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Do people change??

It’s weird how we change by time, and I mean by that everything, our taste, the way we dress, the way we eat, even the way we think, and in an expected way!It’s really wired how time change us, hear and say things we’ve never imagined saying or hearing, and yet accept it, is that the definition of maturity, or are we really changing, or is really that we are adjusting out selves due to the circumstances around us???

I mean I would understand that people really change, but what about the fact that we sometimes force ourselves to change, and we do, we make a lot of choices in our life that requires change, so is by choice? Oh god, I just confused myself by saying the last sentence, Hmmm! Where is this going??

Change is good, I mean this how we grow up, that’s how we learn, that’s how we become what we are, this is how we become us.

Is it always because of circumstances, or do we meet people who change our whole life, and forever? Yeah, that’s actually another thought, we do meet people who makes us change our mind about everything around us, they change the way we look at things, they show it to us from another angle, they open the closed doors, doors we didn’t even know that it exists, we believed in before, people we admire and respect for the rest of our life.

I’m trying to say one complete sentence, but for some reason I can’t, all I know that I’ve changed, I’ve been known as a very patience, and understanding person, but now.. I’m even more understanding and more patience; I didn’t even know that I have it in me.

Now ..Wehre, How, and When did I change?? that’s a question remain to be asked…


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  1. Wael says:

    Change is a need and its the key for Human survival.

  2. Qabbani says:

    “people against change ”

    that why sometimes we don’t feel it and say : “Wehre, How, and When did I change?? ”

    thing hard in change is NOTICE it , sometime u just hear it from a friend or family telling u , hey why u say this or that !! you really changed …

    so some changes come from life, some others we make it , i believe in self that can do every thing

    but when u see ur self change for BETTER it give u a good feel and more faith that u can be Better and do more good for ur self

    some change for ” – ve ”

    so i guess the mission is to keep track changes to be in the right way and to be helpful changes not , just something called change 🙂

    me too i learned in hard way kal 3adeh , and i have changed too , i like changes 🙂

  3. 7usam says:

    I have changed a lot during the past 5 Years,
    my friends changed, the way i talk changed my look changed job, car, music i listen to every thing , except my believes its still the same i still 7usam

  4. ola says:

    We change because everythign around us change… try watching some videos, let’s say a wedding video tape u attended few years earlier, trust me you’ll laugh your heart out 😀 And this is just a simple shallow example!

  5. Mnoosh says:

    esh ya fa3al enti 😀

    yt3’iar elinsan be ta3’aior elmona5 wa 3awamel 5arejah 3n 2eradateeh LOOL 2oltha 3n maze7 bs heye mazboo6a, eno elwa7d bet3’aiar 7asab elbee2a , y3ne lma to2o3de blbeet betkone she, lma teshte3’le fe mktab bekon she tane, lma teshte3’le be madrseh bekon she thaleth!

    b5abees askot a7snle :$

  6. Jumana says:

    change is good but not all the times

  7. Maioush says:

    Allow me to welcome you to Maioush as this is your first comment here 🙂
    Yes, it is a need, people get sick of doing the same routine over and over again.

    I’m glad that you are adjusting yourself well, yeah a positive change is a very good thing.

    Yeah, you can change everything but not your believes, I think it’s the only constant around.

    LOL Ola 😀 , yeah I do that a lot, and I keep begging everybody to hide those videos and pictures 😀 , oh my god I just had a flash back of one the worst weddings I ever attended 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOL my hair was sooooooooo hilarious hehehe.

    LOOOOOOOOOOL Mnoosh, ana 7ashashet 3aleaki, 7aseat 7ali b 7esset 3oloom 😀 LOOOOOOOOOL meen mona5 o ma mona5 LOOOOOOOL, allah yese3dek sho ennel nahfeh 😀

    Right!! I know, I wish it was all my choice

  8. Qabbani says:

    you can say i have to do that change , you know cuz every thing around us changed so we should acclimatize ,

    ppl around u changed , life , friends, every thing ..

    so Change is good cuz sometimes it become a NEED to fight in this life

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