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The first pregnant man!! Full Videos included..

Well, where do I start?? I read at Dino$ about this and I felt like “I have to watch this”.

After I watch it, it didn’t turn out that surprising as “Thomas” used to be “Tracy” so practically, he/she is a woman, his/her organs are a woman’s organs from the inside, so there is no miracle here!! It’s just sickening tough!!

Watch the videos for more:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


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11 Responses

  1. Batoul says:

    Mabrouk she/he “self-discovered”… *rolls eyes* this one is definitly a c-section 😀

  2. Maioush says:

    why Batoul?? she/he has full female organs, enno she/he can deliver the baby normally wella la2??

  3. jumana says:

    God…this is hard to accept…a pregnant man!
    hall2 sa7i7 it is good for them to know how much ne7na min3ani…bas still..sa3eb 🙂

  4. ASKAdenia says:

    ya3ny el walad lameen lazem ye7ki mama w baba?? ra7 ye6la3 walad mla5ba6 mesh 3aref she wla 7ta 3aref keef eja… hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    thx 4 sharing

  5. Princess N says:

    that is sick.. and are they really in shock about people turning them down??!!
    I really wanted to know in part 4 how did he come pregnant when as Oprah said at the end of the part he is the one with the penis but it did not say in part 5

  6. sam says:

    yeh i saw this few days ago…i think “he” kept his internal female oragans…i think the hole on the outside has been sealed…he will be the only person who looks like man with a c-section scar…ah and how will he lose the post partum weight..and how will he deal with post partum depression…couldnt they just adopt? uggh…it is so sickining

  7. Quing says:

    I think that’s an interesting interview but the fact that she was originally born as a woman helps, so basically she is not a man :S

  8. Maher says:

    ya 7abebe! o hay a’7erta!

  9. secratea says:

    loooooooooool@ Maher

  10. Hisham says:

    I don’t agree on that … I mean if men will do everything .. what will women do? watch?

  11. Maioush says:

    LOL! I know, bs if you think about it, HE is still a girl, a girl with beard if you want 🙂 so technically, this dude is still a girl.

    I know, it’s not enough that this thing is half male half female, but he is also the one who gave him birth, oh my god this baby will have a lot of issues she grow up.

    Princess N:
    It did Princess, she got a sperm from a center, and she injected it “his” female, reproductive organ, he still has it.

    No he is not a man, he is half and half.


    LOL! 😀

    I know!! It’s so not normal, and very sickening.

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