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“Every man loves two women; one is the creation of his imagination, and the other is not yet born.”

 Khalil Gibran


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  1. Allah ybashrek bil ‘7air 😀

    and we’re wondering leih nus el banat lisa 2a3deen bi byoot ahaleehoun :p

  2. Bullshit!
    – Every man, loves many women. The first one teaches the man to love, and the second one teaches him to hate. There’s a big chance that these two might be the same person. Then the process repeats!
    – We (men) love what we want, not what we need

    Those were couple of Qwaiderizations for you!

  3. Qwaider:

    and what’s the difference between what you guys want and what you need?

    can you elaborate plz 🙂

  4. Qabbani says:

    yemken 😛

    who’s know

  5. maioush says:

    What you want and what you need…
    That’s exactly why I started to have the feeling that I hate MEN

  6. Sel3 says:

    3’al6an hada a3’a Gibran, ana galbi kbeeeeeeeeer o besa3 kteer 👿

  7. afaf says:

    we women, facilitate what we want/need into what we need/want…this way things r not confusing for women anymore….
    as for men…allah ye3eenkom for the confusion u drag urselves to!!!
    peace to all….

  8. maioush says:

    Afaf… i love you for this , walahi i was writing a post about the same thing just now.
    exactly.. for us what we need is what we want, i hate guys for this EFT!!!
    thanks my dear 🙂

  9. afaf says:

    well, mai, i am trying to be nice for men, but honestly, men they r so confused and when they make a mistake they go like “it isnot what i wanted” or “it is not what i needed”, u know like a lame excuse to get away with their mistake, or even being self deceived….
    but to come to logic, as human nature we r lead stray to things we cannot touch! so we want things far fetched, though we mightnot need it….but when it comes only for needing things…then it is kinda harsh…it is a need and satisfaction….!!

    so,for me the perfect lover is the one who (wants & needs) u….

    now, i am confused myself….MEN….they drive us crazy, but still we love them…
    peace to all…

  10. maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL well, i guess they say the same about women, but to tell you the truth, what u just mentioned (want’s and needs), Hmmm .. well, i don’t think there is such a thing… i don’t beleive in theswe things any more… guys want’s whatever they can’t get ( i guess) , some of them might claim that they are not like that, but they all are… don’t ask me why am i mad at them, but god… they keeo saying the women are complicated!!!! at least we don’t have these kind of issues!!

  11. ola says:

    I take it that menn are very hard to please!

  12. afaf says:

    no, not really, men r like big kids it is easy to please them once u know what they really like, adn again at the same time hard to figure out what really pleases them….really…
    waht a woman thinks that a man would think he will like, is totall different from what he really likes….
    but again, men, they r our other halves and we cannot live withouth them…

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