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Tattoo of the year.. LOL!

I had to post this guys, I mean seriously.. I have to share the laugh 😀



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20 Responses

  1. nido says:

    ma abyakhneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,,assdi howweh bayikh :p:p:p looooool

  2. Lost Within says:

    sho hal tattoo had 😛
    really ahbal !

  3. Sharifo says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha !!
    fe3lan el 3a2el zeena !

  4. za3tar says:

    Hahahaha …. this is awesome!!

  5. hahahahahaha 🙂 that is so funny!

  6. bakkouz says:

    HAH! Nahfeh hal khityar 😀

  7. jumana says:

    😀 bas mu3abber

  8. mab3oos says:

    You are tagged يا أُم صلعة

  9. Arima says:

    I love it….I think all balding man shuld have to have this tatoo by law

  10. princessn says:

    LOL.. nice..
    I dont know how to actually tag people but I have tagged you 🙂 please check it out

  11. Sabeur says:

    You cant blame him , lol

  12. sharifo says:

    buahahahahahahaha !!

  13. Noura says:

    Some people are using this type of tatoos as a way of advertisment and they get paid for it..So maybe this guy has a landscaping and mowing business..He got our attention 🙂

    By the way, how is your diet?? I haven’t lost not one ounce..:(

  14. Manal says:

    Long time..i lost your address but found it a5eeran..
    very nice design and my favorite color..
    il zalmeh bedo yfee3 3ala kabar..ymashi il 3aser ya3ni..

  15. Maher says:

    LOOOOOL! la2 o shoo…mlawenhom!! ya 7abebe!

  16. vagueraz says:

    hahahahaha ,…..
    walahe sar3a 🙂

  17. sel3 says:

    jad ma abya5ni zay ma 7akat nido

  18. wonders says:

    tagged sweety!!

  19. sam says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this is a good one…i guess it explains his boldness!

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