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My computer is acting very strangely, very strangely indeed. I know there is probably a simple technical explanation for what I am about to tell you, but I have no idea what it might be. Needless to say, if anyone reading this does have an idea, please tell me.

Last night, before I went to bed, I played a few games (although I’m not that kind of person, but I was bored, and it was too hot to go out) on said computer. At that point, there were no other programs running. After I’d finished, I clicked the start button, then the shutdown button. At the same time as I pressed the latter, the most amazing thing happened. CELINE DION SANG TO ME.

I kid you not, Celine Dion really did start singing to me. She was singing “Titanic” and the actual words she sang were “Once more, you opened the door, and you …”, at which point she was cut off in her prime because the computer closed down. I sat there open-mouthed, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I do have that song on my hard-drive, but I haven’t played it in ages, and I’d had none of my music players running yesterday. How could Celine just start singing to me like that?

This morning I switched on the computer and as my desktop appeared, so did Celine. This time she sang “Near, far, wherever you are” at me. She stopped there, at the point where all the icons appeared and the desktop was fully loaded. I decided to try rebooting to see what happened and this time she started singing when I hit the restart button – the same words exactly as she sang to me last night when I shut down.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! As I said, I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for this (although I wouldn’t be saying that now if I didn’t have that song on my hard drive, I’d be calling Psychics Anonymous). And even if there is a rational explanation, could those words mean anything? Is someone from afar going to open a door to me? Is this a real door, or a metaphorical door?

You’ve got to admit, this is mighty peculiar. I’m not averse to a nice song, but Celine really shouldn’t start singing at people like that unannounced, it just isn’t right. If anyone else has experienced Celine Dion singing to them like this (or any other person), or if you have even the remotest inkling what this is all about, please let me know.


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  1. ya mamy!! this is freaky!!

    and now i’m super curious to know the logical explanation for all this!

  2. ya for sure there is an excplanation for all of this .. bas ana i don’t know it ..
    u won’t believe it :: wallahe ya mai ma bamza7 m3ake w rabe yesh-had .. i was searching for this song w la2et-ha w sha3’alt-ha abel mbare7 w konet ana in ur site .. hoon .. mawqe3 eljareme 😛 … for sure hada ma da5alo behada … bas sodaf sob7an allah …

  3. secratea says:

    looool, well sho biddik a7san min Celine et’3aneelik 2abil ma tnami ow ba3 ma tfee2i?? :))

  4. bakkouz says:

    Celine Dion wants to take over the world 😐

  5. Qabbani says:


    yeah yeah , things happen am with bakkouz , she want to take over the world,

    u really want an explanation ?!@!

    let me guess , did u change ur windows theme, i mean the BG and theme look like in general, that make bars color different and so on 😀

    tell me yes to give a Tec explanation 😀 , there’s something called windows sounds , when u open windows , close, error , maximize the window minimize it .. all this sounds can be changed so easy , so
    either u installed an application do that by it self , or theme , or some times games do it too

    to make sure what am telling u follow me here

    Start –> control panel –> sound and Audio devices —>
    the tab called : SOUNDS

    there u can find the sound of ur windows ,and u can change it , listen and modify …

    have fun

  6. Isam says:

    was what Qabbani said a mystery ???

    girls this is not a car engine … its a PC 😛

    peace mai

  7. Khaled says:

    Yes, Windows Start Up and Shut Down sounds can be changed quite easily. Next time don’t install themes without checking thier descriptions.

  8. Hani Obaid says:

    First thing I do when I install is turn off the sounds, too annoying.

    To add to what Qabani said, to turn off sounds on windows events, select (no sounds) from the dialog he mentioned, and click ok, if you get asked if you want to save the previous scheme, select no.

    I used to love Celine before she went to Vegas. Power of love is way better than Titanic, and to think she had just learned English before not long before she sang it.

    Too she married her manager who is twice her age (she was 26, he was 52), and worse yet, they met when she was 12 !

  9. Jumana says:

    😀 you really made me laugh…tayeb min7 yalli ciline mo 7ada tani 🙂

  10. Maioush says:

    Oriental Arabesque:
    I know it is, I have no idea, it just did the same thing when I turned it on again!!! Crazy computer!!

    Sweet like a rose:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL hala2 ra3abteeni jad! Enti elli btesma3eeha o ana elli bakolha 😀 LOOOOOL Bara2… ernti el sabab!!!

    LOL! T’3anni bs lama ana bedi, mesh lama heye bedha 😀

    I guess she is!

    Thanks for the explanation, bs walahii didn’t touch it, I didn’t change the theme, I didn’t change the BG.. NOTHING!! my theme and BG has been like that for ages!! If I did I would guess maybe, but nope!! Didn’t touch it!

    LOL! I don’t know, but as I said .. I didn’t touch the thing!!

    Thanks dear, but walahi baree2a, didn’t change it!

    Thanks man, I’ll try what you and Qabbani said, and we’ll see what is gonna happen when I turn it off!
    I still love Celine Dion she has a great voice, I know she married her manager, but they look so in love 🙂 … and man, her performance in Vegas is amazing..

    LOOOOOOOOL I’m glad I did, a7san mn sha3ban 3bs elre7eem 😀 LOL!

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