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Is it time to grow up yet?

 It puzzles me when I look at girls in their twenties and still act like little kids, I mean there is nothing wrong with being a kid ON THE INSIDE, but at a certain point I think we have to grow up, and act according to our age, and respect ourselves in able to others to respect us.

Looking at some Arab American girls (no offense to anyone here, most of my cousins are Arab Americans), I get really shocked by some of their actions, I mean for a girl who was born and raised in the middle east, I find really bazaar to make fun of my mom, dad, or grandparents anywhere, so I can’t even imagine making fun of them IN PUBLIC, such childish behavior will never be acceptable for me and I guess for anybody else!

I know that I just stated a dangerous generalization here, and I’m not saying they are all like that, NO… But for some reason, most of them are, you hear them arguing loud with their parents with no respect what so ever, making fun of them, how “khozo2” they are, making fun of their accents, clothes, and traditions.

When did we become like that? Really?? I look around and I get disgusted when I see some shallow lady in her twenties (or as my Teata syas “3aroos”) acting like 10 years old kid, whining and complaining about everything all the time, for god’s sake .. GROW UP ALREADY!!!

I remember when I used to be in Jordan, I used to visit my Teata and spend the weekend over her house, seriously guys… I used to wait for the weekend cuz I know I’m gonna be spending it with Teata Allah yer7amha, listen to her wonderful stories, east her amazing food ::sigh:: allah yer7amha, I envy those who still have Teata’s and Seedo’s around, guys please if you read this, the next time you visit your grandparents, kiss them for me Allah y5aleekom.


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  1. Batoul says:

    I agree, It’s so disrespectful and inconsiderate. I only have one grandmother alive and I adore herrrr! you should come to Jersey and play with us. We go to a lake so she can see scenery and I make her mortadela sandwhiches looool fun!

  2. nido says:

    I can’t agree more! I see such “kids” a lot around me here…and they never miss a chance to make fun of their parents behind their back! such as their accents and mentality! For some reason they just forget who they are and what their parents had to sacrifice to bring them up in such a crazy world…
    fikrik bikbaro?! ma azon :S Hopeless!
    good post Maioush! fashaiti khil2i 🙂

  3. Honor thy mother
    Honor thy father

    yi7re2 7areeshkom!! honor them ya sarami!

  4. mab3oos says:

    many things went through my mind:
    1. why impose standards on yourself. hell, why impose you standards on others?
    2. my grandma still smokes
    هيشي من النوع الثقيل، و بتصير تهلوس بعدين

    3. اعيطلِك

  5. Maioush says:

    big kiss for your teats menni 😀

    kol ma yeeji 3ala belek tfeshhi 5el2ek e7keeli 🙂

    jeel beddo talak bean 3eneeh! 🙂

    1.i am not imposing MY stabdards on anybody, but i guess respecting your parents falls down under evertbody’s standards
    2. allah y5aleelak el 7ajjeh, maskeeneh mn hal a7fad elli 3endha akeed bedha thalwes, heye elli ebenha wella bent.ha m5alfeen wa7ad zayak sho bedha te3mal ‘3ear t7ashesh o tensa 🙂
    3. da5eelak balash! 😀

  6. Hani Obaid says:

    I don’t understand the American concept that there’s something wrong with someone single living with their parents.

    I don’t know how much longer my dad has to live, so I wish my parents could come live with us so that we can at least spend time with them before it’s too late.

  7. mab3oos says:

    you made me laugh!

  8. Sharifo says:

    el3ab americans !!
    we twenties ?
    I’M avaliable 😀 😀
    meno be3rafo 7adaret Gaza, I love the shock lama el nas tshoof el mo5 el gazawe !!

    and about the grandparents, I miss my teta she is in jordan…

  9. Adoosh says:

    LOOOL @ Sharifo 😀

    On topic: Well, there are guys in their 40s and still acting like kids, 3ady!

  10. Crystal Bell says:

    I’m sorry to hear that about Arab-American girls.Is there a reason hiding behind them acting this way?

    What is your experience,Maioush, of growing up with Arab girls?

  11. kinziblogs says:

    I wonder if it is how they deal with their own inability to live between two worlds. People usually ridicule what they are uncomfortable with.

    I place a lot of the blame on Disney, which sets the stage for lack of respect when they are little. His films never show an intact family, or a strong father of intelligent mother.

    I am amazed at the lack of respect shown on kids films, too. I sit with my kids for the ‘contempt’ alerts; we point out every word, facial expression or body language that shows contempt for parents of those in authority.

    I wish these girls would hang on to the tradition of respect, that is an Arab import the us needs as desperately as petroleum.

    (Mai, sorry I haven’t commetned in awhile!)

  12. sam says:

    o yeh this always annoyed the heck of out of me..when people talk bad about their parents…ok my sister and I complain about baba and mama at times..but we would never disrespect them in any way in public or to them..but the word o i hate my mom and/or dad is so common among people…it is so sad! how can u hate your mom or dad??? after all they have done for u…it is very annoying!

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