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Some people just don’t’ know what they are talking about!!

For the past 3 days, I’ve been having problems with my internet and computers, for some reason, the network as well as the both of my computers went crazy!!!My wireless was driving me crazy, it was dropping me off every 2 MINUTES, I called the company, after 80 MINUTES of waiting, they managed to tell me that I have to buy a new modem and router!!! SERIOUSLY!!! buy new modem and router?? Ah inshalla!!! It’s always me, it’s never the freaking line, never the company, and add to that it took them forever.. EFT!!

My computer went crazy as well, I my admin bar on top of my blog, and losing some information that was working on for no reason, I contacted wordpress support team and after 5 WHOLE HOURS, they wanted me to uninstall my IE or else formate the computer to fix the problem…  YA SALAAAAAAAAAAM!! Walahi??? 5 hours and now you are telling me format??? B a7lamak 7abeebi!!

I felt like both companies has no idea what they are talking about, I mean they didn’t even try, whatever they suggested was done before I even call them, I tried to fix it myself and I came up with better ways, I’m expecting some damn service from them, I was so mad, I started to give up and do what they ask me to do.

But thankfully I didn’t, I’m so glad I didn’t, I was chatting with our friend Qwaider, and started complaining to him about both companies, and how that I’m having hard time fixing these problems, he asked me what was the problem, and guess what?? Withing 2 minutes.. 2 MINUTES he was like “Hmmm.. ok for your network problem, follow these steps, and for your computer do so and so” 2 minutes people!!! I tried it and it worked, without formatting, with out buying new modem and router, without installing stuff, just few steps, and viola… problem solved 😀

Damn you AT&T , and wordpress… sorry but your support suck too… and Qwaider my friend .. YOU ROCK 😀 .. thanks a lot.. jad yeslamo 🙂


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11 Responses

  1. bakkouz says:

    its always good to have a friend who knows his way around computers 😛

  2. Qabbani says:

    yeah personal support better than companies support …

  3. Abed Hamdan says:

    Mabrook el domain name wl hosting wl gosas hai kolha 😛

    I’m really busy these days, just passed by to say Hi 🙂

  4. sam says:

    yeh…it is annoying when companies do that..toooo annoying! it was good Q was able to help so fast….

  5. afaf says:

    that is him…always helpful…i remember….

  6. nido says:

    yea!! Q helped us out with our old computer as well! It was so good of him! It’s nice to have such good friends around! mabrook il taslee7 Maioush…tinzikir ma tin3ad:p

  7. Wow… thanks Maioush. It was nothing really. I’m glad the issues are solved.

    You won’t get 100 comments on this post. You should change the title to Qwaider Harassed me online and solicited sexual favors. THEN you would get 100+ comments…

    Again, you’re welcome maioush 🙂

  8. kinziblogs says:

    That’s blogger buds at their best. Always helps to have a brilliant friend.

  9. Maioush says:

    Sa7!! Ana dayman ba2ool heak

    Looks like it

    Abed Hamdan:
    Maaaaaaan ..weanak enta?? 🙂 zaman 3annak

    It’s very annoying walahi sam, 5 hours and nothing!! That pissed me off, thank god we have Q for the rescue 🙂

    Yeah he is 🙂

    Wow, how nice of him, yeah thank god for good friends

    Thanks man jad 🙂
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ 100+ comments 😀 .. man ta7sheesh enta HAHAHAHA

    Yeah, the guy is brilliant mashalla 🙂

  10. Who-sane says:

    LOL @ Qwaider’s comment!!!

    I’m actually thinking about writing a post how Qwaider molested me when I was a kid.


  11. Who-sane… fire away, and remember to include the netty gritty little juicy details 🙂

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