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I personally do not really believe in good and evil. I get irritated when people simplify things to something black and white. It just doesn’t work that way, in a lot of cases. Like the poor man who steals so he can buy his dying wife some medicine that he can’t afford to keep her alive. Technically, society should be helping the less fortunate instead of allowing a man to resort to stealing in order to keep someone else alive.

Good and evil, like when I hear my friend talking about how she hates lions because they kill animals. Pfft, why don’t people like this just turn vegetarian? It’s one thing to be annoying and vegetarian; it’s another to be selectively caring of an animal’s fate. Sure, the abattoir doesn’t involve people running after zebras and strangling them to death, but surely people recognize that the slabs of meat they engulf everyday has to come from somewhere? Just because it comes on a nice styrofoam plate with hardly any blood and backed by very bright lights doesn’t make it better, it doesn’t diminish any responsibility. We’re able to just go about doing what we do, without any thought to where that meat comes from.

Who knows where the meat comes from anyway? Have you ever been in an abattoir? Have you ever seen the slaughtering of cows, goats, sheep? How am I supposed to know that the cheap beef in the supermarket isn’t from somewhere else like cat or dog? Could you kill an animal yourself? Our society now, where people cringe at the thought of slicing a chicken’s neck open, I can’t help but wonder if this is a good thing.

Then again, that’s something to think about as well, the act of just not thinking about things which leads us to live like blind men.



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  1. Simply Me says:

    Im a ‘black or white’ person. And it is so bad.. I lost so many friends because of this, and I made many wrong judgments.. I turned my back to many people, just because I had them on my black list. I wish I can change!

  2. Ola says:

    Save a cow… eat a vegeterian…

  3. Jasim says:

    There is the black, there is the white, and there is the gray. But not all aspects in life are gray. Well mostly it’s all black for me. 😀

  4. Verbal Alchemy says:

    eish mal il vegetarians :smily 7amel Ganweh:

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