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يعني اسم الأغنية بحكي كل شي ههه

 مافي شب سمعها إلاّ و انصرع عليها, و كلّو كوم و التحشيش على جملة “أنا شخصياً نسونجي” كوم

لا و الأحلى حتى الصبايا مبسيوطين عليها بحكولي “والله اللي ما يحب النسوان الله يبعتلو علّة”  

هلأ مشان الذمة والضمير نحنا بننحب ليش الحكي واللي ما بحبنا, الله يبعتلو علّة يلا روحوا هههه

يعني يا جماعة الخير, الأغنية من الآخر . يلاّ إنجووووووووووي


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10 Responses

  1. Secratea says:

    Maioush, ana sha’7seeyan hate this song.. As if women are only objects for men to look at…wallahi I feel so humilated listening to it!

  2. 7usam says:

    بينحبو ولله بينحبو
    بس كمان بيغلبو

  3. manal says:

    laish..min il a5er

  4. Ziad says:

    Women … you can’t leave with them … but you can NOT leave without them … to be or not to be ….

  5. Maher says:

    Habal bee Habal hayyy el song!!! jad!!

  6. Jumana says:

    bad bad song ya maiousheh

  7. Qabbani says:

    😐 sho mashan !!!!

  8. Maioush says:

    malkom ya jama3et el 5ear!!! u wana tell me that guys are not like that?? well, they are, i know that it sounds bad, but most of them are, even when they deny it..
    so here, i know that girls don’t like it as much, but look around you, they are following the rule “what you don’t know won’t haem you” .. as bad as that sounds but it’s the truth

  9. sam says:

    *lol* well at least he is honest about it..and yeb 99.99% of men are like that…they just do not admit it..MEN!

  10. ahmed says:

    nice song very nice

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