feel happy and blessed 🙂

  22. Devilstine says:

    meh!! it suppose to make u proud! u know now u got the good stuff! xD
    and yeh more episodes the better the stuff is! xD

  23. Gemini Girl says:

    hi maioush, its long time i didn’t c ur great lovely posts, and this one stopped me to asure that i felt the same since i got married. fazee3een elbnat wallahi !!

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