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Why people in my age always try to find love?Why they keep thinking about it? And why everyone is obsessed of the idea of having someone to care about and bring loved?

I mean what is that huge desire everybody to some kind of insanity and confusion thinking about relationships and love stories? It’s not that I deny being a normal girl likes these kind of stuff, but I keep resisting having desire which I have like anyone else, because I know I’m not good at it!!!

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  1. Isam says:

    how do people TRY to find love ??? i truly believe that love finds you … and once it does … all previous ideas and princibles are subject to change …

    wish that to you and everyone reading this …

  2. Qabbani says:

    try to find love?? how ?

    do you know what’s love is in first place .. who know !!!

    we keep think about it , cuz we feel that something missing on our life when we reach some level we do many things and feel alot of things ,
    keep hearing , she’s in love , he’s in love,

    we look at mirror and say I LOVE U ,

    simple and easy we think love is part our life we need it .. 🙂

    but we dont know how to catch it

  3. Jano says:

    you’re good at it 😉 maybe people u been with were not good enough 🙂
    sa7? men bara rkham o men jowa skham lool

    miss you waleh

  4. ola says:

    Maybe it’sinstinctive… We need love, and you know I think it really sucks to feelthat you have no feeligns and that you don’t love anyone or don’t even feel like you need it! it triggers a feeling of certain emptiness

  5. afaf says:

    it is the longing for belonging with/to someone….human nature, this is how Allah created us!!!

    But then, once in love, u have to make sure that u r in love with ur special one and NOT in love with the idea of being in love….

    some of us, eager and cannot wait to be in love that they think once they meet someone they assume s/he is mr/miss right that they simply feel in love with him/her, But digging deep in side, they r simply in love with the idea of being in love…..!!!

    Just be careful and read urself well….
    peace to all…

  6. maioush says:

    To be honest .. I don’t know, for me.. the whole thing is just too complicated.. do u find or does it come to you??? No clue

    You just confused aktar ma ana confused !!!
    I think it’s the need to be with someone what makes people look for it.

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL ya 3leaki 😀 you cracked me up … I’m good at it?? Even I don’t know that 🙂 .. and LOOOOOOOOOL @ “men bara rkham o men jowa skham” 7asseatek setti .. miss u keer ana :kiss:

    Emptiness!! I guess that’s the word I’ve been looking for.. people try to avoid emptiness by loving someone… Hmmm does that make sense? I don’t know .. maybe but I hope not

    Human nature, that is so true.. but how can I make sure that it’s that special person??? Sometimes we are not sure about ourselves! How can make sure of others?? :S (this getting harder and harder”
    I’ve read a book once “if you wanna love the right person, you have to know yourself first” .. I still don’t understand myself. That’s exactly why I never ask others to understand me …
    I’ll take time, I guess

  7. mohanned says:

    You don’t find love, love finds you..

  8. afaf says:

    mai, when the rigth person comes, u will know that deep down inside, it has many signs all together, so many, so if u miss one sign the others will tell u…
    donot rush things and try to read into ur self, first, it is essential to get to know urself and know what pleases u and what not….everthing about urself, cuz when u meet mr right, u have to talk about urself and make sure he knows these things about u…
    honestly, i am contradicting person, and i still find it hard with hubby to explain things as contradicting as myself, but he understands…
    so donot worry about it, dear…u will know by time…
    peace to all…

  9. bambam says:

    hopeless platonic romantics, i say to hell with it enjoy what you got and workout things from there

  10. Jasim says:

    You can’t know whether you are good at it or not untill you are in it!

  11. redrose says:

    Yes I agree ..the latest conclusion I reached to till yesterday at are weird!!! A LOT!! relationships are complicated !!!and that was why I keep away watching from an outside angel ..
    Take it easy as I do o lamn aru7 3al dreamland ba5dek ma3i 🙂 lolls

  12. afaf says:

    u guys out there, i am not defending men now…but any relationship needs two ppl to work on it hard to make it work…
    as we, women, see men to be weird, they also, men, see women weird….so it is likewise….

    when i see all brides and grooms out there working really hard on their wedding party…etc…i think to my self and i say “wish they could and would work on their marriage/relationship that hard so that they will make it through….”

    it is a 24/7 job and it is hard and there is no break in the middle…if u take a break then u have to make it up…as simple as that….
    yet it s easy and needs factors in…have them and use them…then u r just fine…now if after all of that it doesnot work, then u say…something is wrong here….inshalla noone will have to face this…
    peace to all….

  13. unknown says:

    هذا ما فطرنىا الله عليه

  14. Mnoosh says:

    weeeeeew 😛
    u r 26 and they keep nagging..i’m not yet 19 w besr3o rasi 😀
    i have a friend who always asks abt “a5bare al3a6efeyeh” lol.. Mona betshofe nas kter o msh na2sek eshi leesh ma bt7ebe!! eno mshan allah kol 7ad bshofo lazem yseer eshi!!

    3eeshe 7ayateek ya5te w la yhemek 7ad, el7oob beje l7alo 🙂 allah ye63meel eyaah inshalah 3ala zo2eek :hug:

  15. Abed Hamdan says:

    It’s our human nature, we need somebody 🙂

  16. maioush says:

    And yet they manage to look for it.

    Now honestly, I’m not even looking for it… and to tell the truth I don’t believe in “Mr. Right” there is a right guy and there is not.. and please don’t hate me for this.. do you know the saying where they say “if I had to live again and choose my soul mate, it would be the same one?” don’t believe in it either… don’t know why.. but it makes sense for me..

    Welcome to maioush my dear.. and LOOOOOOOOL yeah.. thanks for the advise 😉

    Yeah, maybe you are right … but I know how I think , and that’s enough for me I guess…

    “when i see all brides and grooms out there working really hard on their wedding party…etc…i think to my self and i say “wish they could and would work on their marriage/relationship that hard so that they will make it through….”
    So true … god you made my day with this .. 🙂

    Unknown :
    Yeah … maybe..

    Abed Hamdan:
    Need!! Want!! This is getting complicated buddy 😐

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