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I love you… and I’ll be there…

As promised… the first movie for the twins, well, actually, the first 2 movies for the twins 🙂 … mashalla 3aleahom they are angels…I just love them so much, some times I feel like 7aki 🙂 with little 7aki… FA3ES!!! 😀

Enjoy the movies my friends.. o allah yet3amkom ya rab ..

The birth movie…

I’ll be there… amazing movie, must see walahi 🙂


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15 Responses

  1. sam says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww…they are so cute mashallah!!!!!

  2. ola says:


  3. Masha2allah … 🙂 Allah ykhalleelek eyyahom. Your husband is very handsome too
    Alf mabrook

  4. afaf says:

    mashallah, they r beautiful…and yeah my son laughed so much after he saw the twins holding hands…now he has a tip where babies come from…thanx for sharing….
    allah ye7meehom ya rab…..

  5. Asoom says:

    The first vid, ewwww, sorry that was gross

    The second half of the second one, ya allah ma azkahum so cute!

  6. Maher says:

    oh dear! They are lovely! Mashaaalaaah!!

    4 more years and i’ll have my own babiesss!!

  7. moon^light says:

    Mashallah … They are so cute .. Allah ye7’alelek yahom

  8. Jumana says:

    Babies are the most lovable creatures ever…so cute mashalla…alla y7mihum.

  9. secratea says:

    Mahsallah.. bijaninoooo Maioush.. Allah ye’7aleeehum laelkum ;))

  10. mashallah .. mashallah .. jad yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bejaneno .. allah ye7fazhom ya rab .. ana kteer met2thre fehom .. allah yerzo2 eljamee3 ya rab 🙂

  11. Isam says:

    allah ye7fazhom …

    I saw the most amazing doc. film abt twins the other day … twins are very special and need special treatment … i really recommend futher reading abt this …

    i can see y ur busy 🙂 ciao

  12. 7aki Fadi says:

    7ayataty, the 2nd movie is amazing!

    Mashallah 🙂

  13. Maioush says:

    Sam, and Ola:
    Thnk you dear 🙂 .. thay are walahi

    Angry Husband:
    LOL! Husband??? You are not follwing, these are my cousins, and that guy is my uncle… sho mshan el tarkeez 😀

    Long time no see my dear, I miss you!! And LOL!! Your son knows now!! o saved you some time explaininf I gues HAHAHAH 😀

    Gross?? That is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world, it’s the moment when a baby takes his first breath.. it’s amazing!!

    Inshalla allah yet3amak!! 🙂

    Moon Light:
    Thank you very much dear 🙂 .. welcome to Maioush

    Teslami ya rab ya amar… 3o2bal 3andek Kaman 7abeebti 🙂

    Teslami ya 3omri, 3o2bal 3endek ya rab 🙂

    Allah yese3dek ya Bara2.. 7abeebti enti! Allah yet3amek metel ma ta3amhom 7abeebti 🙂

    I saw tons of videos about twins 🙂 , they recorded all these documentaries about them, and yeah, its amazing!!

    7aki fadi:
    FA3ES ya 7aki 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOL!!

  14. tiger says:

    yetraboo b3ezkoo I think they have an attitude already 🙂

  15. ya mashallaha ma a7lahom they are so cute .. babies home 7ob 7ayate .. allah yes3edhom ya rab w y5alehom kolhom la ba3ad :: warde w dabdobeen::

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