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What a guy wants.. what a guy needs!

A guy works 5o miles away from his house, decided to buy a car, he looks around to see what’s the best option for him to buy, he settles down for corolla since it’s affordable, known as the most fuel efficient car, and will last for a long time, so basically that’s what he needs.

But he sees this Mercedes and he starts thinking “Hmm, maybe this what I want”.. he decides to buy it ALTHOUGH he knows deep inside that this car will not be as helpful since he drives a lot, and it’s not the best choice , and it will cause him a lot of financial trouble, but you know what he does?? He still gets the Mercedes, he feels extremely happy that he got what he wanted, until the car starts causing real problems.

the guy is reconsidering getting back to that corolla he really needed in the first place, but now he has a little problem, he can’t afford it any more, he paid so much money on the stupid Mercedes and filling it with humongous amount of gas every day.. too bad

As they say… too little too late …

 I have no idea why I’m saying this … oh well , I guess it’s one of those crazy days… peace everybody …


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  1. lol…i guess it is realted to ur post “it is ur fault”, in a way or another, lol…i guess!!

  2. maioush says:

    Well, it’s related to so many things if you ask me 🙂
    Actually I wrote this post in totally different way, but I changed it in the last minute to look like this… 😀

  3. ola says:

    I smell something fishy 😀

  4. Alf mabrook el Mercedes, okbal el BMW 🙂

  5. Qabbani says:

    ايه ؟؟ خلاصة الحكي هاد انتي شو مضايقك , ان شاء الله بشتري بكم و دبل كبين كمان , بصف المرسيدي على باب البيت , حتى لو مابدو يركبها
    عادي ,

    as u Say about Ladies : what we need is what we want, !!!

    you know when LADY do shopping she always find something SHE WANT and same time DON’T NEED IT , dont tell me buying something same thing like (cosmetics, pair of shoes ,bag) each time SHE go shopping is Something SHE NEED, ALTHOUGH she know that this module might be used ONLY ONCE , or NEVER .Just she WANT IT , if there a NEED or NOT ,
    She : OMG OMG this a lovely cute red nice bag I WANT IT ,
    A: but u have just like it
    She : NO THIS ONE IS Different I WANT IT
    A: but u dont need it
    She : I WANT IT

    so i see it’s equal in some how 😛

    keep say i HATE MEN , but u know we rarely say WE HATE WOMEN ..

    Galbna Akbeer 😀

  6. afaf says:

    well, as i do have a corolla, i guess i can relate to that, it is not only men, mai….
    when i wanted to buy a car, i was looking around, adn i had an eye on a mercedes, but since i had a tight budget, i baught a corolla, but deep inside wish i could buy a mercedes…
    i see it this way, both r cars, good, reliable, and they will do the job, but having a mercedes is more to a status and more investement, money wise.. now a guy will tell u the same, but he wont tell u if he beleives that really or not…but for me, i am plannig to buy a mercedes now…i guess it is more reliable on the road, especially with the snow/icey weather…
    u cannot compare oranges to apples mai, really u cannot…
    but u r absolutely right about what the man wants and what he needs…u said it nicely, but again, it is a black box, and my hubby tells me a littel bit of its secrets every now and then…somaybe one day we can share that black box with men..who knows…i will u all women there, posted for sure…
    peace to all..

  7. maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOL Allah ysam7ek , 3ad ana meskeeneh :angel:

    Yeah, BMW .. 3o2balak

    The issue is bigger than that, I don’t know what to tell you, but when women do that, they don’t hurt anybody, and yeah it’s not a money issue as well.
    It’s about making the right decision my friend, maybe you are right, I’m not generalizing any thing, if you noticed I was speaking about one specific case, I never said all guys like him, and I never said that girl are not, it was just an example 🙂

    Cool, you are a corolla owner 🙂
    If the guy wants to buy the Mercedes , fine… but I really mentioned the fact that he drives more that 50 miles to work, total of 100 miles a day, If I were him I would take into consideration.
    And yeah .. please let us know about their black box.. 😀 maybe we will understand how the hell do they think 🙂

  8. Qabbani says:

    yeah i know ,

    a7laa bigger than that , i know dear , just lately i hear this alot , like WE men mess things, and don’t know how to make right decision many times , when its about feels its a problem for us

    you know men weakness is feels , even if he’s 100% sure about it , he still hesitant , simply “mental issues” keep think about it , are u sure , is this what u want ,is it what u need now , are u ready , ….etc
    Re think , so believe me when he want to open his feel or go next step with any one ,its just a single moment if he didt used it right, he lost it …

    then later find that OMG i wish i didt lost it ,i wish i did it ,
    and try to recover it again , causing more pain and complexity and with

    HOW silly he is ….. 🙂

  9. maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL I like the “mental issues” part 😀 so you as a guy admit that guys have mental issues LOOOOOOOOOOOL 😀

  10. afaf says:

    yeah he should consider mileage put on this car…it will cost him an arm and a leg with gas prices these days…i am suffering my self and i donot drive that much…allah ye3een…
    sure thing…i will let u know all secrets i can find…but hopefully hubby wont find out about this….keep it low profile, ladies…
    peace to all…

  11. Qabbani says:


    well am talking about my self and told u before am schizophrenic 😛

    am not hide any mental issues for ME at least 😀 , and let me count and another 20 one i know, so am not generalize this

  12. Jasim says:

    I do know where you are going with that 😀 bus as most of the guys I would act with habal and say:

    I still would buy the Mercedes-Benz law biddi amoot 😛

  13. maioush says:

    see… that’s what i’m talking about…
    :sigh: GUYS!!!! :rolling eyes:

  14. Isam says:

    i can totaly understand the guy … and i can totaly understand how women woldnt udnerstand such a thing … 3adi cest la vie 🙂

    have a nice weekend

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