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On hating salad and losing weight!


I have a confession to make, I HATE SALAD!!! but first of, I wanna state that I tried everything I can to love it, but no way I will ever do..

I’ve been eating it for the past week everyday as an attempt to lose weight, yeah yeah yeah … I joined the club, I was trying to gain some weigh, but things got out of control, and I gained more than I wanted to!!!

So as I said, I was eating a bowl of salad everyday for lunch, no breakfast, and a light lunch, what do think the results should be??? I lost couple of lbs?? Guess again… I gained TWO PUINDS!!!!

I mean what the heck!!! I don’t even like salad, I’ve been forcing myself to eat it, after all the salad I ate, I assure you, if you take a sample of my blood and put it under the microscope, you will no find any white or red cells, you will find little pieces of lettuce swimming around, and I still managed to gain weight!!


I am so mad at myself, back in September I was as skinny as 120lbs (well, I was so under weight, but I didn’t mind really) , I guess for a 5’11 girl I would look my best when I’m 130 to 135lb but now I’m at 142 😦 and need to lose those or else I will go through bad depression!!!

I hate looking at the mirror, I hate wearing my clothes, it feels a little tight 😦 and I’m NOT buying clothes based on this weigh, NO NO and NO!!!

So ladies (and gentlemen) who wants to lose weight so we can start like a support group for each other? And I’m serious!!!

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  1. nido says:

    For the first time in my life…I refuse to join such a club 😀 Maybe later…but as for now…I don’t think so :p
    Good luck Maioush!

  2. lost myself says:

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  3. Maioush says:

    Nido, you stay away!! 😀 5aleeki b bentek enti… i need to lose like 6 or 7 lbs wlaek, not much i can do it in a month or so, bs bedek tezbot :-S

  4. Batoul says:

    Habla, you better listen to what I told you and cut the crap. You probably put so much dressing lol you get all those calories. mtel ma elna, healthy eating not diet. bas im supporting you all the way, next time you tell me lays limon im gonna kaser rasek lol:P

  5. Maioush says:

    waaaaaaaaaa3!! no more lays limon, 5alas i promise, walek i’m gonna go back to my size no matter what, i mean i don’t wanna be super skinny like before, just few lbs walahi.. yalla you r the first to start. 🙂

  6. Sharifo says:

    I’m so in,
    i have like 87645786 Kilos overweight and I tried every single thing to loose them,

    so…SALAD RULES !!

  7. mab3oos says:

    Not all salads are created equal! There are some that are out of this world with some chicken breast (I would usually hold the chicken! if you know what I mean) AND have that damn dressing on the side. when ordering or making a salad and dressing it, people tend to over doing it. The result is a calorie loaded bowl of lettuce!

  8. Maioush says:

    yalla man, i really need to lose those few extra lbs!next week i’ll ask u how many kilos you dropped, deal?

    well, i agree.. but here is the thing, i don’t even like dressing, i mostly just add lemon or lime on top of it, i’m just crazy when it comes to sour stuff :S … bs 5alas, i’m gonna do this ‘3asben 3an el tabee3a 🙂

  9. sam says:

    maioush , maioush , maioush…7abeebti do not skip breakfast! do not eat too little your body still needs the calories….if u lose the weight by eating too little..and no breakfast…have u not heard it is the most important meal of the day?? and a salad?? what 50 calories for lunch?? have a sandwich…fill it up with veggies and instead of a salad munch on some baby carrots and celery with some light ranch..YUM! my new way of losing weight is not to cut too much calories…because it always back fires and i gain it back…im sick of gaining the weight i lose back! so my new plan is to just eat healthy…more fruits, veggies, whole grains…and exercise….something that i can stick to forever..and no more counting calories…..just healthy eating and exercise…this week i lose 1lb..even though i had to have a hamburger and a wendy’s chicken sandwich…but mostly i ate good and went to the gym 4x last week…:) ok my longest comment

  10. Noura says:

    7abibti, this exactly my dilemma and what happend to me..I deprived myself and gained this week 3pounds..Am 5’10 and use to be of a couple of minutes ago I am officially 134. I was wondering why am not fitting in my clothes.Talk about denial looool

    Listen,skipping meals and living on salads won’t work..From previous experience,I lost the weight slowly but surely by watching the quantity and walking 45min to one hours/5times a week..without the exercise there is no hope..I stopped the routine and the result wasn’t good..
    Am glad you brought this issue up,maybe I will get motivated and start with you..Am in, let’s do it 🙂

  11. afaf says:

    u too?? i have been on a diet since dec/18 last year and it isnot only salad, yeah i change my life style, but still workd fine, lost 17 lbs in total, but when i got sick last month for three weeks, damn flu, so lost control or ditched diet for while, so i guess i gained 2-3 lbs or so…but now back on track, gym, stepper for 4 miles and special trainer…but as for him giving me a diet, forget it, i went in amman to see a nutritunist, cuz i kinda feel week and dizzy sometimes, and she gave me alist of food i cna eat through the day(9am-11pm), salad is part of it, but u can add to it, soup or chicken…u dnot starve, so if u need i can copy it and email it…as for the trainer here, he told me to quit my food diet from amman and do his…which i didnot, cuz he didnot believe in it, but guess what i lost my weight sticking to amman’s diet…
    it is easy, u can chop down those extra pounds…but cut down the sugar like i did and u will be amazed from results…it is so simple things u need to do!! believe it or not!!
    good luck…

  12. afaf says:

    and yeah at certain point, ur body will stop losing weight (i.e fat) to protect itself from losing it…so u get stuck there with ur weight for a while, like happening to me now…

  13. Lost Within says:

    me me me me !!
    count me in , I wanna join the club ! when I said I was overweight , u people wanted to burn me at the stake and now u are starting a club 😛 I love ur contradiction!
    I wanna lose weight ! I want to get new jeans bas I feel ashamed of asking for stupid 28 or 38 😦
    I am not a big fan of salad as well so we can look for another way !

  14. Maioush says:

    Thaaaaaaaank you for the advice 🙂 .. I knew I’m doing it wrong, yalla you ‘re in eh? We’ll check on each other every Sunday to see how many lbs we lost .. I’m so excited

    You weight now is my ideal weight, I looked like a stick when I was 125 😦 I guess 132 to 134 is the best for me, yalla shedi 7ealek lets do this 🙂

    If you can please email it, and I’m gonna look up some on the net to, we’ll see how it goes.

    Lost Within:
    LOL! Yalla I remember I gave you a hard time when you said that 😀 bs lsn… it doesn’t matter what people say, if youdon’t like what you see, it means it’s time to lose it .. I’ll check on u next Sunday 🙂

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  16. Davagy says:

    I can join the club! I need to lose weight too! I hate not fitting in my old cloth 😥

  17. Om El MEeeEs says:

    Maioush you made me laugh 😀
    Oh baby .. dont worry , its easy & nice to color u’re life with salad pieces even u dnt really like it , @ least u tried new & gone out of roten.
    Soo wht gonna u do ?
    sure having new way 2 lose weight & -enjoy it-.
    sure am with you 🙂

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