Dance like no one is watching, Blog like no one is reading


I have no idea how it feels to be utterly loved.

I am the place a person falls to when life gets hard. I am the shoulder, the keeper of secrets, the kindness through their pain. I am the wisdom, the knowledge.

I have no idea how it feels to be utterly loved.

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11 Responses

  1. I here declare Maioush has officially gone Koukou

  2. batoul says:

    loool Q!
    Whats wrong hun? im lost.

  3. Grey says:

    u fell head over heels ! hee hee !

  4. Maioush says:

    yeah, i feel a bit weird!

    i’m lost too! mesh 3arfeh

    LOL! i guess

  5. wonders says:

    this may sound weird but i know what Maioush means 😉 lool

  6. i might know what ur talking about

  7. unkown says:

    well man for sure will know how it feels like
    to be utterly loved when s/he realy utterly loved.
    which means if u do not know the feeling
    then u r not uterly loved

  8. sharifo says:

    yala al hawl !!
    Maza ya7dotho hona ?!
    3alaya al damanon in la afhamo shay2an men haza !
    hal men mofaser ?!

  9. chikapappi says:

    Qwaider, law Maiush is koko ana 2 kokos! Babe, there’s no such thing as love at all..

  10. mr.anonymous says:

    couldn’t read your post, fee 7ada mkharbesh 3alaih!

  11. ranooshitika says:

    hmmmmm …
    as de3ayet il galaxy says :” in order 2 find urself u have 2 stop looking.”
    and i guess in order 2 find love u have 2 stop looking kaman
    its not that much of a fun anyways

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