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There are some moments in your life that you know will be moments you remember forever.  And they’re not the cheesy high school graduation pictures, or the first time you see the love of your life.  They’re not moments like your wedding day, or spending Sunday afternoons with someone special.  They’re moments you don’t even realize are moments to remember until you’re right in the middle of them.

Knowing that everything’s about to change.  I know all of this.  And… and I’m… happy.

There is no end, I know that now.  But knowing there is no end is not the end in itself.  Does that make sense?  

Oh God, what am I trying to say?  I gleefully embrace the fact that there will be no happy ending.  The world will keep going, I will keep going, it’s not the end, there is no end.  Not yet.  Not ever.

And I’m comfortable with all of this, I could change my mind.  I could change everything.  There is no end, right?  Maybe it’s not the end. everything will be fine.  No.  I can do it.  I can change.  I can jump.

For the first time, it feels like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Except it’s not a tunnel, it’s a cliff. 

And it’s pitch black, and there’s a black ocean raging underneath, just like how I saw it out the room window, but there is a light.  I see the light and that’s what I’m jumping for.  And I can make it.  I know I can.  I’ve never been so sure of anything before.  I’m not tied to any one ending.  Because there is no end.  You can always change.  Everyone is capable of change.  It’s only the weak ones who can’t.  It’s the ones who are scared who don’t.  And me.  Me.  I’m not scared any more.


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  1. Abed Hamdan says:

    Maiosuh are you ok ?? :s

  2. I like this post…it is very honest and forward..It’s like the thoughts racing inside your head directly typed onto your blog..very transparent..keep it up

  3. afaf says:

    u reminded me of my son this morning….we have alot of bugs out there, on the front yard, july thingy….when i walk him to the car…usually kids will run away and hide in side the house, cuz of bugs…well he was….”i am not scared of them and i am walking and donot care of those bugs…they cannot hurt me if i donot let them!”…i was like “ha???”…u r just a kid and it is ok to be scared…but that is him… god i love him so much….

    u simply reminded me of this thing happend this morning….thanx…
    and yeah it is a good post, but try to calm down and chill out, dear…

    u seem to have a free soul, big time…sah?? if so…when u love then u r so loyal…but if i were ur soul mate, i would think a million times b4 hurting u….sah???
    peace to all….

  4. Jumana says:

    I enjoyed reading this post Maiuosh.

  5. unknown says:

    i do not no how to comment but once i read a poem that goes lke this:
    Is there no end to this shame?
    Is there no end to this pain?
    Is there no end to the sorrow?
    Will there ever be a better tomorrow?

    Is there no end to these lies?
    Is there no end to these alibies?
    I can’t stand going home every day
    with you and I fighting in every which way.

  6. maioush says:

    I’m ok my dear .. never better 🙂

    Expated in Dubai:
    That’s exactly how I wrote this post, I was thinking of a lot of things, and I have no clue how did I write this, I guess I have a lot in mind.

    “Free soul” I like the sound of that, and yeah you got me on this one, I was a little hyper when I wrote it 🙂

    I’m glad you did my dear 🙂

    I like the poem , thank you.

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