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“I respect women and I’m the freak?”


 American Idol has not been my favorite show ever, but I am extra disappointed in the judging this year. Bruce Dickson, a very talented vocalist from Bastrop, Texas was given the boot by the judges after professing that he has never kissed a girl and that he is saving that first kiss for his wedding day. While it may sound too good to be true, there still are guys out there who are saving themselves for marriage. Yes, Hollywood, it can be done.Bruce’s audition turned into quite the hot topic after the judges remarks aired last week as well as some parting comments by Ryan Seacrest who spouted off “Maybe next year he’ll come back less a boy and more a man.” Anyone with half a brain can see that Bruce is more of a man than Ryan could ever hope to be. Bruce’s response to Ryan’s comments were nothing short of brilliant, “A real man would rather wait than just do whatever with whoever.”

Check out Bruce’s interview and audition…

As you can tell, Bruce can sing and sing well! He was as good or better than anyone else that made it to the Hollywood round, so there was no legitimate reason for the judges to dismiss him. Simon’s comments were that he had a “nice voice for a room, but not for radio or tv”. What the heck? That makes no sense in today’s high-definition, digital EQ world.  And when Bruce asked for some parting advice, Randy says to him “Go kiss some girls.”  Now how will that help his music career?  Give me break!

Bruce would make a fabulous American Idol role model and I can’t believe that AI has overlooked this gem of an artist because he actually has values and standards. American Idol – you just made a big mistake. Huge.

Bruce’s simple response to the situation says it best. “I respect women and don’t think of them as a sexual object, and I’m the freak?”


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13 Responses

  1. anon says:

    Just like Britney Spears….yeah right!!!!!!

  2. Saned says:

    I think the playboy lady is right. These kids will try to be appealing through objectifying themselves and have a sex appeal. Check Star Academy Middle East for proof. It’s great that he has such values, but I don’t think he should’ve shared it with the “i-had-sex-when-i-was-15” judges.

  3. wonders says:

    I agree with Saned, i was actually about to say the same thing.
    i think he intended to stand out with that information but it seems that it backfired

  4. Batoul says:

    why would he ever share that to begin with? anyway, still wrong to put him off for such a reason, its basically no one’s business what he chooses to do but his.

    side comment: I love the new look!! and you stole my necklace lol

  5. Hamzeh N. says:

    I don’t know what other candidates were like, but he really wasn’t that good. Just my opinion.

  6. kinziblogs says:

    I’m proud of him, and it IS quite a distinction. Lucky will be the girl he marries as they discover the joys of physical love together with no images of other people’s body parts in their memory banks.

    My husband was like this. I was proud of him for waiting for me to come along, and a long wait it was.

    (I like the new look too, but the print is SO small!)

  7. mr.anonymous says:

    no kissing? but I bet he’s not a virgin 😛

    ba3dain shu 2osset il tiny letters here!

  8. 7aki Fadi says:

    I love the makover Maioush! Baby blue is one of my favorite colors!

  9. Maioush says:

    Exactly the same!!

    Well.. yeah, I guess sharing that information wasn’t necessary but still, they were not suppose to make fun of him for that!!

    I know he did, their r4eaction was a little surprising, and Simon’s comments didn’t make any sense to me!

    I didn’t like the sharing part too, but I have to say, that it’s s nice thing thay there are people like him 🙂
    Thaaaaaaank you, glad you like the theme 😀

    Well, he was as good as the ones who made it.

    WOW!! Your husband was like that?? BRAVO!! 😀 (I’m sure he wouldn’tl ike it that we are talking about him on this matter 😀 LOL! )

    About the font.. I tired IE7, IE6, and fire fox , it look ok on all of them, what do you use? Is it possible that you can email me a screen shot please 🙂

    can you please email me a screen shot, and let me know what do you use to browse it, cuz as far as I see it, it look fine.

    7aki Fadi:
    YAAAAAAAAAY 7aki 🙂 glad you like it, its feminine but it’s not pink, different sa7? 😀

  10. Jasim says:

    I don’t really know anything about it, just dropped by to say nice theme. By the way the font here is really small I can barely read what I’m writing!

  11. Maioush says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ send me a screen shot, i really can’t see what you guys are talking about it, i tested it on everything, seems ok to, plz email me a screen shot

  12. bellacrystal says:

    I like Bruce,his rendering of the song, and his way of thinking and I have learned the hard way like him,that it’s best not to give away certain informations about oneself.

    And this clip proved my belief and I have actually had to live it.Live and learn,live and learn and one is never too old to learn from life.

    I like the fresh new look of your blog,Maioush,the colors are really nice.

  13. kinziblogs says:

    Hey Mai, ooops, Kinzi doesn’t know how to do screen shots 😦 BUT, boy am I glad some young folks have a hard time with the font too! It’s like 8 pts!

    No, my hubby doesn’t mind me letting people know. He knows it is quite a feat in this world, and to let other men know it can be done. He has no guilt for pushing a girl farther than she wanted to go, and he amply repudiates conventional wisdom that it harms ones sexuality by not indulging it as a teen. 😀

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