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NOOOO! Not the F Word Again!!!

Yesterday, my little brother lost a tooth at school. When it was time for bed he realised he’d forgotten to bring it home, so had to write a note to the Tooth Fairy. In the note, he said he would leave the tooth the following night and could he please have his money.

Today, he left the tooth at school again. When he went to bed he wrote another note, explaining the situation and promising to leave the tooth under his pillow tomorrow night.

He read the note out to me and I almost fell through the floor when he calmly said, “I’m sorry Tooth Fairy, I’m afraid it’s the F word again”. I braced myself for what might be to come … you can imagine my relief when he went on to say “Yes, I FORGOT it today as well”.


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  1. I’m astonished how kids learn the F word so early in thier life! He should wait till he gets a Job to use it 🙂

  2. Jumana says:

    🙂 how cute… God bless him

  3. Qabbani says:


    So F = Forget 😀

    lazez can we use it ?

  4. sam says:

    *lol* that is too cute! how much does he get from the tooth fairy?

  5. afaf says:

    how old is he??? he is so funny…. does ur family leave him any money under his pillow…??
    yeah i had to explain to my son that this tooth fairy doesnto exist… he does realize that, but wants HIS friends to realize that, since it is only FAIR…KIDS…

  6. aya says:

    hehehe 😀

  7. nido says:

    habibiiiiiiiiiiiiii…This is soo funny!! While reading I really thought he had used the bad word, but this is really ta7sheeeesh!! salmili 3alaih:D

  8. Summer says:

    Really cute and so so innocent!!

  9. sel3 says:

    he is so innocent, how old is he? I remember seeing kids in Zarqa with vocabulary of adult F words that would fill dictionaries… so sad

  10. Luai says:

    What a crazy cat with his notes! You should leave him an IOU tonight from the toothfairy and take his note away.

    Did someone knock out the tooth or pull it out for him? He probably said the real word when the tooth fell out! Does he attend public schools? Trust me then, he knows that word.

    I remember when I learned the F word….I was in the fifth grade and Walter said it to me, I said it back and before you know it he was ontop of me punching my lights out. Obviously, I had no idea what it meant, cause Walter was in the 8 th grade, and I would never be that dumb to say it to him.

  11. Maioush says:

    Right!! I was about to faint when he said that, but seriously I was so relived when he finished it 😀

    Thank you very mush dear 🙂


    He gets $5 😀 and that was his last..

    He almost 10 😀 yeah we leave him $5 for each tooth , he has a special condition, so we don’t want to ruin his good time by telling him that there is no tooth fairy 🙂

    Back at ya 😉

    Allah ysalem 3omrek 7abeebti 🙂 … yeah he is pretty funny if u ask me 🙂

    Yeah he is, he almost 10 🙂 .. no no he is so polite he doesn’t say any bad words (unless he hears it on TV, and he is not allowed to watch it on week days) .. la he said FORGOT 😀 ma sar shi 😀

    We left hin the money with a nice note too 🙂 , he was very happy with it. Nobody knocked anything out 🙂 , it came out by itself, he is in a very good school, with a special condition, that’s why we know that he doesn’t know what does it mean 🙂

  12. ola says:

    what a story to start the day! Really thank you for sharing 😀

  13. Maioush says:

    you are most welcome my dear 😀 , i found someone who has a longer LOL than me 😀
    hear that 7aki 😉 i had to edit that cuz it was so long

  14. Maher says:


  15. LOOL…shu katkout..i wanna fa3eslo ‘7doodo

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