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To tell or not to tell, that is the question.

 You really care about them, in away nobody can imagine, do you tell them when you’re hurt? Do you tell them that they hurt you by some of the things they said or did? Or do you keep convincing yourself that they didn’t mean to? i mean people never hurt each other on purpose, right?

You know that talking to other people will never be the answer, and talking to them about it will cause another problem, they are not the type who talk things out, you know they are really sensitive, and every word you say counts, do you wanna hurt the people you care about, who would like to hurt their friends, family, and the people they care about just to let things out?

Over the years I learned not to explode over things, but sometimes I feel like chocking if I don’t talk, it’s like a big huge fat mountain on my chest, but at the same time, I don’t wanna say something I know I will regret, especially when I really care about them.

::sigh:: sometimes I wish life was less complicated…


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  1. Tell them oo khallseena …
    You’ve been so depressing recently!

    But here’s something I noticed about women, they get TOO sensitive about silly stuff! They get upset about non-existing competition, and non existing enemies!

    No one who cares about you, would hurt you purposefully.

  2. Maioush says:

    me? depressing?? am i writing depressing posts?? bejooz..
    it’s the holidays season after all.

  3. vagueraz says:

    tell them , and if they really so close they will understand you 🙂

  4. nido says:

    TELL THEM! and as they said, who really cares about you would never think of hurting you, and if they did, it’s a big mistake they should admit doing and then work on fixing it…
    just don’t keep it inside…believe me it hurts…

  5. Dima says:

    don’t tell them.. some people are so sensitive and it will just make things worse if you tell them.. think positively! this is what i learned.. don’t think that they hurt you on purpose .. this way it’s better for you and for them!

  6. secratea says:

    I’ve learned one thing over the years: tell and don’t care about their feelings!
    And who said some people don’t hurt others on purpose?? I know a lot who do that on person because they are self-centered.. yes they think that other people’s feelings are trivial so they hut them carelessly! .. sigh.. it is a rough world out there, and my advise to you is to love yourself more than others… care about your feelings first, then think about the rest 🙂

  7. Maioush says:

    Easy to say, it’s harder than it sounds 🙂

    You think?? I know that people don’t other on propose, but it happens! We are humans and we do thing that hurts other people, even we don’t mean to.
    Keeping it hurts, but letting it out is MUCH harder walahi!

    That’s what I was thinking of; as much as we care about them we don’t wanna hurt them by saying stuff we might regret, that’s why I decided not to say anything.

    You can’t just not care about their feeling, these are people you love and care about.
    I agree some people try as hard as they can just to hurt others, but the one you love and care about, it goes both ways, when you take care of them, they take care of you, we are humans, we sometimes hurt the people we love the most in our lives without knowing about it, I care about these people more than anything in this universe 🙂 , there is no way I can hurt them just to love myself. I’ll keep my mouth shut and I’ll eventually get over it.

  8. miss-sea Lover says:

    if i believe that talking out will solve the issue, yes i will, but if i know for sure that mentioing the hurt will add nothing, or solve nothing i will just say nothing. Sometimes what u say does not really counts, the way u say it, and when to say it, r what make the difference.
    yes life is complicated..but this complication teaches us a new thing every day..

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