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أهلا و سهلا شرفونا حبابنا :)



I’m so happy 😀 this is amazing, my friends Nido is here, in fact she is setting in front of me while writing this 😀


It has been an amazing day, although it’s raining today, and we didn’t have the chance to go anywhere, but it’s been amazing 😀 I mean AAAAAMAZING.

We are having so much fun, well. I am for sure, I hope Nido is 😉 LOL!

We had a great lunch, Dawali, Koosa, Betenjan, chicken with mushroom, and Tabouleh 🙂

El 7amdolla she loved it (wella are you just saying that ya benet? 😀 )


And we had Warbat for desert, basilcally it has been the non stop eating day for us, well it’s raining outside what else can we do?? LOL!

It’s amazing 3an jad, I’m so happy that she is here.. YAY!!! 😀


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  1. nido says:

    Actually I heard yr mom is making mahashi and warbat and tabbouleh so I thought…why don’t I come visit you…and take advantage of this visit to get to meet the REAL you!! hahahhaa…
    Being here is soooo much fun so far 😉 Hope the rain goes away….but if it doesn’t…I dont mind staying home all day tomorrow as well :p

  2. Summer says:

    Have a great time ladies!!! enjoy each others company and tell us all about the visit on your blogs. 🙂

  3. mr.anonymous says:

    I hereby declare all talk food banned on this blog!
    I’v had nothing but junk food..sardine and tuna for the past 2 months or so..have mercy!

  4. yaaaya shu 7ilo…enjoy ladies…and i want ma7ashi kaman..biseer? 🙂

  5. Diana says:

    Yaay, I’m glad that you guys are having fun! and having yummy food too 😀

  6. Ok, so what did I say about HUGE PICTURES in posts? Ah?

    (ana ma eli ymmy food?) 😦

  7. kinziblogs says:

    Oh how fun….you got to FEEED that baby!!

    I was wondering how a visit would happen after baby comes, so it’s perfect you guys got together now. Take her to Cheesecake Factory for me!!!

  8. jumana says:

    have fun ladies…it is so nice to meet other bloggers…that makes blogging and talking to others more “real?” 🙂

  9. Noura says:

    Girls, that is wonderful.. it seems you are having good time, and NIDO,you look great..I told you Maioush is a good friend 🙂

  10. Noura says:

    QWAIDER, what did u say about pics ??

  11. Abed Hamdan says:


    so you know each others from blogs ??

    glad you had fun 😀

    o sa7tain, shakelha kanat jam3et akel

  12. Isam says:

    what a surprise to see a high school classmate that I’ve heard nothing about since forever … married and expecting 🙂

    i hope you’re doing well “Nido” … best wishes for you and the baby may God keep both of you safe sound and sound …

    What a small world …

  13. secratea says:

    Maioushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Nidooooo.. niyyalkum! 😥

  14. Nour says:

    nidoooooo… maiouoooooooooosh… you’re so adorable.. dalkom kolo el akel el zaky ma bet3awwad!!!! ENjoy and never waste a minute…
    warm wishes maioush from our family to yourssss.. mwaaa

  15. Batoul says:

    shoot meeeeeee!!! I was thinknig like 2 hours ago ino mesh Sunday y3nee today that Nido will be by Mai so i call them? grrr.. im so disappointed with myself. Anyway, im jealous and you guys better do this again in the summer when i come:D and Nido, you look beautiful<3

  16. 7aki Fadi says:

    Hi Maioush, been ages since I said hi 🙂 .

    I am Glad you girls had fun. Nido seems sweet and I know you are 🙂

  17. :Noura:
    Read this: 10 things every [new] blogger should avoid!

    Big pictures in posts are a no-no

  18. Hani Obaid says:

    I think she looks really happy.

    Heyk il-diyafeh wala balash !

  19. sam says:

    yay u guys finally got to meet! sounds fun and o so yummy! I will hint hint to mama to make ma7ashi this weekend:) so did it stop raining?? did u get to go out…cheesecake factory?? I am so coming to visit u soon!

  20. jumana says:

    u have been tagged!

    please check my blog

  21. mab3oos says:

    في عندك غرفة للإيجار؟

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