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6 days and counting!!

 This the 6th day and I still feel the same, the pain refuses to leave my body for a minute, constant fever and headache, and I’m saying fever to the point of hallucinating!! Every single bone and muscle in my body hurts like hell.

I don’t have flu, I know that, my throat doesn’t hurt, my ears are not infected, I don’t have a runny nose, NOTHIG from the out side hurts, it’s all inside.

I’m feeling cold every time I move, and I mean by that extremely cold, freezing cold, shaking to the point of crying because of the pain, what the hell is wrong with me???

I’ve been taking pain killers ever 8 hours, once the effect is gone I start shaking like there is no tomorrow, the headache becomes so strong to the point I feel like my brain is going to explode, not to mention that even when I touch my hair it hurts!!

I don’t know what going on with me, for all I know I’m in pain, I can’t sleep even if I want to, don’t feel like food, and I’m in constant pain, I’m sick of this, don’t usually get sick, and even when I do, it’s usually common cold or flu, and recover really fast, but THIS, I don’t know what it is, I just don’t wanna be in pain any more, my mood is really bad because of this, I’m crying when anybody talks to me, even if it’s nothing really, I’m not used to be in bed like this.

I don’t know what to do any more, I’m just so sick


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16 Responses

  1. sel3 says:

    salamtek, get well soon

  2. wonders says:

    awww poor maioush!!
    I don’t know 😦 but may be some vitamins would help?

  3. nido says:

    ye 3alayyi ana!!! salamtik maioush!! azmeh si7eyyeh ou bit3addi inshallah:) I cant give u medical advices, yr the queen at it…but all I can do is pray for u:)

  4. cookingtheeasyway says:

    Salamtek! take care of yourself. 😦
    I hope you will pull through this and get back to your old self pretty soon.

  5. M.Shaltaf says:

    Salamtek 2lf salameh
    enshallah rabna yshafekeh

  6. kinziblogs says:

    Habeebeti, I will pray for God’s healing touch to relieve your suffering. 😦

  7. 7aki Fadi says:

    salamtik Maioush , sorry that you are in pain, I hope it passes fast inshallah.

    Did you go to the Doctor?

  8. Jumana says:

    salamtk Maioush…inshalla m3afayeh..

  9. Isam says:

    of of salamat salamat … shedde o bet3adde ya she5a 🙂

    matfarfeshe ommal ?? 🙂

  10. secratea says:

    Oh Maioush habeebti, salamtik inshalla.. ma tshoofi shar!
    I hope you get well soon inshalla 🙂

  11. sam says:

    o salamtik 7abibti..have u been to the doctor yet?? inshallah u r feeling better..*hugs*

  12. Batoul says:

    yikes! I have all your symptoms + coughing, throat/ear pain, majari ta3baneh (runny nose) lol.. what iss iittt! im so with you. I hope you feel better soonnnn, dont worry your friend here is feeling ya lol. You wanna hear my mothers recommendations? actually dont, they’re not working. nothing is.

  13. Sharifo says:

    lah lah lah lah…
    Wallah alf salama,,,
    What about a DOCTOR.
    He will help,,,He gets paid for that !!

  14. مجهول says:

    يبدو انك مضغوطة في العمل او في البيت يعني من الناحية النفسية
    قلقة ومتوترة واعصابك مشدودة مريت بتجربة من هالنوع
    وما كنت اقدر انام حتى اني اخذت اجازة من العمل
    يعني فترة نقاهة وطبعا اثناء الاجازة رحت لاماكن كثيرة في
    الضفة وفي 48

  15. Maioush says:

    I can’t thank you guys enough for all the kind words, you are all amazing.. thank you so much!

  16. miss-sea Lover says:

    even if it is late, hope u r feeling better by now…slamtek

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