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[Blog about Palestine Day] The Holy Land, this is where I’m from.

I honestly don’t know where I’m supposed to start! This page has been up for more than 30 minutes now, totally blank, I have so many things in mind about this event, Palestine ::sigh:: couple of days ago I tried to look up my roots, and I read a lot about Jeneen, it’s amazing the history that city had, and I must say, I got goose bumps just by looking at the pictures.

Jeneen that small city, I still have relatives lives there, I don’t know most of them, but you know, the few that I saw…. Hmmm how can I say it, can I say that… let me just say that I feel very special around them, I keep on looking at them admiring them, sometimes I ask them “how does Palestine looks like?” do you go to Jerusalem?” did you bring ma3ak trab mn el blad?”

And I actually asked one of my friends who used to love their for “trab” from el Quds! He gave me a bottle full of it, I have it in my bedroom, maybe for some people it’s stupid, but for me, that’s part of the holy land, et3a mn ardi!

Guys, this is the first time that I actually struggle while writing a post! Maybe I’m getting too emotional from all the posts I’m reading for everybody for the past few hours!

And I dare you, try to watch this little girl without having goose bumps or not even cry!

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  1. Every time I see that video, it makes my eyes tear…

  2. Adoosh says:

    “did you bring ma3ak trab mn el blad?”


    فلسطيني, أنا إسمي فلسطيني..

    The same happened to me Mayoush. I stared at the empty page for about an hour trying to put together few words!
    It’s simply larger than words..


    The land of Israel was never yours and never will be.

  4. Adoosh says:

    Mafish Falastin,
    There’s nothing called the land of Israel your idiot!
    The Nakbah is another crime against humanity committed by your alike Zionists!

  5. Sabeur says:

    I was there for an hour, trying to think of what write, when i joined i though it would be easy… a lot of ideas and hard to put on paper.

    Great video, gets me everytime

  6. Adoosh,

    Of course there’s Israel. Denial won’t change that.

    All it does is make you suffer more.

    You chose war and violence and terror instead of a state. You lost. It’s over.

  7. Batoul says:

    Mafish Falastin,
    It’s not over yet… 🙂 You still need to find a home for yourself because evidently its non-existant and you like to “pretend”.. whose in denial again? And the whole we “chose” to suffer. I dont understand how you could be so determined that the Holocaust is such a sad terrible thing when you make it re-occur again and again in OUR countries, hypocrites. Thats all there is to it.

    Maioush: ba6alt bdy el trab iza fe nas metlo da3seen 3al ard.

  8. za3tar says:

    Nice post Maioush. I had the same problem here. Staring at a blank page for a long time. How do you begin expressing what you feel ? How can your words do justice to Palestine and what happened there ? They can’t, and that is why it is so hard.

    Batoul, take it easy, raw2iha. I don’t think that this idiot’s hatred should be even dignified with a reply.

  9. sharifo says:

    it’s hard for all of us, but its a fact that we will return to the place we belong !

  10. Batoul,

    It’s well on its way to being over:



    I have a home; Israel.

    You better find your own- elsewhere, or else you’ll be in really bad shape. You chose war. You suffer the conqequences.

    First was naqba.

    Then was naksa.

    Now is wakseh.

    Next is Jahannam.

    We Jews will still be here in OUR land no matter what you choose. :+:

  11. unknown says:

    in fact i am one of the type who like to read history and writing it also, and since one century muslims and arab is having sad history, we should always put palistine in our minds all time and not only in the day of Nakba or the day earth, i read this poem and i like it.
    ياراكب الحمرا على رجال ملفاه
    ميل على فلسطين دق أبوابها
    وأقصد مخيم سطر بيمناه
    سيط مدى التاريخ فوق سحابها
    وإخلع نعالك سير فيه حفاه
    تحت التراب رجال من أنجابها
    وأنشد على جبين المجد مغناه
    وإعزف سلام للشهيد إن عابها
    قبل ثرى جنين وإشرب ماه
    وعطر جبينك من حباب ترابها
    وإكتب سطور بالذهب مهداه
    لأجل النشامة في جنين حسابها
    منزل هلي دار الشرف والجاه
    دار الشهامة مأصلة بصلابها
    ديرة أصايل على الغلى منشاه
    مطلع شرار النار فرك كعابها
    شحم القلب هذا الوطن مرساه
    مربط رجال مصوبات حرابها
    عيي الشقى يرمى الشعب مضناه
    هيهات من روس الجبال شعابها
    هذا الوطن كل الشعب فدواه
    يحمي المساجد والقدس وقبابها
    قامت جنين محوطة بجباه
    برجال حلفت على الجهاد كتابها
    رجال الشجاعة بقلبها ملقاه
    تلبس حزام الموت مثل ثيابها
    تنده جنين ويا عرب ويناه
    صبرت ثمان أيام برد حبابها
    صبرت على بيت غدى مقلاه
    نار جهنم ماتطيق عذابها
    تنده جيوش من الرجال أشباه
    شكرا ما تسد عتابها
    تنده جيوش ما تساوي حصاه
    وقاداة ما تسوى لعود ثقابها
    يخسى الرجل عين الذهب مولاه
    وحين الحراير ما يرد سلابها
    ويخسى اللي ما يصغر على بلواه
    حين السطر لرجال فصل كتابها
    شكوى لرب الكون في علياه
    من ظلم قاداة سعت بخرابها
    وأختم كلامي مسطر بمعناه
    تسلم جنين الله يسقي ترابها

  12. Manal says:

    I love history so much, yet i wonder why i didnt do a good reading about..
    once when i was at school i read a book about “safria” my origin which follows was a gift from a cousin of my father who is a lawyer and worte it…it was really fantastic to know all that things about our original home..
    I also like parts of the poem above i even cpied them to my best quotes..

  13. Abed Hamdan says:

    Happppppppppppyyy Birthhhhhhhhhhhdddddaaaaaaaay


  14. unknown says:

    Manal if u want other poems i will
    send u more poems

  15. loolt says:

    My sis has a jar of al-quds earth, and I’m jealous 🙂 There is nothing silly in it, it shows how much we connect with Palestine, even though we are in exile and even though we may lead rather privileged lives, we still have a thing for Palestine 🙂

  16. Lockie says:

    Not much on my mind worth mentioning. What can I say? I haven’t been up to much lately. It’s not important. Oh well.,

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