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Rawan & Ameen… Congratulations :)


A wonderful wedding, every thing was so organized, the bride looked so cute, the ceremony was wonderful.. I wish them both the best 🙂

And the surprise was Shady Jameel .. I was able to take a video for a while, but I had to go enjoy the rest of the wedding… 😉


Congratulations guys 🙂 … god bless you both.


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7 Responses

  1. Na3ouri says:

    مبروك و بالرفاه و البنين

  2. redrose says:

    Mabroooooouk..lols Shadi Jameel…tks for sharing.

  3. Qabbani says:

    Mabrok 🙂 , and Congratulations ..

  4. Angry Husband?! Where are you when we need you to spill your pearls of wisdom? hehehe

  5. Just to burst the bubble as Expated expected me to be. I’d say
    Alf mabrook, Just give them couple of years!! or as we say in Arabic
    لا تذم و لا تشكر الا بعد سنة و ست تشهر

  6. mala2e6 says:

    مبروك الف مبروك

    بس معلش اسأل لاني كنت غايبة عن الحصة

    روان و امين بلوجرز ولا بقربولك؟ قعدت ادور على لينك ما لقيت

    عقبالك ميوش و عقبال كل اللي جاي عبالهم

  7. maioush says:

    Allah ybarek fi 3omrak, 3o2bal ma tefra7 b 7ala ya rab 🙂

    Red Rose:
    Allah ybarek feeki ya amar.. yeah , Shady Jameel walahi it was a noce wedding 🙂

    Allah ybarek feek ya rab

    Expated in Dubai:
    LOOOOOOOOOOL you ask for it, and you get it man 😉

    Angry Husband:
    Ya 7aram 3aleak 🙂 … inshalla bekoon 7azhom a7san mn 7azzak man , really I wish

    Allah ybarek fi 3omrek ya amar, Rawan is a sister of a friend of mine, she is not a blogger, neither her husband 🙂

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