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Fi Kteer Kalam!!

 Ok … for some reason, this the FIFTH time I’m trying to write this damn post, every time I get to half the page I delete it and start over…

I’ve been facing this problem lately.. I mean, in real life, I don’t feel like talking any more (although I’m the most talkative person you can ever meet), but in some how I managed to write what I think of most of the time… but now, even writing bacema ahard thing to do!!

Am I depressed?? NO!! I’m perfectly fine, let me take that back, not perfectly!! But I’m fine, in fact yesterday we had a big party at my uncles house to celebrate the twins or as the call it (3aqeeqa) anybody knows what does it mean in English?? 🙂 it was a great party well I haven’t seen that much of people in one place for more than 3 years now 😀 .. so it was great, o saw like more than 30 kid running around the house like crazy!!! You got the picture. 🙂

Aaaaaaaaaaanyyyyyyyyyyy way!!! Point is.. I’m fine, but I don’t feel like writing, well, lets say, I don’t have time any more.. Kinzi, Sam, 7aki, and the rest of the moms (and dads), how do you guys do it????? I’m not even a mom, and those twins are a handful, all I do is baby talk, make weird faces, hold the bottle, and smell like milk!!! Seriously, how do you do it, how can you find time to blog??

You see all that talk; I didn’t even say what I wanted to say hours ago now!! I wanted to talk about an issue one of the ladies mentions yesterday at the party, I wanna tell you guys about it so bad, maybe I’ll leave to the next post, I said too much today (o 3ala el fadi) I’m telling you, my IQ is soooooooo going down 😦 .

One thing I know for sure, in the future when I get married, NOOO TWINS!!! One baby at a time.. I love twins, but I don’t wanna raise them, one baby a time 😀 .. and that is your lesson for the day shabab o sbaya 😀


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  1. tiger says:

    but if u ask me do u like it if u have a twin I would tell u i would love it if i have a twin brother..

    common seriously..I can skip some classes and even I can skip a lot of issues and someone can cover me that is just one of the advantages..

    so having twins is yeah hard but the boys would have fun a lot:)

  2. Asoom says:

    As far as 3aqeeqa, I call it a birth reception, or baby reception.

    I always said that I’m not having kids until me and my husband are financially stable enough to be able to hire help, and then I’ll take advantage of the hired help and have them relativaly one after the other and do my baby raising until they’re old enough to be in school and go back to work, I still stand by that!

  3. nido says:

    Now this is scary!! All that said and your not the mother!! so what does she say about it?!
    I’d love to have twins!! marra wa7deh ou khalas…ra7a lal abad:D hehe
    sa7tain il 3aqeeeqa 😉

  4. Asoom says:

    **I meant I go back to work, not the kids go back to work LOOOOOL

  5. bakkouz says:

    You so truly know the inner plankton, it is a revelation not unlike discovering an impacted toll booth upon the plains of Patagonia.

  6. Hani Obaid says:

    bakkouz to English translator needed on Aisle 7 please 😛

  7. LOL maioush tell me about it! yesterday i was trying to write someone an SMS and i swear i tried for more than 3 times and couldn’t put my thoughts into words!! i started typing few words..deleted them..started all over again till i gave up and said oh well i’ll just say what i want next time we talk on the phone…(i hope i’ll still be able to find the words to speak then!!)
    i can’t write what i’m thinking..and this never happend before…
    i’m losing my talent!!
    ok apparently i talked a lot and didn’t say anything mufeed at the end!

    so el mohem…mabrook for the twins 3aqeeqa..hope u enjoyed the party…and allah ykoun bi3onek and 3on their parents…taking care of 2 at a time is a full time job i’m sure!
    i definitely don’t wish to have twins..i’ll be pulling my hair i’m sure!

    and finally….i can’t wait till u tell us what that lady said to u in the party 🙂

  8. Jumana says:


    nice post wllahi….I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Maioush says:

    I’m really sorry to see that you deleted your blog, I’ll miss reading your posts man, I wish you will reconsider.

    Being financially stable is a very important factor, but you never know what life is hiding for you… I hope you get what you are planning, but you are planning to stay with the hired help till your kids are old enough to go to school? Or you will hire help after they are olds enough to go to school? Cuz I was raised that way, my mom was working and she hired a nanny when I started to go to school so she can take care of us until she gets back from work.

    Yeah well mama Nido, the most important for us enek t2oomi bel salameh ya amar 🙂

    Meen yamma!!

    Hani Obaid:
    I know man, Bakkouz mrawe2, absar sho jay 3ala balo 😀

    Oriental Arabesque:
    So you think it’s something has to do with the weather 🙂 ??
    Allah ybarek fi 3omrek ya rab ya amar, tha party was great, yeah, I’ll post something about what that lady told me as soon as I can put my thoughts together 🙂 , I have to tell you guys about it for sure.. 😀

    I’m glad you did my dear ..

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