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100 tears

It’s hard to say when the depression began. It just appeared one summer’s morning like an unexpected lunatic boarding your bus. And though you held your breath and tried not to stare as the lunatic made his way down the aisle with his carrier bags and Sony Walkman on full flipping blare, deep in your heart you just knew – you just knew – a matter of course, that he’d sit next to you. And so you hold on tightly and gasp for air, as you take the ride of your life with a grinning lunatic on the seat next to you.

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  1. bara2 says:

    ya it’s hard to expect it but sometimes u can be stronger than ur sadness .. and life goes on 🙂
    nice post .. i like it 🙂

  2. maher says:

    oh shit..these are some deep word!
    shway shway 3aleena bel english yala yalla nefham kelmeteen3 ala ba3ad!

  3. Noura says:

    shou fi shou ta3mli: fta7i elbab w ba3ati hal lunatic la3andi w ana I’ll take care of him for you.. They usually don’t leave you without a fight.. I think this type of lunatics hate fun, music and especially fadl shaker..So put a big smile on a tape w 2ouli ya rab, and they sure to find somebody else to bug 🙂
    You have a beautiful spirit, no lunatic will bring tears to it..

  4. nido says:

    Depression is bad…push it away and don’t lsn to it…even if it looks like the most peaceful and helpful person on earth…don’t save any seat for it next to you:)
    have a nice day:D

  5. Hani Obaid says:

    – Find somoene you trust and let them know what is really bothering you. Blog if you have to but we don’t know you well enough to be of any help.
    – Take a walk, get some fresh air.
    – Excercise
    – Find a book you like and read it
    – Like Noura said, cheerful music will help. Sing out loud
    – Don’t leave yourself any time to be depressed


  6. bara2 says:

    maiooooush i tagged u , would u answer the tag plz???

  7. Maioush says:

    I’m glad you like it, it’s the ride that makes it hard, I’m gonna through the lunatic out soon inshalla 🙂

    Sorry man, I didn’t mean to. Tell me what part was hard so I’ll know how to write next time.

    LOOOOOOOOL 7abeebti enti, you take care of him for me, that’s for the uplifting comment, it made me feel so much better, jad thank you Noura 🙂

    Yeslami ya rab ya amar, I will not save no seats no more for lunatics around 🙂

    Hani Obaid:
    Wow, thanks man for the advice, I followed some of them and I feel better already 🙂
    That was very helpful thank you dear.

    I answered you tag already 🙂 . I’ll post within few hours inshalla

  8. maher says:

    LoL, after i read the post again it appeared easy to me.
    i guess i said that before because i was laying on bed when i read it 1st time.

    any poems soon?

  9. Maioush says:

    LOL! 😀 you got it.. the very next one inshalla 🙂

  10. jamal says:

    lol.. this is why i dislike buses.

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