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Who pays the price?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, this the third post I’m trying to write, I deleted the past 2.. so I hope this will be the one!

I have so many things in mind, I’m worried about everybody around me, the house is not as before for some reason, the energy is gone, is it the heat?? cuz it’s too hot in here.. I hope so, because it’s been a while since I last talked to any of my family members as I used to, I don’t know, it’s just  stressing me out.

One of my best friends got into a fight with her husband AGAIN!! God I’m sick of her fights with him, she ends up calling me and complaining about him none stop, that he is the worst man on the planet earth ( I hate it when she does that), and when I say something like, “ok go talk to him and try to make everything better”. Or “he is your husband, you have to work things between you guys”, she would explode in my face and say “you are not married, forget it, you don’t’ know anything”!!!

What?? Maybe I’m not married but I know how to deal with people, I mean what’s so freakin hard in saying something nice to your husband when he is mad to work things out, and make everything fine again?? What does that have to do with me being not married? You are the one who called for my advice, just because it’s not the answer you are looking for that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand, it’s YOU who has to loose things up a little.

Same words, over and over again… “when he divorces me, I’ll take the girls and leave”.. that’s something I never understood, who said they are YOUR girls?? He is the father, la jad jad .. what does the father always has to be away from his kids when they get divorce?? That’s something I don’t understand, doesn’t he has feelings towards his kids too??

I hate that the kids are the one who ALWAYS pays the price for their parent’s mistake!! What did they do??? It’s not their fault they were born, they didn’t choose to be born..

AAAAAAKKKKHHH.. life is not always fair!!

Well well, guess what, I managed to finish this post .. I have a headache, I need some Advil.. catch you later


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8 Responses

  1. “take the girls”
    I just love it how our culture ALWAYS portrays the woman as the victim! And the story becomes after that: “He threw the girls to me”

    Your friend is a total _______..hmm can’t say such words

  2. nido says:

    take it easy girl! It might not be as bad as she is describing it! I mean, sometimes we just need someone close to talk to, not for advices, but just for the sake of talking! People -especially married ones- go through so many fights, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end…maybe she just wants to let it out, so try listening to her only…just like what you are doing right now:) and look at me I’m giving u advices:p I should stop right now! salamet rasik Maioush:)

  3. Qabbani says:

    “I hate that the kids are the one who ALWAYS pays the price for their parent’s mistake!! What did they do??? It’s not their fault they were born, they didn’t choose to be born..”

    this is fate , and believe me Allah will make it over for them with things better, much better sometimes , Allah take something and give another badaloo , so Fair is there 🙂 ..

    will what we can say , that hope things between any couples end in peace and no need to take kids away .. other way FAITH that things will be better ..

  4. Maioush says:

    LOOL take it easy man 🙂 … but yeah you are right, I’ve heard it so many times from a lot of women… but I really wish that things will work out between them.

    Yeah I totally understand the talking part just to let it out, and I also understand the fighting part, but I feel sorry for the kids though.. I do listen, I don’t mind listening, I really wish that things will be fine with her.

    I’m not sure.. well, I have faith, but do have to understand that communication is a very important factor in any marriage, they have to work on it,..
    Well , I wish things will get better between them son 🙂

  5. bara2 says:

    mai .. it is the custody rule that forces the man to give up his children to their mother or her family at their early ages … coz they need their mother’s affection.. it is only in some cases that the judge would give the children to their father not to the mother .. bas beshekel 3am in general Islam if she is a Muslim, she has the right to be with them to raise them, then after the age 18 they themselves would decide whom they want to live with .. and YES they pay the price .. bas sometimes their are men even women whom u can’t tolerate their presence .. and when u lose ur interest in someone .. i mean when u stop loving that person then u can’t teje 3la 7alek and tell him something nice .. sometimes they don’t deserve 3anjad….

  6. Mnoosh says:

    ana bfhamsh elnas keef btet5ana2 o btez3l mn b3d’ o btesal benathen la she6an erajeem o mrat 6ala2 o b3ed sa3a bsero a7bab ka2ana shay2an lam yakon!!!! o betroo7 3l awlad 😦 b3reef shab o sabeyeh as7abe feesh mnheen, bs ahelhen et6la2o o hene m3 imhen o ma b7ebo aboheen .. be7azno 😦

  7. sam says:

    o that sucks…i hate it when people think of divorce after fights..they happen…it is a part of any relationship…we get through it and go on…uff…and i know she is letting out steam..but i really think that marriage problems should stay inside…no need to air their dirty laundry..:)

  8. Maioush says:

    I understand the law part, but don’t you think that it’s a little unfair for some of the dads to be away from their kids, I mean some of the men deserve it, i totally understand, but this guy is one of the good ones, he really takes care of his kids and his wife, I really for sorry for them.

    Walahi el wade3 sa3eb ya Mnoosh, elli bte7keeh kollo sa7, 3an jad walahi 7azanteeni 3ala ref2atek, it’s really hard.

    Yeah, I mean they can fight as much as they want, but divorce is ugly, and I agree with you, that’s what my mom says all the time, what ever happens in this house, stays in this house.

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