Dance like no one is watching, Blog like no one is reading

ضربني و بكى، سبأني و اشتكى

Some people are just too much, they should be nominated for an Oscar for it.. I have no idea how do they manage to be the victims every single time, I’m so fed up with them!!

Whenever something happens and they happened to be part of it, they are ALWAYS the victims, poor them, everybody around them are monsters, people live just to hurt them, although they are the one who actually hurt everybody around them, but since they are the one who is whining and complaining and screaming, that means they are right.

It’s just so childish, I can’t believe that people in our age still act like they are teenagers or whatever, grow up already EFT!!!

 What is it that you want? Attention? Sympathy? Well you are pathetic by doing what you are doing, seriously.

Worst yet, if you ignore them, they keep nagging and screaming till they get what they want, and they won’t stop till they get it, give me a break, just because I’m not answering you, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, it’s just that.. Hmmm.. you are not worth my time, I will not waste it on you.

I really don’t’ know what to say to you, if you see yourself in any of the things that I just mentioned, know for sure that I don’t like you already.


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8 Responses

  1. Dima says:

    LOL.. yup it’s attention I guess! They think by acting in the childish way they’ll be in the center. But hey just don’t waste your time… I realized that the best way to deal with some people is just to ignore them. 😉

  2. Yeah, these people are usually dumped once, twice and even by people who don’t care about them! They still dump them!

    Ya 7aram

  3. om el mees says:

    ربما تكسر الحجارة والعصي عظامي لكن الكلمات لن تقدر على إلامي ….أبدا

    كل التحية لك ..وخلي على وجهك ابتسامة
    اضحك تطلع الصورة أحلى 🙂

    أم المييس

  4. Qabbani says:

    yeah , your totally right .. 🙂

    thanks for post this 🙂

  5. afaf says:

    meeen 3assabbek halmarrah….???
    i love the way u typed “saba2neee”….
    peace to all…

  6. mohanned says:

    El weather makahrab hal yomen…

  7. Who-sane says:

    Yes, those desperate attention-seekers make me sick, but perhaps it’s the traffic they’re interested in … especially if the blogger has some google ads on his/her blog 😉

  8. Maioush says:

    They are just so stupid, when you ignore them, it’s like you triggered the bomb, they get even more upset and they look for more attention, sick sick sick people!!

    Sa7!! I mean who on earth would stand such people?? Wala ya 7aram wala eshi.. they deserve it.

    Om El Mees:
    Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it, you are so sweet 🙂


    Elli 3asabni el habal elli beseer 7awalai, some people keep pushing until you explode, and I’ve had it.
    LOL 3ajbatek saba2ni 🙂 , I did it on purpose, I want it to look different 🙂

    Kteer my friend, kteer..

    Ya ahla ya boss, attention, traffic, publicity, they are pathetic, and extremely sick, if people just think a little before doing some stupid stuff, we wouldn’t have to face the consequences of their stupidity!!

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