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26 things you don’t need to know about me

1. I’m a cleaning freak.

2. My brother has straight hair,

3. I don’t.

4. I used to teach Belly Dancing in Amman.

5. The first record I ever owned was Amr Diab, Ya 3omrena 1994.

6. I am open-minded about sleeping pills.

7. I laugh out loud on public if I remember something funny,

8. And I always laugh in front of the TV or at the cinema.

9. My parents wouldn’t let me have a lock on my bedroom door when I was a kid.

10. I’m often mistaken for a Greek person these days. Is that a compliment?

11. I am often blissfully unaware of world events.

12. I always count on my fingers.

13. My favorite parts of my body are my hands and my feet.

14. Nobody wanted me on their singing team back in school.

15. My favorite place in the world (so far) is Rum.

16. I can’t whistle using my figures.

17. When asked to describe me, several (supposedly) good friends used the word “sensitive”.

18. I never know where to put myself when someone pays me a compliment.

19. I used to bight my nails until I was 21.

20. I started wearing glasses when I was 14, and I hated it since day one!

21. My skin is not as light, but I buy bunch of tanning creams because I can’t stand being light.

22. The first book I’ve ever read was “Great Expectations”, and I got it from my uncle’s library.

23. I have Nizar Qabbani’s complete collection.

24. Candles are one of my huge obsessions besides watching the moon phases.  

25. I hate my birthday; it’s never been my lucky day.

26. I’m 26.

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13 Responses

  1. Qabbani says:


    i already know 11 one ,


    #12 I always count on my fingers.
    #24 I adore moon and live candles
    #25i hate my Birthday too and


  2. Maher says:

    # 19, how did you stop that?

    oh and i am a cleanning freak too 😛

  3. mohanned says:

    So you are like monica in friends ha?
    I don’t know why when when I read yours I remembered this one about me:
    I LOVE eating ga3 6onjaret el rozz, is it just me?

  4. afaf says:

    oh, # 19…i am still doing it till now…considering my age…for a while my son was doing it too, i thought it was genetic, till i found this cream “control-it”, baught it online, apply it on his fingers for few days, i guess less than aweek…works like magic…now his nails r so long and i have to cut them frequently….that cream was magic for me….but never applied it on my fingers…i still bite them all the time..

    u know, when u turn 30…u would wanna be 20’s again…take it from me….it is not cuz of age, but cuz there r so many things u wish u had them earlier to enjoy them for more time…so enjoy ur 3omor dear….it is a blessing…el 3omor kuloh inshalla….
    peace to all…

  5. Na3ouri says:

    12. I always count on my fingers.

    و انا كمان 😀

    5. The first record I ever owned was Amr Diab, Ya 3omrena 1994.

    و على سيرة عمرو دياب .. شغليلنا اغنية من هالالبوم

  6. mala2e6 says:

    i can teach yo how to whistle i am an expert 🙂

    i wanted to wear glasses when i read a novel by Ehsan 3abdel qdoos “al tareeq l masdood” i was maybe 13..i pretended i was almost blind and my mom took me to the eye doctor who called my bluff and told her i am ok .eh ayyam

  7. Isam says:

    we sure dont need to know these 😉

    damn it … i am 24 now and still biting my nails … if i dont cut them every 3 or 4 days … i will bite them off 😦 some people cut their nails to the length that i cut them at 😦

    and that door lock thing … that’s ugly … no privacy what so ever … and u do need it when ur a teen 🙂 just for the sake of it sometimes …

    nice post …

  8. Abed Hamdan says:

    1) My first amr diab record was “mn kam sana wanna mayyal”, back in 80s, when I was 4 yrs old. (or younger probably).

    2) I laugh in public, infront of TV and at cinemas. I laughed at some funerals.

    3) I wish I had curly hair. I’ve got soft spot for curly hair. I hate my straight hair. I intentionally used cheap brands hair gel to get rid of its straightness. I hate my hair.

    sho gosset el belly dancing ?? 🙂

  9. maioush says:

    As usual buddy .. the first one to comment 🙂 .. very impressive indeed
    You know #11??? Is it that obvious?? Man!!!
    12, 24, and 25 u r just like me .. how cool … 🙂

    I had braces on for couple of years, add to that some good friends who used to hit me on my hands every time I put it in my mouth 😀 …

    Monica 😀 .. god yeah I do it when I’m nervous, when I’m mad, when I’m stressed out, it pretty annoying I’m telling you …
    And LOOOOL @ ga3 tanjaret roz 😀 … guess what??/ you are not alone . same here 😉 add to it el dawali el maf3oosa o el 5obez lamma yetsa55an zyadeh 😀

    My mom tried all kinds of creams and gels when I was little, didn’t work 😀 .. I woke up one day and decided that I want to stop and I did 🙂

    A7la song la 3yoonak 😀

    Eidi b zenarek .. jad nefsi at3allam asaffer 😀
    And mala2e6 ya 3omri.. glasses??? I hate them I hate them I hate them, I can’t wait to have a lasic surgery…

    It’s like deciding to quit smoking 🙂 .. you just have to decide .. it’s hard like heel at first, but now, I can’t even stand putting my fingers in my mouth.. I made it 😀 .. enta bs enwi

    What on earth were you doing at this hour awake??? 😀
    You bought your first record when you were 4??? I mean I had some but that was the first one from my own money, it was from my 3edeyyeh 😀
    And dude!! At funerals? Ye had ma benra7 ma3ak fdee7a “D
    You want a curly hair… you can have mine, I would LOOOOOOOOve to exchange with you at any time .. it’s so much maintenance …
    Belly dancing 😀 LOOOOOng story hehehe

  10. noura says:

    Am like you on #1 which am working on taking it easy..
    # 6 , I have a problem with falling asleep as far back as I can remember, now I don’t go to bed unless am really sleepy,sleeping are a quick fix so no more pills..
    #10,am mistaken all the time either for greek , italian or egyptian and I take it as a compliment and a good thing..
    #11, I am aware of every world event , because of #6 🙂
    #19, I stopped this bad habit just to make mom stop with talking to me about it..
    #24, I love candles .. I buy them like they are going to disappear tomorrow.. they give me a sense of peace and calm..

    Wish I can belly dance and use it as exercise to loose some weight..
    From your notes , I think you are a nice human being that is easy to get along with..

  11. maioush says:

    oh my god i’m touched .. u r a sweet sweet sweet person, i don’t know what to say 🙂 thank you
    bedek tet3alami belly dancing, ta3alai for 3 weeks la 3endi o 3ala damanti 😉 LOOOOOOOOL

  12. Mnoosh says:

    i don’t like my curly hair also :s
    i have Nezar’s Qabbani complete collection since i was 14 lool
    I started wearing glasses when I was 15 😀 o bs be 7essas elmath w elkemya :@
    i’m 19 & i started to love my b.d since last one 😉

  13. Irfan Ibrahim says:

    I love Nizar Qabbani Poetry

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