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MY Chicken Fatteh…

Yep Yep 😀 I made it WITH PICTURES!!!

I know it’s not a big deal, but I remembered to take pictures for this fatteh I made next to Mlokheyeh (it was yesterday’s meal “bayteh” that;s why I didn’t take pictures for it 😀 ), and tell you what guys, baba and my brothers went crazy for it, they are so picky when it comes to food, but they LOVED it…  YUPPYYYYYYYYY Maioush you made it 😀



Did I mention that it was my first time sa7ee7?? 🙂




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  1. بدي فتة 😦 جوعتيني يا بنت .. شكلها بشهي على الاخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخير

  2. looks so yummy..btw, it’s one of my favorites specially during Ramadan 🙂

    jawa3teeni …and i still have 4 hours before going home and enjoying mom’s pasta with béchamel sauce :p

  3. nido says:

    Mish aleeleh inti ya Maioush;) Sa7tain ou 3afyeh!!!

  4. bakkouz says:

    ya salam el salamlam. hada il 7aki il mazboo6 willa balash! 😀
    6ab3an ana bisafati shakhs 3izzabi o sarli alf saneh ma akalet 6abeekh fa inna haza il post yosh3ironi bil in3idam il ijtima3i wal inhizam il ‘3iza2i 😦

  5. wonders says:

    yummy!! i want… 😦

    my mom puts parsely and pine nuts on top as a decoration, looks delicious

  6. Manal says:

    It is a big deal..i still dont know how to cook it and many other meals..looks so delicious..
    yr7am ayam il roz il m3jab 3aleh

  7. summer says:

    Mabrouk Maioush!! Khalas ra7 njawzek!! 🙂 Kidding of course!

    include the recipe for your dishes, this way you keep them documented so you can go back to them in case you forget!!

  8. Jumana says:

    Lucky “he” Maiousheh 🙂

  9. sam says:

    yummy…it is my favourite food….laban, chicken rice and garlic…with some bread..what is not to looks great..

  10. sam says:

    oops..i hit enter too soon..i wanted to add mashallah 3aleeki…shatoora..pre marriage my brother and papa would have only dreamed of me cooking for them….mama has been to lebanon too many times and we just had eggs, pizza and alot of other take out…and of course our neighbours foods:)

  11. Noura says:

    looool at Bakkouz 🙂
    mashallah… don’t eat it all , am coming over..3azamet 7ali 3al 3asha 😀 I hope you have some leftovers..
    Tayyeb, wein el recipe 🙂

  12. afaf says:

    wallah, shattourah….
    i remember mom first time she left us to visit her mom..i had to cook, my sisters and bros made fun of my cooking…dad was encouraging….he was hungry….no wonder!!!
    keep up the good work, dear.

  13. Maioush says:

    A7rajtni 😀 …

    7abeebti, ta3ali meet ahla o sahla ya amar, a7la fetteh elek 🙂

    Oriental Arabesque:
    It tastes so good walahi 🙂 .. wish you can taste it

    3ala albek 7abeebti 😀 … teslameeli ya rab ya mama Nido 🙂

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL inhizam ‘3eza2i 😀 .. ab3atlak 3ala el 3agabeh man?? Mn 3yoni ha Bakkouz..

    I wanted to put some, but the monsters around me were so hungry, they didn’t want to wait LOL! 😀

    LOOOOOOOOOL yer7am ayam el roz. Lessa ba3ajeb ha 😀 , bs enno ya3ni sarat fi naja7at yo7ka 3anha 3arfeh 😀 LOL

    Yeah well, we always have your blog for the recipes 🙂

    ::shy:: thank you

    I know right!!! Everything is good on that dish 😀
    And yea 😀 we starved the last time mama leftm but this time I was like I wanna try it, what’s the worst that can happen 😉 , well I cooked some weird stuff, but this one was soooooooooooooooooo good 🙂

    Ya meeeeeeeeet ahla o sahla, LA betnawer 😀
    Recipe 😀 :
    2 small pita bread
    2 chicken breast (cooked) with onion and spices
    1 cup cooked white rice
    yogurt sauce: (yogurt mixed with garlic)

    cut the bread into small pieces, fry it or toast it. place the serving dish. Add lemon juice and some minced garlic to the bread. Pour chicken stock over the bread. put the rice over the bread, add some more chicken stock of you see it’s too dry, then put the yogurt souse over the rice, and place the chicken meat pieces over the yogurt.
    o sa7tean o 3afyeh 😀

    That’s what made me stop cooking last year, they kept making fun if me 😦 …
    But this year I was like “you know what, I wanna try it, and I don’t care :D” inshalla it will stay this way

  14. eyad says:

    ya3ni i don’t know what to say, its still morning here in Jordan, and i’m so hungry, and i read your post ,oohhhh 😦

  15. Na3ouri says:

    يا سلام ، شكلها زاكية كثير بس ناقصها اشي واحد : خبز محمص على الوجه من فوق و شوفي كيف بصير طعمها

    يسلمو ايديكي و صحتيم و عافية على قلب الي اكل

  16. afaf says:

    amen…it is all about nafas, dear….and i guess u cook out of love and it will work out…so keep up, bravo again…

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