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Blog about Jordan Day, The day I wished I was in Jordan


 The day I realized how much I love this country, the day I wished to be with every single Jordanian on the streets to scream

بالروح بالدم نفديك يا أردن

When I was calling all my friends and family back in Jordan, everybody was telling me how everybody are getting together, as hard as it was, but on that day I felt so strong, I kept on listening to every single radio station that is streaming from Jordan to hear people’s reaction, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a Jordanian they kept on repeating

يا جبل ما يهزك ريح

I'[m sorry for el post el neked! But reading everybody’s posts made me so emotional

This  song makes me cry every single time I hear it

  و يا بلدنا يا


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  1. Hala says:

    Nice song, Maioush.

    To be honest, I really feel happy. I mean it seems like BAJO added a joyful atmosphere all around.

    God bless Jordan 🙂

  2. Batoul says:

    ok seriously, I can’t do anymore lol im depressed. khalas, i’m going to sleep. short & sweet and to the point strongly. “ya jabal ma yhezek ree7” el ree7 hazni ana ya tabousheh :hug:

  3. There’s no nakad! There’s no real joy for us away from home .. There’s always something missing ..

    يا بلدنا يا
    يا عشقنا يا
    تعلى وتعلى
    تبقي الأعلي
    يا وطنّا يا

    ويا بلدنا .. يا
    يا امّي يا بلدي
    يا نبضي يا ولدي
    يا مية عيون
    نحلف ما تهون
    يا بلدنا يا

    يا بلدنا يا
    يا عشقنا يا
    تعلى وتعلى
    تبقي الأعلي
    يا وطنّا يا

    يا دار السلام
    يا ارض الكرام
    يا جنة يا بلدي
    يا حبي الأبدي
    يا بلدنا يا

    يا بلدنا يا
    يا عشقنا يا
    تعلى وتعلى
    تبقي الأعلي
    يا وطنّا يا

    مدام عقالي
    عاراسي عالي
    رح تقي مهرة
    اصيلة وحرة
    يا بلدنا يا

    يا بلدنا يا
    يا عشقنا يا
    تعلى وتعلى
    تبقي الأعلي
    يا وطنّا يا

    يانقش الحنة
    يا وطنا
    يا مروة كحلة
    فيك بنحلى
    يا وطنا يا

    يا بلدنا يا
    يا عشقنا يا
    تعلى وتعلى
    تبقي الأعلي
    يا وطنّا يا

    يا بلدي احنا
    بعيونك فرحنا
    سيفك حده
    يكتب مجده
    يا وطنّا يا

    بشوفك ملاكي
    عروس بحلاكي
    انتي الفرحة
    و احنا طرحة
    يا بلدنا يا

    يا بلدنا يا
    يا عشقنا يا
    تعلى وتعلى
    تبقي الأعلي
    يا وطنّا يا

    معلش … كتبتها عالسريع
    ما قدرت اقاوم

  4. jumana says:

    ya jama3a ra7 tbakona

    I miss Amman and Damas 😦

  5. secratea says:

    Maioush, that’s a lovely song! I’ve never seen it before!

  6. wonders says:

    this is a very nice song!! wow i didn’t think this day would be so emotional

  7. sharkooseh says:

    we wish u were here too maouuush 😀

  8. Summer says:

    Maioush…nice of you to share your “Nakad” feelings with us, but i have to admit, the song is nice and the video is great.
    yalla, tomorrow everyone should have a happy post!! have a great night.

  9. The Observer says:

    This blog Jordan day is turning to be really good. I love Jordan 🙂

  10. […] “be3youn shamyeh”.. An American in Jordan :The Death of the Keffiyeh in Jordan Maiush :Blog about Jordan Day, The day I wished I was in Jordan Bonbonlover: My workout shirt says it all… (BAJO) Sharkooseh :Blog About Jordan Day, Raise […]

  11. Maher says:

    nice post mai, o nowadays there are new songs about jordan which are nothing but amazing! i’ll search em for you!

  12. kinziblogs says:

    Mai, this has been a lovely day for us in Jordan, but has seemed to provoke a longing for home in expats like you!!! Thanks for sharing the joy, and may God comfort your longing heart.

  13. Diana says:

    I wish I was there too. I feel sad cuz I’ll miss going to Jordan this year.

  14. Noura says:

    How beautiful that is..
    Am not Jordanian and I cried when they started with ya baladna ya…
    Am emotional because am happy to see all of you coming together like this..With what’s going on around the world,I was feeling pessimistic but maybe things are not that bad..There is some hope after all if we all stand side by side like you all did today..
    Inshallah you go back to Jordan,your home soon 🙂

  15. Maioush says:

    Guys, i can’t thank you enough for the amazing posts you all wrote, for the amazing effort you did, and above all.. for coming together like this.. i feel it’s Eid today 3an jad 🙂

  16. mala2e6 says:

    i know how you feel for i lived a while outside jordan and there were times that i wished i could smell the ghabara and dust of amman..inshalla bterja3i bil salameh maioush w betnawri il 2ordon aktar

  17. Maioush says:

    7abeebti mala2e6 🙂 mnawrah feeki

  18. Mohanned says:

    7elwa mennek 😛

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