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خالد سليم ,غايب عني … Khaled Seleem, Ghayeb Anny

 so you think you can dance?? Yalla 😀

people this so nice, I downloaded the CD last week, and it was the first song I listened to, I was in the car o ya 7abeeeeeebi, I started dancing IN THE CAR :D, it’s just too (7afleh),  it’s my favorite on Khaled Seleem’s new CD.

So here you go, now before you watch, the clip is lame, and the girl’s skirt can’t get any shorter, but who cares, the song is cool 🙂 … yalla, brand new song … ENJOOOOOOOOOOOY!! 😀


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13 Responses

  1. Maher says:

    2oltele you the Angels are in Cali ? LoooL !
    nice beat + Lame Clip + Ugly girl!

    btw did you get the chance to listen to wa2el’s new album?

  2. Maioush says:

    walak Maher.. bala fadaye7!!! 🙂
    and i sure listened to wa2el’s new CD and i loved it, but that was back in ramadan right?

  3. rawan says:

    من روان والله اني اموت عليك فكري لو اشوفك او التقي فيك اموت احبكككككككككككككك انا بدي اجي على مصر عشانك يا عمر بحبككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككك بحبكككككككككككككككككك يا عمري

  4. Laila says:

    loved the song, thanks for sharing

  5. miss-sea Lover says:

    lol….hahahha..brief but very

  6. سوسو says:

    والله انك عجيييييييييب يا خالد بذمتي ان صوتك جبل والله

  7. hamada kimo says:

    خالد سليم من يومه فنان وربنا يوفقك يا فنان وعقبالى انا كمان
    ليا البوم قريب

  8. rana says:

    CD 5aled jad 7elo
    allah yof2o o ydal dayman ynazel a3’ane 7elwe

  9. Elsana says:

    Hi everybody
    My name is Elsana ( Im Iranian )
    I really love this song.
    I think his voice is very beautiful .

  10. za3eem says:

    أنا بحبك و بحب شكلك و اغانيك يا خالد وتايبك كتيير بيعجبني وستايل جسمك بجنن
    يتمنى إني اعرف ايميلك أو تليفونك و الأحسن أعرف التنتين
    وان شاالله دايما بالنجاح لأنه صوتك مش أي صوت يا زعيم الطرب

  11. semsem says:

    I really love the song

  12. nabila says:

    hi khaled
    myn name is nabila
    i love your songs
    you are so handsome
    you have a voice nobody has it
    i love you i love you
    i ‘m marocan but i live in belguim i hoop that you come to belguim

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