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Half Empty is Optimistic


The “half empty” means you’re pessimistic analogy has always been a mystery to me. Yeah, I get the analogy, but I think we’re looking at the wrong side of the glass sometimes. Why focus on what’s already in the container when there is so much empty space to fill? The empty space is the exciting part. It means that there is freedom to create and do and be. It’s space. It’s room to breathe. I like the empty part of the glass. To me the glass will always be half-empty. In fact, I’m usually looking for things to pour out of it to make MORE room. Less is More. Empty is the New Full.


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7 Responses

  1. Qabbani says:

    for me its hard to see the whole glass

  2. sam says:

    that is an interesting way of looking at it….

  3. great observation maioush…i’m impressed by ur way of thinking here 🙂

  4. Batoul says:

    Awsome!.. I like the idea.

  5. mala2e6 says:

    bardo wijhet nazar..inno this way the half empty glassconcept has changed and we should start thinking of another thing to ask people..:D

  6. wonders says:

    loool psychologist are sooo going to hate you maioush 🙂 but yeah that’s another way to put it…

  7. vagueraz says:

    nice view point !!!
    why not to fill an empty half of the glass with
    things that we enjoyed !!!
    NICE …..

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