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Heart in the night. . .

I hear the faint sounds of music, and it plays upon my mind like a soft whisper of a memory, a feeling, an emotion once felt so strongly it took my breath away.

I stand in the wind, and feel its gentle warmth rush over my skin as it carries me back to another time, where once I was swept away in a storm of passion.

I see the soft petals of a flower, and my mind recalls images of smiles, and laughter which bloomed like roses each day we were together.

I step into the sunlight of the day, and know my soul and its longing to touch once more that which was, that which is, inside me.

After all the years and tears have passed my heart still reaches in the night for you.

written by an old friend…

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One Response

  1. Ammar says:

    your old friend is very wise..wisdom can cause misery sometimes!

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